Photo Challenges

Treasure Hunt Competition 2018/19

The annual Treasure Hunt competition is designed to provide an incentive to members to shoot something new or different. Although the Treasure Hunt is competitive members are encouraged to have fun exploring their cameras’ possibilities and their own imaginations while interpreting titles of songs.

The photos must be taken between June 1st, 2018 and November 3rd, 2018, which is the deadline for submissions. Judging of the competition will be completed by November 10th. We’ll go over all the criteria and submission rules in more detail at one of our early BPS meetings.

To be eligible for the Treasure Hunt trophy, you must submit a total of EIGHT (8) images corresponding to any of the twelve different song titles (limit submissions to one image per song). The images will be judged on their artistic and technical merit. Submissions must reflect the title of the song, however, the titles are open to interpretation.

1. If I could Turn Back Time [Time_firstname lastname.jpg]
2. Big Ol Truck [Truck_firstname lastname.jpg]
3. Streets of Bakersfield [Street_firstname lastname.jpg]
4. Wide Open Spaces [Spaces_firstname lastname.jpg]
5. Bad Moon Rising [Moon_firstname lastname.jpg]
6. Storm Warning [Storm_firstname lastname.jpg]
7. Big Green Tractor [Tractor_firstname lastname.jpg]
8. Hard Workin Man [Man_firstname lastname.jpg]
9. Underneath The Stars [Stars_firstname lastname.jpg]
10. When My Ship Comes In [Ship_firstname lastname.jpg]
11. Cabin In The Woods [Cabin_firstname lastname.jpg]
12. Ring Of Fire [Fire_firstname lastname.jpg]

Submit eight (8) digital jpeg (sRGB) images with an image size of 1920(max) X 1200(max) Pixels. [Max means no larger than 1920 pixels wide or 1200 pixels high  (one of the width and/or height could be smaller)]

File naming convention (the “_” delimiter is important): *see each song title above within the brackets [……] example [Time_firstname lastname.jpg]

Send submissions to The deadline for all submissions is Saturday, 7 PM, November 3rd, 2018. Late submissions are not accepted. Judging of the competition will be completed and results presented on November 13th, 2018. The images will be judged on artistic as well as technical merit.

Scavenger Hunt Field Trip 2018/19

Details TBA