Photo Challenges

Treasure Hunt Competition 2017/18

The annual Treasure Hunt competition is designed to provide an incentive to members to shoot something new or different over the summer and into early fall. Although the Treasure Hunt is competitive (unlike Photo Share opportunities), members are encouraged to have fun exploring their cameras’ possibilities and their own imaginations while interpreting “Inside or Outside” categories. The photos must be taken between June 1, 2017 and October 28th, 2017. Images for the twelve categories can be shot either inside or outside.

Submissions must reflect the given categories (taken from Vision 365: Mastering the Everyday Practice of Seeing by Henry Fernando). However, the categories are open to interpretation so may, for example, illustrate a playful or creative element of the selected categories. To be eligible for the competition/trophy, you must submit Eight images corresponding to Eight Different categories.

When submitting your eight entries, each image file must be:
(a) in jpeg format and no bigger than 1920 pixels wide, 1200 pixels high
(b) named correctly according to template shown below in right column:

1. A Pet TH_Pet_FirstnameLastname
2. A Child TH_Child_FirstnameLastname
3. Light and shadow TH_Shadow_FirstnameLastname
4. A keepsake or item of sentimental value TH_Keepsake_FirstnameLastname
5. An imperfect or weathered object TH_Object_FirstnameLastname
6. Graffiti TH_Graffiti_FirstnameLastname
7. A sacred space TH_Sacred_FirstnameLastname
8. Light paint to photograph a flower or plant TH_Paint_FirstnameLastname
9. Leaves TH_Leaves_FirstnameLastname
10. A light source TH_Light_FirstnameLastname
11. Water TH_Water_FirstnameLastname
12. A glass or mirror reflection TH_Mirror_FirstnameLastname

Send submissions to The deadline for all submissions is Saturday, 7 PM, October 28th, 2017. Late submissions not accepted. Judging of the competition will be completed by November 14th. The images will be judged on artistic as well as technical merit.

“AROUND TOWN” Scavenger Hunt & Car Rally 2017/18

The objective to have fun, while resurrecting the BPS scavenger-hunt (pseudo) competition. Participants will take photos as a team effort for as many items on the scavenger-hunt list within a 2-hour time period using one car for each 3 to 4 person team.

Teams will gather at 2 PM at Tim Hortons, East Plaza, Bridgewater and start the Hunt at 2:15. Copies of the rules and list for the Scavenger Hunt will be given out at 2 PM at Tim’s. Teams may search for items on the list in any order they choose.

After two hours working to record as many items on the Hunt list as possible, meet no later than 4:30 PM at the Little Red Barn, 3099 Hwy 325, Wileville. The restaurant is not far from Exit 13 going north but before Wile Lake Farm Market.

At 4:30 PM and while waiting for your supper orders, each team can look at their photos and start selecting one photo for each item on the list—or as many as items as you were able to capture! (If you have a laptop on which your team members might like to download and display their images during the selection process, then you might consider bringing it along. However, this is not necessary.)

Choose a team member to submit team images to Deadline for submissions is 7 pm Dec. 2nd. When submitting, please state how many items you were able to cover and please match item number with file-name number. For example, a photo file for “#27) Something very shiny” would be names SH27_Team Name. (SH stands for Scavenger Hunt.)

Each team-member must contribute their fair share of images as part of their team submission (i.e., at least 20% in 4 person team; 30% in 3 person team).

No photos taken before or after the two-hour car rally will be considered.

A trophy will be awarded to the team which was able to collect images for the largest number of items on the Scavenger Hunt list. In the case of a team tie for the most categories covered, extra kudos will be awarded for having the most strangers (including critters)—and the most team members—in your team shots. Trophy will be presented at our final BPS dinner in May.


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