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Our meetings are held ONLINE on the second and fourth Tuesdays of the month. To attend a meeting as a guest or to join the club, contact BPS Executive

Next Online Meeting:
September 22, 2020
Member Introductions (Charlene Morton and Joe Dillon)
Competition Categories Explained (Tammy Mercer, Competition Committee Chair)

Guest Speaker: Damian Lidgard, A Photographer’s Path—From A Death To Openness
Damian Lidgard is a zoologist and wildlife photographer. He was born in England and immigrated to Canada in 2005. His interest in photography began in the early 1990s, having grown out of his passion for wildlife. After arriving in Canada, Damian broadened his skills in observation through the study of contemplative photography, allowing him to capture the essence of what he sees in nature.
©Damian Lidgard_348_small
Damian has been visiting Sable Island each year since 1997. His early visits were to study male grey seal behaviour for his PhD. Thereafter, he remained involved with Sable Island through Dalhousie University and the Fisheries and Oceans grey seal research program. However, it is through his photography that Damian has developed a familiarity with this remarkable place, capturing rare moments when the wild spirit of the island can be appreciated through its landscapes and wildlife.
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For this talk, Damian will describe his approach to photography and how life events, Buddhism and his 23 years of visiting Sable Island have contributed toward its evolution.
For more information, vist Damian’s web site lidgardphotography.com

Next Field Trip:
These voluntary outings will be organized on an ongoing basis because of changing NS Health Authority directives. Questions should be directed to BPS Field Trips

“Mindful Portraits” by Karen Parnell-Herrick, at the DesBrisay Museum, Bridgewater
“Canada’s Ocean Playground” BPS Exhibit at the Hennigar Library, Bridgewater