Schedule: 2018-19
You can download this years schedule in PDF format: BPS 2018-19 Sched Sep2 Final

Tuesday, September 11th
• Julie Naas: 2017-2018 Photographer Of The Year
• Gary Smith: 2018-2019 Program Overview
• Trevor Awalt: Resizing and Renaming Images for Competition
• Slide Shows: Summer Field Trips; Tangled Gardens & Ross Farm

Tuesday, September 25th
• Guest Speaker – Nance Ackerman: Mindful Storytelling in Photojournalism
• Slide Shows: Photo Share; “The Way We Live”

Tuesday, October 9th
• Competitions: Live Judging Prints – Floral and Landscape/Seascape
• Competitions: Digital Review – Floral
• Sue Hutchins: Shooting Stations (workshop)
• Slide Shows: Field Trip; McNabs Island

Tuesday, October 23rd
• Guest Speaker – Thaddeus Holownia: Storytelling
• Slide Shows: Field Trip; Brier Island

Tuesday, November 13th
• Competitions: Live Judging Prints – Nature and Monochrome
• Competitions: Digital Review – Nature and Treasure Hunt
• Sara Harley: Finding Inspiration
• John Burnett: Editing
• Slide Show: Field Trip; Wolfville Agri-Tour

Tuesday, November 27
• Guest Speaker – Bill Curry: Conservation Photography
• Slide Show: Photo Share; “Resilience”

Wednesday, December 12th
• Christmas Dinner
• Slide Show: Photo Share; “Looking Back at 2018”

Tuesday, January 8th
• Guest Speaker – Len Wagg: Stories Through Books

Tuesday, January 22nd
• Competitions: Digital Review – Scavenger Hunt, The Way We Live, and Humanity
• Slide Show: Photo Share; “Graffiti World”
• Members’ Potpourri: Linda Hall, and Mary Ann Bell-Massey
• Sherry Hudson: Story Telling

Tuesday, February 12th
• Valerie Leduc: Glamour and Portraits

Tuesday, February 26th
• Competitions: Digital Review – Silent Essay, Creative, and Macro/Closeup
• Slide Show: Field Trip; Sail Loft
• Slide Show: Photo Share; “Contemplative”
• Beverley Richardson: iPhone Photography

Tuesday, March 12th
• Carl Snyder: Panoramas
• Slide Shows: Field Trip; Bakery Visit

Tuesday, March 26th
• Competitions: Digital Review – Sight&Sound Essay, and New Member
• Slide Shows: Field Trip; Winter Walk
• Gary Smith: President’s Potpourri

Tuesday, April 9th
• Kris Tynski: Nature Photography
• Slide Show: Photo Share; “Let It Snow”

Tuesday, April 23rd
• Cancellation Catchup
• Slide Shows: Field Trip; Water Falls
• Kas Stone: Effective AV Shows

Tuesday, May 14th
• Annual General Meeting

Wednesday, May 22nd
• Awards and Year End Dinner


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