Our 2021-22 season is now over. During the summer the club holds occasional field trips, and the various volunteer committees plan next season’s program of meetings, competitions, field trips, photo shares and exhibits. Those details will be published when they are known. In the meantime, last season’s program (below) may be of interest to prospective members.

September through December 2021
Second & Fourth Tuesdays, 7:00-8:30 pm AST
(Programming is subject to change)

SEPTEMBER 14, 2021 Zoom

  • Welcome & Introduction of Executive and Chairs (Beverley)
  • Program Overview & MODL Volunteer Awards (Charlene)
  • 2020-2021 Photographer Of The Year (Sue)
  • Artists’ Talk by DesBrisay Exhibitors (Beverley and Charlene)
  • Field Trip Show: Pine Grove Park (Patty)

» September 25 Due date for Treasure Hunt Competition


  • Presentation: Marc Koegel – Monochrome (Gary)
  • Tech Tip: Sharpening Definitions (Gary)
  • Member Talk (Trevor)
  • Field Trip Show: East River Shipyard (Charlene)

» October 9 Due date for Monochrome Competition


  • Presentation on Blurb Book Publishing by Sara Harley
  • Artists’ Talk from Hennigar Library “Lines and Shapes” Exhibit
  • Competition Show and Results: TREASURE HUNT
  • Field Trip Show: Whirligig and Weathervane Festival, Shelburne

» October 23 Due date for Nature Competition (Print titles, Digital submissions)


  • Guest Speaker Presentation: Curtis Jones “The Art of Simplicity—A Minimalist Approach”
  • Travel at Home: Yarmouth to Digby by Peggy Theriault
  • Competition Show and Results: MONOCHROME
  • Photo Share Show: UnChained

» November 6 Due date for Shadows Competition

NOVEMBER 9 Live at the Mahone Bay Centre

  • Show and Tell: My Favourite Photographic Things (Open)
  • Artists’ Talk by DesBrisay exhibitor (Daniel & Ravin)
  • Competition: NATURE (Print and Digital)
  • Field Trip Show: Four-Mile Stillwater (Gary)

Scavenger-Hunt (Field Trip in Blockhouse)

» November 13 Due date for PhotoShare “Number Three”


  • Presentation: David Trattles Documentary
  • Member Talk (John)
  • Competition: Shadows
  • PhotoShare Show: Number Three

November 27 Due date for Looking Back at 2021 Photoshare & Scavenger Hunt


  • PhotoShare: Looking Back at 2021
  • Field Trip Show: Scavenger Hunt (Blockhouse)

» December 11 Due date for Land/Sea/Waterscapes Competition (Print titles, Digital images)

January through may 2022
Second & Fourth Tuesdays, 7:00-8:30 pm AST
(Programming is subject to change)

JANUARY 11, 2022 Zoom

  • Members’ Show and Tell
  • Tech Tips: Reusing Frames and Mats (Jock)
  • Competition: LAND/SeaSCAPE (Print and Digital)
  • Travel the World: Don Gorby and his Amazon Tour
  • Slide Shows: Blockhouse Scavenger Hunt and Looking Back at 2021

» January 15 Due date for Silent Essay Competition
» January 22 Due date for Portrait of a Tree Competition


  • Presentation: Chris McGinnis—MACRO (Gary)
  • Competition: SILENT ESSAY
  • Member Talk (Vicki)

» February 5 Due date for Macro Competition


  • Post-Processing Mini Workshops (3)
  • Competition: PORTRAIT OF A TREE
  • Tech Tip: Mobile Tricks (Ravin)
  • Artist’s Talk: Debrisay Feb-April Exhibit


  • Guest Speaker: Sara Silks (Sara)
  • Competition: MACRO
  • Tech Tips: Mono-pods and Tripods (Anna)
  • Travel the World (Deborah)

» February 26 Due date for Sight and Sound Essay Competition
» March 5 Due date for Creative Competition

MARCH 8 Zoom

  • Guest Speaker: Matt Smith (iNaturalist)
  • Competition: SIGHT AND SOUND Essay
  • How I Got That Shot (Ravin)
  • Member Talk (Linda)

MARCH 22  Zoom

  • Guest Speaker: David Chapman “Wild Weird and Wacky Weather” (Charlene)
  • Competition Review: CREATIVE
  • How I Got That Shot (Ravin)
  • Member Talk (Linda)

» March 26 Due date for New Member Competition
» April 2 Due date for Weathered Photoshare submissions

APRIL 12 Live, LCLC Active Living Studio

  • Guest Presentation: Corey J. Isenor
  • Competition: New Member
  • Anniversary Planning (Exhibit Committee)
  • PhotoShare Show: Weathered

APRIL 26 Zoom

  • Presentation: Scottish Travels (Patty Winfield)
  • Overview of upcoming AGM (description and discussion about volunteer positions)
  • How I Got That Shot (Charlene Morton)
  • Next season’s program (break-out discussion groups)

APRIL 30 Field Trip: Greenwood Military Aviation Museum

April 30 Due date for for 2021/22 Retrospective Photoshare submissions

May 3 Due date for Smile Photoshare submissions

MAY 10  Zoom

  • Annual General Meeting and 2022/23 Planning
  • 2021/22 Competition Awards
  • PhotoShare Shows: Smile Award and 2021/22 Retrospective

MAY 17 Cancelled

  • Year-End Dinner & Social