The Bridgewater Photo Club holds a series of competitions through the season, in a variety of photographic categories or genres, and with two types of entry: digital image file and printed image. We also hold two essay competitions (multiple images in an automated “slide show”).

The purpose of these competitions is to give members an opportunity to

  • Share images that they have taken
  • Challenge themselves to take new images, perhaps in genres that they have not tried before
  • Receive constructive feedback in the form of marks and comments from judges
  • Receive recognition when they have produced excellent images (individual image honour awards, top scorers in various categories, and “Photographer of the Year”)

For those who compete, the most common motivation cited is “the learning experience”, although recognition is always welcome. Please note that competitions are not a compulsory club activity. Non-competitive, themed “photo-shares” are also part of the program for those who wish to participate.

2022-2023 Competition Schedule

For important information including requirements for Photographer of the Year, other category definitions, and details about scoring, refer to the BPS Regulations. Questions should be directed to BPS Executive

Competition Category # of  Images* Submission Deadline Judging Deadline Presentation Date
Environmental Portraits 2D Oct. 22, 2022 Oct. 29, 2022 Nov. 8, 2022
Tranquility in Nature 2D, 1P Nov. 19, 2022 Dec. 3, 2022 Jan. 10, 2023
Silent Essay 1E Jan. 21, 2023 Feb. 4, 2023 Feb. 14, 2023
Creative 2D Feb. 18, 2023 Mar. 4, 2023 Mar. 14, 2023
Floral 2D, 1P Mar. 4, 2023 Mar. 18, 2023 Mar. 28, 2023
Sight & Sound Essay 1E Mar. 25, 2023 Apr. 1, 2023 Apr. 11, 2023
New Members 6D Apr. 8, 2023 Apr. 15, 2023 Apr. 25, 2023

* Note: D=Digital, P=Print, E=Essay