Photo Challenges

Treasure Hunt Competition 2016/17

Announced at our first meeting Tuesday September 13th, the theme is “The 100-metre Challenge”. The idea is that there is a wealth of interesting subjects to photograph in your own home or backyard, if you really take the time to look. Here are the contest details:
  • 5 images, of any subject – a vegetable from your crisper, your toes in the bathtub, a flower in the garden, sunshine patterns on the wall, etc., etc,
  • all images to be taken within your home, or within 100 metres of your property
  • all images to be taken between September 13, 2016 until the submission deadline, which is 7pm, Saturday, October 22, 2016 (so you have about 4-1/2 weeks)
Images will be judged live (anonymously, as always) at our October 25th club meeting. The member with the highest cumulative score will win the contest and be presented with the Treasure Hunt Trophy at the year-end awards dinner. What will you find to photograph? Good luck!
Scavenger Hunt Categories 2016/17

There is currently no planned Scavenger Hunt for the 2016/17 program.


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