Schedule: 2018-19

Saturday, August 25th
• Summer Field Trip Images; Tangled Garden, and Ross Farm

Saturday, September 8th
• Photo Share: “The Way We Live”

Saturday, September 22nd
• Field Trip: McNabs Island

Saturday, September 29th
• Competition: Floral (3 Digital)

Saturday, October 6th
• Competition: Print Titles; Floral(1) and Landscape/Seascape(2)

Saturday, October 13th
• Field Trip: Brier Island Island

Saturday, October 27th
• Field Trip: Wolfville Area

Saturday, November 3rd
• Competition: Nature (3 Digital) and Treasure Hunt

Saturday, November 10th
• Competition: Print Titles; Nature(1), and Monochrome(2)

Saturday, November 17th
• Photo Share: “Resilience”

Saturday, December 1st
• Competition/Field Trip: Scavenger Hunt

Saturday, December 4th
• Photo Share: “Looking Back at 2018”

Saturday, January 5th
• Photo Share: “Graffiti World”

Saturday, January 12th
• Competition: The way We Live (2 Digital) and Humanity (2 Digital)

Saturday, February 2nd
• Field Trip: Sail Loft, Second Peninsula

Saturday, February 9th
• Photo Share: “Contemplative”

Saturday, February 16th
• Competition: Silent Essay(MP4 Video), Creative (2 Digital), and Macro/Closeup (2 Digital)

Saturday, March 2nd
• Field Trip: Trip To Bakery

Saturday, March 16th
• Competition: Sight & Sound Essay (MP4 Video), and New Member (6 Digital)

Saturday, March 23rd
• Field Trip: Winter Walk

Saturday, March 30th
• Photo Share: “Let It Snow”

Saturday, April 6th
• Exhibit: “The Way We Live”

Saturday, April 20th
• Field Trip: Water Falls

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