The following is a list of download links of Training previously presented at club meetings:

Sep 12, 2017:
Resizing and Naming Photos for Competition v2 by Trevor Awalt – Resizing and Naming Photos For Competition v2 by Trevor Awalt

Oct 11, 2016:
Resizing and Naming Photos for Competition by Trevor Awalt – resizing-and-naming-photos-for-competition-v1-1-by-trevor-awalt

Sep 10, 2016:
Photographing Waterfalls by John Burnett – photographing-waterfalls-by-john-burnett

Sep 22, 2015:
What the Judges are Looking For by Kas Stone – What The Judges Look For_Sep22-2015_by Kas Stone
Colour Management by Kas Stone – Colour Management_Sep22-2015_by Kas Stone

Apr 14, 2015:
Introduction To Time-Lapse Photography by Trevor Awalt – Introduction To Time-Lapse Photography v1.2 April 14-2015 Trevor Awalt

Feb 24, 2015:
Sight & Sound AV Show Creation by Kas Stone – Sight & Sound AV Show Creation Feb 24-2015 by Kas Stone

Oct 14, 2014:
Depth Of Field by Kas Stone – BPS Kas Stone DOF Handout Oct 2014

Mar 25, 2014:
A Short Introduction to Panoramic Images – by Richard Novossiltzeff – BPS panorama presentation

Nov 25, 2013:
Introduction To Low Light Photography – by Trevor Awalt – NightPhotography_Final-v1.1_Nov25-2013

Nov 12, 2013:
Critiquing Photos – by Teresa Alexander-Arab – Critiquing Photos handout

Oct 8, 2013:
Floral Photography – by John Burnett – BPS_FloralPhotography

Oct 1, 2013:
Photography Basics – by John Burnett – BPS_PhotographyBasics



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