September-December 2020 Program Schedule
Meeting Start Time 7:00 pm (Program subject to change)
For inquiries, contact BPS Executive

August 25, 2020
Zoom Tips and Tricks (Deborah Burton and Beverley Richardson)
Open to all BPS Members and Presenters

September 8, 2020
Special Meeting (7:00 pm): Bylaw Vote
Regular Meeting (beginning 7:05 pm)
President’s Opening Remarks (Charlene Morton)
Program Overview (Kathryn Price, Program Director)
Field Trips and Exhibit Updates (John Burnett, FT Committee Chair; Jock Martin, Exhibit Committee Chair)
Tech Tips: Resizing and Renaming Images (Gary Smith)
2019-2020 Photographer Of The Year (Sue Hutchins)
Field Trip show: August Wabi-Sabi (Due August 30th)

Rescheduled to September 29, 2020 due to hurricane Teddy
Guest Speaker: Damian Lidgard, A Photographer’s Path—From A Death To Openness
Member Introductions (Charlene Morton and Joe Dillon)
Competition Categories Explained (Tammy Mercer, Competition Committee Chair)

October 13, 2020
Guest Speaker: Wayne Simpson, Portraits of Resilience
BPS Exhibit Opportunities and Requirements (Jock Martin)
Tips from Solo Exhibitors (Anna Mallin, Sue Hutchins and Karen Parnell-Herrick)
Field Trip show: September
Competition: Floral 3 Digital (Due September 19th)

October 27, 2020
Guest Speaker: Barbara Bender, Constraints and Creativity
Member Introductions (Ilze Andzans and Karin McFarlane)
Creative Photography (Beverley Richardson and John Burnett)
Competition: Monochrome 2 Digital (Due October 10th)

November 10, 2020
Guest Speaker: Brooks Jensen, Beyond the Pile of Prints
Competition: Environmental Portrait 2 Digital (Due October 27th)
Field Trip show: October

November 24, 2020
Guest Speaker: Nick Tauro Jr., Life Goes Quickly—Print Your Work
Travel Around the World! (Deborah Burton, Turkey; Tina Herman, Cuba)
Competition: Creative 2 Digital and Light 2 Digital (Due November 10th)

December 8, 2020
Creating Sight and Sound and Silent Essay Videos (John Burnett)
Publishing on Blurb (Doug Langley)
Walking 1000km (Gary Smith)
Field Trip show: November
Competition: Treasure Hunt (Due November 14th)
Photo Share: Looking Back at 2020