Schedule: 2019-2020 (subject to change)
You can download this years schedule in PDF format (updated July 28, 2019): BPS Schedule 2019-20b_July28-2019

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Tuesday September 10th
• Presentation: 2019-2020 Program Overview, Charlene Morton
• Tech Tips: Resizing and Renaming Images, Sue Hutchins
• Presentation: Summer Miksang Program, Joanne Roy and Gary Smith
• Photo Shows: Sheep Farm, Pubnico, and Kite Festival Summer Field Trips

Tuesday September 24th
• Presentation: Commercial and Fine Art Photography, Ted Coldwell
• Member Introductions: Sara Harley and Gary Smith
• Photo Show: Digby Scallop Days Field Trip

Tuesday October 8th
• Presentation: 2018-2019 Photographer Of The Year, Linda Hall
• Member Introductions: Tiffany Ottaway and Beverley Richardson
• Tech Tips: Getting the Best Exposure, John Burnett
• Photo Shows: Tusket Island Field Trip; Mannequins and Shop Windows PhotoShare

Tuesday October 22nd
• Presentation: Travel and Photo Tour, Brian Merry
• Photo Show: Mount Uniacke Field Trip

Tuesday November 12th
• Competitions: Nature and The Way We Live
• Member Introductions: Sue Hutchins and Anna Mallin
• Photo Shows: Cranberry Farm Field Trip and People at Play PhotoShare
• Workshop: In or Out, and Round About

Tuesday November 26th
• Presentation: Panoramic Photography, Richard Novossiltzeff
• Competition: Treasure Hunt
• Member Introductions: Ilze Andzans and Madeleine DeWolfe

Tuesday December 10th
• Mid-Year Social & Dinner
• Photo Shows: Looking Back at 2019 and Year-End 2018-2019 Photo Share

Tuesday January 14th
• Presentation: Cell Phone Photography Part II, Beverley Richardson
• Photo Shows: Scavenger Hunt and Kejimkujik Seaside Adjunct Field Trips
• Tech Tips: Monochrome, John Burnett
• Member Introductions: Reginald Archibald and Kathryn Price

Tuesday January 28th
• Competition: Open Print
• Presentation: Intimate Landscapes, Krista McCuish

Tuesday February 11th
• Presentation: Nature Conservancy—Sable Island Institute, Damian Lidgard
• Photo Shows: Entangled PhotoShare and Lunenburg Academy Field Trip

Tuesday February 25th
• Presentation: Photography and Design, Paul Haresign Williams
• Competitions: Portrait and Silent Essay
• Member Introductions: Karen Parnell Herrick and Julie Naas
• Photo Show: Lobster Festival Field Trip

Tuesday, March 10th
• Presentation: Henry’s Camera Store
• Photo Show: Smile Award and Draw
• Tech Tips: Portrait Genre, Karen Parnell Herrick
• Member Introductions

Tuesday March 24th
• Competitions: Sight & Sound, Landscape/Seascape, and Monochrome
• Tech Tips: High Dynamic Range, Gary Smith
• Member Introductions
• Workshop: Portrait Potpourri

Tuesday April 14th
• Competitions: New Members and Motion
• Presentation: Image Evaluation and Discussion, Kas Stone
• Photo Shows: Walk in the Woods Field Trip and My Backyard through the Seasons

Tuesday April 28th
• Surprise!
• Photo Show: Blue Beach Field Trip

Tuesday May 12th
• Annual General Meeting

Wednesday May 20th
• Social: Awards and Year-End Dinner