News – Announcement for the Feb 12, 2019 Meeting

25 01 2019

Valarie Leduc to Speak at Bridgewater Photo Club a talk entitled “Creating a Meaningful Portrait” on February 12th at 6:45 (doors open at 6:30), MARC at 33 Leary Fraser Road

On February 12th at 6:45 (doors open at 6:30 pm) the Bridgewater Photo Club is pleased to have Valarie Leduc from OhSugar Photography as their guest speaker for the evening. The Photo Club meets on the second and fourth Tuesdays every month from September to May. Meetings are held at the MARC, 33 Leary Fraser Road. For more information on the guest speakers, field trips and photo contests visit the club’s website at or email us at Non- members are welcome to attend for a $5 fee.

After completing a degree in finance and working for ten years for big companies such as Bombardier, Valarie had a dream. She wanted to explore her creative side. She wanted to have more time for her family and become her own boss. So she made the decision to develop her passion for photography into a career. She got back behind the school desk (and camera) and received her degree in Commercial Photography from the respected Marsan College in Montreal in 2010. With her diploma in hand, she started her own studio in Laval, QC and gained experience with different types of photography. She explored commercial photography, weddings and children but quickly discovered a passion for Glamour photography, making people happy and confident in themselves is a real pleasure.

She is now the proud owner of Oh Sugar Photography on the South Shore of Nova Scotia visit her web site at

Valarie’s presentation will explore why she is passionate about creating meaningful portraits and share her thinking behind her photography. She will discuss the how to’s of portrait photography, share her methods of connecting with her clients and the tools she uses to capture each client’s unique glamour. The talk will include a live session with a model. The presentation will include mature subject matter. Attendee discretion is advised.


Minutes – Jan 22, 2019 Meeting

23 01 2019

BPS Meeting Minutes
January 22, 2019

Vice President Charlene Morton opened the meeting with 24 members and made a few announcements:
– The recent field trip to the Sailloft ( was well attended. February 2nd is the submission date to send in photos from the field trip. Submission details will be sent to club members shortly.
– Next field trip is February 16 at NSCC.
– Next photo share theme is “Contemplative” and photos are due by February 9th. Details will be sent out shortly.
– Upcoming digital competitions are Macro/Close Up and Creative, as well as the Silent Essay (max 12 slides)

50/50 winner was Sara Harley.

Exhibit Chair Kathryn Price announced the theme for the upcoming exhibit at the library will be “Story Telling”. If you are interested in participating in the exhibit, please let Kathryn know asap. Also, if you have any ideas for the “public participation” part of the exhibit, let her know and the committee will finalize exhibit details.

Slide shows of the recently judged digital competitions were shown. The Humanity category had 9 participants, and 18 images. Honour award winners were Charlene Morton, Linda Hall, Sue Hutchins, and Brenda Bancroft. The Way We Live had 10 participants and 20 images. Honour award winners were Linda Hall, Sue Hutchins, Jock Martin, and Brenda Bancroft. The honour awards were presented by Competition Committee Chair Trevor Awalt.

A slide show of the Scavenger Hunt results was shown. There were three teams involved in the challenge held in Lunenburg in November. The Car Chargers (Mary Ann Massey, Reg Archibald, Kathryn Price), That’s Complicated (Patty Winfield, Joanne Roy, Jock Martin), and Luney Snaps (Charlene Morton, Tiffany Ottaway, Linda Hall). Thank you to Tiffany and Patty for organizing the hunt, and judges Tom Rogers, Gary Smith, and Sara Harley. Winner of the Scavenger Hunt Trophy is the Luney Snaps team.

Our club member “pot pourri” consisted of two travelogue presentations. Mary Ann Massey toured us through the U.K., and Linda Hall showed us the sights of Spain.

After the break we saw a photo share of “Graffiti” images.

Sherry Hudson made a presentation on Story Telling with images. She showed us several examples of photographs that told stories. We should think about our intention when taking a picture. Sometimes other people see something different when looking at our images because they are using their own life filters. Look for details in the images to give clues about the story. We then broke out into four groups to view photographs and talk about what story the images told.

Past President John Burnett announced that the presenter for the next meeting will be Valerie Leduc with “Glamour and Portraits”.

Minutes by Sara Harley.

News – Announcement for the Jan 8, 2019 Meeting

8 01 2019

On Tuesday, January 8th, the Bridgewater Photo Club is pleased to have Len Wagg as their guest speaker for the evening. Doors open at 6:30, meeting starts at 6:45. The Photo Club meets on the second and fourth Tuesdays every month from September to May. Meetings are held at the MARC 33 Leary Fraser Road. For more information on the guest speakers, field trips and photo contests visit the club’s website at or email us at Non-members are welcome to attend for a fee of $5. Weather-related cancellations will be posted on the club’s website.

Len’s talk will feature two components. The first part will be an overview of his work and the second will be a talk on the making of a book. How an idea gets transferred to pages.

Len Wagg is an award-winning Canadian photographer, journalist, author and presenter. A visual storyteller for over three decades, he is well known for capturing the majestic beauty of his native Nova Scotia’s wildlife and salt-strewn landscapes. His assignments have taken him all the way from the deserts of Ethiopia to the cockpit of a CF-18 over Europe, and all across Canada.

Len’s work has been published in the New York Times, Maclean’s, TIME Magazine, and other renowned publications. He is the author of seven books, including the award-winning Wild Nova Scotia, Then and Now tracking famed Nova Scotian photographer Wallace MacAskill, and Nova Scotia at night. To see more of Len’s work visit his web site at

Minutes – Nov 27, 2018 Meeting

12 12 2018


BPS Meeting Minutes
Nov 27, 2018

President Gary Smith opened the meeting and welcomed our guests.

We watched a slide show called “Resilience”, created with images that were submitted by our members.

Competition Committee Chair Trevor Awalt presented Honour Awards:

Nature Print awards were given to Darlene Awalt, Linda Hall, Julia Naas (absent), Patty Winfield (absent). Monochrome Print awards were given to Anna Mallin (2), Linda Hall, Julia Naas (2) (absent)

The Nature Competition results were announced:
The winner of the Nature Category which included three (3) Digital Images from 11 entrants, plus one (1) Print from 6 entrants, totaling 39 images. This competition was very close and was decided by only 1/2 point between 1st & 2nd place as well as a 1/2 point between 3rd & 4th place.

1st place – Darlene Awalt – 53 points (4 honour Awards)
2nd place – Julia Naas – 53 points (3 Honour Awards)
3rd place – Linda Hall – 43.5 points (2 Honour Awards)

A few announcements followed:
Kathryn Price, Exhibit Committee Chair, announced that we will be having an exhibit at the Margaret Hennigar Public Library in Bridgewater for the month of April 2019.  She provided sign up sheets for committee volunteers, exhibit themes/suggestions, and people interested in exhibiting.

Gary Smith announced that our Christmas Social will be on December 12th at the Wileville Fire Hall (change in venue from last year). If you have not yet responded to the email asking whether or not you will be joining us for the dinner, please respond asap as we have to give the attendance numbers to the hall.

Upcoming deadlines: Scavenger Hunt photos are due Dec 1st. Photo Share images “Looking Back at 2018” are due by Dec 5th. Even if you don’t plan on attending the Christmas social, feel free to share up to five of your images from 2018 for our slide show.

Sherry Hudson, Speaker Chair, announced she will be stepping down at the end of the year. If you are interested in the position for next year, please let Sherry or the Executive know and Sherry will help in the transition.  Sherry introduced Bill Curry, our speaker for the evening.

Bill Curry introduced us to the concept of Conservation Photography. He defined the genre and took us through many examples.

We had a 20 minute social break. Winner of our 50/50 draw was Dave Collins.

Bill Curry resumed his presentation and explained his Dark Skies Conservation Photography project in detail.

The meeting adjourned at approx 8:55. Minutes by Sara Harley.

News – Announcement for the Nov 27, 2018 Meeting

19 11 2018

Bill Curry to speak at the Bridgewater Photo Club on November 27th, 6:30 pm at the MARC at 33 Leary Fraser Road

BillCurry-MeOn November 27th the Bridgewater Photo Club is pleased to have Bill Curry as their guest speaker for the evening. Doors open at 6:30, meeting starts at 6:45. The Photo Club meets on the second and fourth Tuesdays every month from September to May. Meetings are held at the MARC 33 Leary Fraser Road. For more information on the guest speakers, field trips and photo contests visit the club’s website at or email us at Non-members are welcome to attend; donations towards club activities are gratefully accepted. Weather-related cancellations will be posted on the club’s website.

The first half of the session will be a discussion about Bill’s photographic process and what exactly Conservation Photography is. Participants will learn about the history of Conservation Photography – first as an unrecognized category of nature or wildlife photography, and then about the more formal approaches currently used which began in 2005. Bill Curry has been doing Conservation Photography both informally since the early 1970’s, but more importantly more formally since 2009. Bill will detail his thinking behind every photograph, and will also talk about the role that his work has to put forth images that cause people to think about our environment in a broader sense.
Bill’s images often show people things in ways they have never seen before, or present images as challenges for people to think about. Bills’ philosophy is that each work is an image of a moment that will never be exactly like any other moment in time. The viewer is encouraged to examine a second in their own lives that will become a memory to be reflected upon again and again. Many images are also a call to action, and present to the viewer a challenge to think about and act upon.
The second half of the session will be a detailed look at one such Conservation Photography project that Bill undertook – a series of images designed to show people the night sky, and to get people to think about dark skies and the value of preserving, and indeed promoting, such spaces. Bill will detail his 4 year effort to make images that show the beauty and majesty of the night in a truly dark sky area – namely Southwestern Nova Scotia – and walk participants through the details of the work Bill did for the Starlight Foundation, with headquarters in Spain and a UNESCO backed initiative, a group who successfully assisted the Yarmouth County area in becoming the first UNESCO Dark Sky Preserve in North America, and home to the first certified Dark Sky hotel, Trout Point Lodge. Bill will help participants look at what equipment is needed to take dark sky images, and will look at the process involved in creating these images. He will also showcase the images from his solo photography show that was seen across the Province “Starry Nights”.

A brief bio:
Bill Curry is an award winning professional Conservation Photographer – a Master Photographer specializing in Fine Arts as a Nature Photographer, Wildlife Photographer and Landscape Photographer. Those seeking images that celebrate the outdoors find that Bill’s work stirs their imagination, reminding them of time spent in our shared environment. Seeking to capture a moment in time, Bill’s images are of spaces and places that are changing, whether human impacted or the fleeting hues of a sunset or the shape of a breaking wave. For more images by Bill visit his website at

Bill’s work is backed up by his credentials as he has studied with a number of noted photographers, and obtained certifications in photographic concepts from the New York Institute of Photography and the Museum of Modern Art, both in New York, New York. Recognized as a Master Photographer in Fine Art from the Master Photographers International, he is also accredited in Nature Photography by the Professional Photographers of Canada. His work has been seen in the New York Times, the Boston Herald, Outdoor Canada, Field and Stream and many other local, regional and national publications, and his photographs have also been used commercially by a growing number of businesses.

Bill owns his own Gallery and Studio in Port Maitland, NS, and is a member of the Yarmouth Waterfront Gallery. Bill’s work is on display at the Teichert Gallery at the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia, in Halifax, NS and at a number of gift shops across the Province. His work is held in public and private collections around the globe.

Minutes – Nov 13, 2018 Meeting

15 11 2018

BPS Meeting Minutes
Nov 13, 2018

President Gary Smith opened the meeting with a few announcements:
1. The club booth at the Senior’s Expo at the LCLC on November 1st went well with lots of people stopping by.
2. Kathryn Price has volunteered to chair the Exhibit Committee. Committee members are Ralph Cook, Anna Mallin, Don Barnes and Linda Hall. More members are welcome. Most committee work will be done by email. They will be working on an exhibit at the Bridgewater Library, likely to be held in April 2019.
3. Our Christmas Social will be held at a different location than planned, as a caterer is not available for the Italy Cross Fire Hall. Our new location will likely be the Wileville Fire Hall. Details will be confirmed shortly.
4. Field trip on Sunday November 18th will be a Scavenger Hunt. Check your emails or our Facebook page for details.
5. Our next photo share is “Resilience” – a topic that is open to your interpretation. Images are due Sat Nov 17th.
6. Welcome to new members Jeff Cotter and Greg Warbanski.

Competition Committee Chair Trevor Awalt made several announcements and presentations:
1. Treasure Hunt: 5 members participated, with 39 images entered.

1st place – Linda Hall – 94.5 points, with 5 Honour Awards
2nd place – Tiffany Ottaway – 81.5 points, with 2 Honour Awards
3rd place – Dave Collins – 81.0 points, with 2 Honour Awards

Honour awards for the Treasure Hunt were presented to: Charlene Morton (1), Dave Collins (2), Tiffany Ottaway (2) and Linda Hall (5).
2. Nature Digital: 11 members participated with 33 images submitted.
11 Honour Awards were given out:

Beverley Richardson (1), Brenda Bancroft (2), Charlene Morton (1), Darlene Awalt (3), Gilbert van Ryckevorsel (1), Julia Naas (2), and Linda Hall (1)
3. Judging was held for two live competitions: Nature (Print) and Monochrome (Print)
Honour awards will be handed out at our next meeting. Thank you to judges James Campbell, Gilbert van Ryckevorsel, and Ralph Cook.

4. Slide show for the Treasure Hunt was shown.

Sara Harley made a 15 minute presentation on “Finding Inspiration”. Copies of Uppercase Magazine (for the Creative and Curious), Issue 36 were given out to everyone with many thanks to Editor Janine Vangool. Any members who wish to subscribe to this Canadian magazine can use the discount code saraharley15 for $15 CAD off UPPERCASE subscriptions, gift subscriptions and renewals.
shop.uppercasemagazine/discount Please note that Sara is not benefiting from this offer in any way.

50/50 Draw winner was Sherry Hudson.

A draw was held for photo books donated by Ken Kanten. Books went to Reg Archibald, Tiffany Ottaway, and Trevor Awalt.

A slide show of our field trip to the Valley Wineries was shown.

John Burnett made a 45 minute presentation on Lightroom. A quick review of the asset management tool was done, and a more detailed demonstration of the Develop Module was given.

Meeting adjourned at 9:20. Minutes by Sara Harley.

Sara Harley

Minutes – Tuesday Oct 23, 2018 Meeting

25 10 2018

BPS Meeting Minutes
October 23, 2018

President Gary Smith opened the meeting with a few announcements. We had a packed house and a warm welcome was extended to all the visitors.

Our club has 43 paid members to date.

More volunteers are needed for the club’s booth at the Senior’s Expo on November 1st. Email Gary ( if you can help out at a two hour shift.

Volunteers are still needed to create an exhibit committee. Two locations would like to have the club exhibit again early in 2019.

Club members are reminded of upcoming deadlines for competitions and photo sharing:
Nov 3 – Nature and Treasure Hunt digital submission deadline
Nov 10 – Nature and Monochrome print submission deadline
Nov 17 – photo sharing for “Resilience” deadline

Our next field trip is scheduled for Nov 18th and will be a Scavenger Hunt. Location to be announced…likely to be the Bridgewater area.

Honour Awards were handed out. Linda Hall presented Anna Mallin with an honour award for the Landscape/Seascape print competition. Two awards were obtained in the Floral digital category by Ravin Murugan (not present at the meeting).

Competition Committee Chair Trevor Awalt announced the results for the Floral Trophy. The winner was Linda Hall (42 points). Runners up were Katherine Price (41.5 points) and Julia Naas (40.5 points).

Kas Stone introduced our guest speaker, Thaddeus Holownia. Thaddeus spoke to the club about “Living a Creative Life” for most of the meeting. He discussed many of his projects, and the importance of printing our work in either print or book format. He advised us to keep our eyes and mind in tune to extract images from the world. Light and time is fleeting, so we should take advantage of situations as they arise. Bodies of work take time to create. His projects takes 2, 3, and sometimes 10 years to turn into a book or exhibit. Members can find more out about Thaddeus by visiting his web sites: and or his Facebook page

Our meeting wrapped up with a slide show from the Brier Island field trip.
Minutes prepared by Sara Harley