Minutes – AGM – May 10, 2016

11 05 2016

Minutes – Annual Meeting, May 10, 2016

Meeting Start Time: 7:15pm
Number of members in attendance: 20

Minutes taken by Sara Harley.

1. Welcome by the President

2. Confirm and approve minutes of the AGM held on May 12, 2015. Minutes can be read at:
Motion to accept the minutes – Charlene Morton
Seconded by – Derek Johnston
Motion Passed

3. President’s Report – Submitted by John Burnett

A Message from the President

2015-16 was a year to expand on our traditional and successful activities, and to try a few new things as well. We had a full slate of guest presentations that included a travelogue (southwest China), education on photographic genres and techniques (infrared, macro, winter, landscape, the night sky, light painting), and a session that focused on self-evaluation and photographic growth (Sensibility, Series and Signature). Some of the best content, however, came from our own members during the two “potpourri” nights, and the presentation by last year’s photographer of the year, Karen.

Prior to competitions, we explored “what the judges look for”, led by Kas. Then, members challenged themselves with three new competition categories this year – still life, macro & closeup, landscape & seascape – and a treasure hunt based on photographic techniques. The club expanded the number of competitions which were judged on-line, providing members with additional feedback on the images.

Competitions were filled with beautiful and interesting images once again, and the scores were very close. There were just 5 points separating 1st and 2nd place for Photographer of the Year, 3 points in the Floral and Sight & Sound competitions, 2.5 points in the Treasure Hunt, 2 points in Nature, 1.5 points for the Digital Images Trophy, and just 1 point in the Silent Essay Competition.

Our field trip schedule actually began during the summer before the new season began, and will continue into summer 2016. We explored areas ranging from the Keji Seaside Adjunct and Liverpool area to the southwest, to Tancook Island and Eastern Passage to the east, with Windsor and some more local outings for good measure. This summer, we’re scheduled to return to the zoo in Aylesford and explore the North Shore.

None of this happened without significant contributions from a variety of volunteers, of course, and I want to thank you all for your help and dedication. No organization such as ours is successful (or continues to exist) without membership participation. A special thanks to Nancy Johnston who has been our Program Director for many years, but who will be taking a breather next year.

We are a small club, but a vibrant one. We have as many “regular” attendees as some clubs with three times our total membership. We’ve worked hard to provide a balance of education, inspiration and opportunity, and social interaction. With your support and participation we’ll continue to do so.

Best regards,John Burnett
Motion to accept the report – Kas Stone
Seconded by – Nancy Johnston
Motion Passed

4. Treasurer’s Report – Submitted by Marg Campbell

Starting Balance $3468.47INCOME

Dues $1080.00
Interest 1.85
Donations 108.41
50/50 252.25



Insurance 353.00
Gifts 206.86
Awards 80.50
Joint Stocks 31.15
Promo 99.65
Rent 448.50
Misc. 20.00


Net $202.85
Ending Bank Balance $3671.32

– Membership was down a bit this year, but not as low as some years in the past.
– “Donations” were by Trevor Awalt, Darlene Awalt, Gary Smith, Dave Collins, and Don Barnes who were volunteer photographers for the 2015 Osprey 5 km Run. They took photographs of participants and charged a nominal fee to donate to the club.
– “Gifts” were gifts for our guest speakers
– “Promo” was printing costs for brochures

Motion to accept the report – Hope Campbell
Seconded by – Nancy Grant
Motion Passed

5. Scorekeeper’s Report – Submitted by Julia Naas

Prepared by Karen Parnell Herrick and Julia Naas
The 2015/16 photography competition year started on Oct.27th, with the Floral Competition and ended on April 26th with the Sight and Sound essays.

There were three new categories introduced into our competition line-up: Macro, Still Life and Landscape/Seascape.

The number of participants in each category are as follows:
Floral – 11, Portrait – 12, Monochrome – 11, Landscape/Seascape – 7, Still Life – 5, Nature – 6, Pictorial – 11, Macro/Close-Up – 8, Treasure Hunt – 5, Silent Essay – 7, Sight and Sound Essay – 4. The New Members Competition was withheld due to lack of participants.

The competition participation was up this year compared to the previous year. Our entries were impressive, proving the old adage, “small but mighty”.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our competent judges for their time and expertise.

Our closing dinner at Bridgewater Motor Inn will be held Tuesday, May 24th and eight first place trophies will be awarded.

Motion to accept the report – Ralph Cook
Seconded by – James Campbell
Motion Passed

6. Call for nominations to Executive
We still require volunteers to fill positions of Secretary and Program Director. No nominations received.

7. Proposal to accept the Executive for 2016-2017 by acclamation:
President – John Burnett
Vice-President – Gary Smith
Past President – Sara Harley
Treasurer – Marg Campbell
Secretary – Vacant
Program Director – Vacant
Motion to accept the proposal – Nancy Grant
Seconded by – Derek Johnston
Motion Passed

8. Announcement of Committee/Activity Volunteers 2016-2017
Program Committee – John Burnett, Gary Smith, Trevor Awalt, Kas Stone, Sara Harley
Field Trip Committee – Joan McCullough, Ralph Cook
Scorekeeping – Karen Parnell Herrick, Julia Naas
Projectionist – Dave Collins
Refreshments – Brenda Zareski
Webmaster – Trevor Awalt
Publicity – Vacant
Yearbook – Trevor Awalt
Hosts – Charlene Morton, Derek Johnston
50/50 – Derek Johnston

9. Additions to the agenda as requested
No additional items were discussed.

10. Adjournment of annual meeting
The official meeting was adjourned at 7:40pm.


Items discussed after the formal meeting:

1. Charlene Morton discussed the field trip to the Aylesford Zoo planned for Saturday May 14th. Details were circulated by email. An email will be sent out on Friday evening if the field trip is cancelled due to weather.

Will Brooks, owner of the Fire Museum in Lunenburg, would like to receive photographs of our recent field trip there. Charlene will send him the photos that were submitted for our field trip slide presentation.

A tentative field trip has been set up for Sunday May 22nd – Mahone Bay farm with award winning draft horses. The farmer will give us a wagon ride in exchange for photos of him with his horses. Details will be forwarded by email.

2. There is an article about club member Gilbert van Ryckevorsel in May 11th’s LighthouseNOW Progress Bulletin.

3. Sara Harley presented a promotional idea to the club. She will create Business Cards or Postcards with photos submitted by club members. Postcards will be one sided and will include a photograph with the photographer’s name as well as basic information about the club. Business Cards will be two sided with the photo and photographer’s name on one side, and basic info about the club on the back. Cost to participate will be $15 and cards can be distributed however the participants want to do it. This should increase awareness in the community about our club, generate more interest with a wider range of images, and increase club participation in getting the word out. Thirteen people have expressed an interest in participating so far. Sara will contact participants over the summer to get their photos. Cards will be distributed and payment will be collected in September.

4. A slide show of images from April’s field trip to the Fire Hall Museum in Lunenburg was presented.

5. After the break, the club divided into two groups to start planning the program and field trips for next year.

That concludes our meetings for the year. Our year end Awards Dinner will be held on May 24th.


News – AGM Announcement Apr 27, 2016

1 05 2016

The Bridgewater Photographic Society’s Annual General Meeting will take place as follows:

Tuesday, May 10, 2016, beginning at 7:15pm
The M.A.R.C.
  1. Welcome and Confirmation of Quorum
  2. Confirmation and approval of the minutes of the AGM held on May 12, 2015. Minutes can be read here: Minutes from last AGM
  3. President’s Report
  4. Program Director’s Report
  5. Treasurer’s Report
  6. Scorekeeper’s Report
  7. Call for nominations to Executive**
  8. Announcement of Committee/Activity Volunteers 2016-2017**
  9. Additions to the agenda as requested
  10. Adjournment of annual meeting


John Burnett, President

Minutes from AGM – May 14, 2013

25 05 2013



DATE:  May 14, 2013                                   MTG START TIME: 7:00 pm


Tonight shows:

Slideshows –  March and April field trips

32 members were in attendance.

Minutes for last years Annual General Meeting can be found on the club’s website.


Sara Harley / Photographs at the level of Honours and above


There will be 8 categories for competitions in the coming year.  Competition and number of entries are: 1) Nature – 3 Digital and 1 print; 2) Floral – 3 Digital and 1 print; 3) Portrait – 1 Digital and 1 print; 4) Urban – 1 Digital and 1 print; 5) Travel – 1 Digital and 1 print;   6) Human interest/photojournalism – 1 Digital and 1 print; 7) Humour – 2 digital;             8) Creative – 2 digital.

Reports submitted:

President’s Report – after giving a small token to the head of each of the committees (rose for the ladies and card for the gentlemen) Derek thanked the contributors for their hard work and and determination. He also noted the 30% growth in the size of the club and commented that the challenge is to keep a varied and interesting program that keeps the club inviting and warm.  There is a need for the club to advance and in the support of that thought the competition and judging formats will be modified. His parting thought was “The best photo is the next photo.”  I am sure I speak for the entire club in saying that it has been a distinct pleasure to have him as our president.

Peter Stuempel move to accept the report seconded by Debbie Black. (passed)

Treasurer’s Report – presented by Marg Campbell.  Teresa Alexander-Arab moved to accept the report seconded by Reg Archibald. (passed)

Score-keeper’s report – presented by James Campbell.  Trevor Awalt moved to accept the report seconded by Susan McDormand. (passed)

Elections –        Call for Nominations was completed and the successful participants are:

Executive 2013-2014

President   Sara Harley

Vice President Teresa Alexander-Arab

Past President  Derek Johnston

Program Director  Nancy Johnston

Treasurer  Marg Campbell

Secretary  Doris Eagles

Committees& Volunteers

Program Committee – Nancy Johnston

Doris Eagles

John Croft

John Burnett

Field Trip Committee – Julia Naas

Teresa Alexander Arab

John Croft

Scorekeeping – James Campbell

Reg Archibald

Joan McCullough

Mary Ann Massey

Doris Eagles

Projectionist – John Burnett

Trevor Awalt (back up)

Teresa Alexander-Arab (back up)

Webmaster – Trevor Awalt

Publicity – Elizabeth Klaas and Elizabeth Nash

Refreshments – Karen Parnell Herrick

Rose Himmelman (back up)

Paulette Hudson (back up)

Host – Brenda Fitzgerald

Yearbook – Sara Harley


New Business:

Motions –

Proposal to obtain a new club laptop computer moved by Sara Harley and seconded by Teresa Alexander-Arab. (Passed)  Discussion occurred on the potential cost of the laptop.

Proposal to spend up to $800 plus tax moved by Bill Jones and seconded by James Campbell. (passed with one nay).

Proposal to obtain a replacement projector moved by Sara Harley and seconded by James Campbell.  This is motion is required so that if we have a problem with the old projector a new one can be purchased ASAP.  (Passed)

By-laws –

Proposal to eliminate reference to “Preparing slides for Competition “ moved by Sara Harley and seconded by Elizabeth Nash.  This will help modernize the by-laws as slides are no longer used.  (passed).

The need to have a committee fully review the By-laws was discussed.  Moved by Elizabeth Nash and seconded by Susan McDormand.

Other –

The caretaker Carl was presented with a gift for all the extra work he does for the club.

There will be a Member’s Choice field trip to the Aylesford Zoo at 10:00 am. Those wishing to travel together can meet at the Bridgewater Tim Horton’s at 8:30.

Derek presented the incoming President Sara Harley with a homemade wooden gavel.

Refreshments by Karen and Debbie complements of the Club.

Meeting ended at 9:40.      Next meeting on May 28, 2013 will be the Closing Dinner.

Notice of Annual General Meeting

26 04 2013

On May 14th, 2013 the Bridgewater Photographic Society will be holding their Annual General Meeting. It is requested that all members attend.

Derek Johnston, President

Minutes from AGM – May 8, 2012

17 05 2012

Annual General meeting / Business meeting

Meeting started 7:15 P.M.

Presidents Report : Derek Johnston.

He thanked all the committees and individuals for the tremendous job they did, organizing, and planning, the topics, presenters, events, competitions, and field trips, to make for a very interesting, enjoyable, and successful year.

Special, and well deserved thank you, went to :

Nancy Johnston, and the Program Committee, for the tremendous job they did, arranging inside, and outside events, guest presenters, and interesting topics for our meetings, and competitions.

Candace Croft, James Campbell, SusanMcDormand, for creating and organizing the field trips and transportation.

Teresa Alexander- Arab, and Sara Harley for organizing the DesBrisay Museum Exhibit (20 plus Exhibitors)

Teresa Alexander-Arab, who as well as being Vice President, also did a great job as a projectionist.

Doug Merrett for taking care of web site, and doing projectionist duties.

Marg. Campbell who did another great job as treasurer this year.

Sara Harleyfor doing a tremendous job organizing, and scoringcompetitions. as well as the Scavenger Hunt “Water”. Sara also organizes and creates the yearbook.

John Croft for organizing the library, and providing books and magazines.

James Campbell for dealing with name tags, and the 50/50 draw.

Candice Croftfor arranging the Bridgewater Bulletin interview with Nancy Johnston.

Debbie Black for setting up, and organizing, breaktime snacks.

Marie and Frank Penny who organized the treasure hunt. .

Brenda Fitzgerald for being the club greeter, and assisting James Campbell with the name tags, and draws.

Evangeline Johnston a special thank you to for organizing, and sending out the minutes, and other information of interest

Derek presented roses to all the young ladies who were present and who were involved in making the programs a success.

Also, he noted, bylaw changes were made to allow the use of photo editing programs such as Photoshop, Gimp, and Picasa; for producing competition images; and the addition of 2 new competition categories, Photo Journalism, and Architecture.

He mentioned the position of secretary is not yet filled; this is a good way to get to know club members, and how the club operates.

Derek introduced our new executive for: 2012-3013

President – Derek Johnston
Past President – Brenda Fitzgerald
Vice President – Sara Harley
Treasurer – Marg Campbell
Program Director – Nancy Johnston
Field Trip coordinators – Susan McDormand / James Campbell
Scorekeeping – James Campbell
Projectionist – Teresa Alexander-Arab ; back-up and Webmaster – Doug Merrett
Refreshments – Debbie Black / Karen Parnell Herrick
Year Book – Sara Harley
Publicity – Elizabeth Nash / Elizabeth Klass
Hostess – Brenda Fitzgerald
Secretary – Still Vacant ???

Move to accept this reportby Gerry Black, seconded by Susan McDormand

Marg. Campbell Treasurer

Handed out copies of the Financial Report for the past year. and reviewed the detail of the report. Our bank balance as of 01 May 2012 was $2,759.41

Move to accept this report by Gerry Black, seconded by Susan Mcdormand

Break… Thank you toDebbie and Gerry Blackfor providing refreshments.

Doug Merrettprojected some great images by, Debbie Croft, Derek Johnston, Trevor Awalt and James Campbell, from the field trip to the Oakland Zoo, in Aylesford.

James also gave a short, excellent, sight and sound presentation of the Zoo trip.

Grant Dixon has volunteered to produce the program again this year.

Sara Harley: Judging:

She mentioned she has served 3 years as competition scorekeeper, and thanked all who volunteered to be judges; also Brenda , Nancy,James, and Marg, etc.. who helped out with competitions. .Also Doug Merrett, and Teresa Alexander Arab, for the great job they did as projectionists, and organizing images sent in for competitions.

She reviewed the numbers of prints, and projected images, entered in the competitions.

She commented on the overall high quality, and number of images entered in competitions. She also thanked those involved in organizing the scavenger hunt, photographer of the year, and the treasure hunt.

The nomination to accept the report was made by Elizibeth Klaas , seconded byDebbieBlack.

Nancy Johnston Programming:

She expressed her thanks to the members on the programming committee.

She commented on, and thanked the different presenters, and all who took part in competitions, and field trips, meetings, scavenger and treasure hunts.

Nancy would welcome new members on the program committee, and ideas for presenters, topics, competitions, and field trips. The committee meets 3-4 times during the summer, to create and finalize the next year’s program.

Please contact her or Derek for more information.

Other business:

Sarasaid the year books will be available at the windup dinner, for those who have ordered them. She is also looking for yearbook ideas for next year.

She also said, she and her husband John,would be hosting a club B.B.Q. again this year, on the 18th of August which is the third Saturday of the month. This would be “potluck”.

More information to follow.

Jamesmentioned the Tancook Island field trip would be on Saturday 26 of May

( Rain date the following Saturday.)

The return fair from Chester is $5.00, and leaves at 1 P.M. and returns at 6 P.M.

More information to follow.

Sara mentioned the Plant Nursery and Gardening Center in Wileville, would let club members take photos for a day during the first 2 weeks in June. Information to follow.

Susan mentioned photographers are needed to take pictures of, and provide prints of residents in a senior care home, during a day when they put on costumes . This would be just for their use only. Please contact her for further information.

50/50 draw winner was Sara Harley

Thank you to Reg. Archibald, who displayed prints of Eastern Passage.

Derek presented a gift to the caretaker, Carl, to show our appreciation for the work he did, before and after, meetings.

Minutes Submitted by Ralph Cook