Competition Definitions

The Eight Competition Categories for the 2015-2016 season:
1. Nature – 3 digital, 1 print
2. Floral – 3 digital, 1 print
3. Portrait – 1 digital, 1 print
4. Pictorial – 1 digital, 1 print
5. Monochromatic – 1 digital, 1 print
6. Landscape/Seascape – 1 digital, 1 print
7. Macro/Close-Up – 1 digital, 1 print
8. Still Life – 1 digital, 1 print

Nature: The subject matter of a nature image must be restricted to nature in all its forms, including the many facets of botany, geology, zoology, etc. Human elements, if present, should be unobtrusive and enhance the nature story. Images can include those taken at wildlife parks.
Photographs of cultivated plants, domestic animals, still life studies, museum habitats or groups, or similar taxidermy are ineligible for this category. General landscapes/seascapes should compete in that category rather than Nature. (New sentence added)

Floral: This category is for images of cultivated flowers or arrangements of wild flowers.

Portrait (revised): A portrait conveys something of the personality or essence the subject. Lighting, pose, composition, mood, background, and photographic technique contribute to the successful portrait.
A portrait conveys something of the personality or essence of the subject. Lighting, pose, composition, mood, background, and photographic technique contribute to the successful portrait.
Group and animal portraits are also permitted in this category. Portraits may be formal, candid or documentary, but snapshots or “family record” pictures are generally not appropriate for competition.

Pictorial: This is an open category and may include any subject.

Monochromatic: A monochrome image uses a single colour in varying shades from dark to light. The image may be black and white; it may also make use of, or emulate, traditional monochromatic, photographic processes such as sepia toning (brown), or cyanotype (cyan/blue). Any single colour may be used.
The Monochrome Category is open with regards to image subject. In addition to general photographic technique and artistry, images in this category will be judged on how successfully the maker has utilized the monochromatic medium.

Landscape/Seascape (Natural): A landscape/seascape photo captures an expanse of natural scenery. Human elements (such as buildings) may appear, but they should be part of the scene, and not prominent enough to become the focus of the picture. A successful landscape/seascape will exhibit good use of available light, perspective and composition, depth of field, and other photographic technique.
“Urban landscapes” and other variants should compete in Urban or Pictorial rather than this category.

Macro/Close-Up: Macro/closeup photography explores the world of the very small. Photos in this category needn’t meet the strict definition of Macro (1:1 or greater magnification), but they should reveal subjects and/or details that are difficult or impossible to see clearly without the aid of a magnified view.
A good macro/closeup photo successfully handles the challenges of working close to the subject, and gives us a new perspective on the subject.

Still Life: A still life photo captures an inanimate subject or small grouping. A still life is typically a deliberate and artificial arrangement by the photographer, but it may also be an exploration of a “found” arrangement.
Composition, lighting, background, and photographic technique are key to a successful still life.

Silent Essay: A self-running presentation of up to 12 images, including any image on a title page. Judges look for originality, technique, editing, quality of photography, continuity, and success in conveying the story or idea.
Scoring (maximum points)
30: Photography
30: General Appeal
15: Continuity
15: Editing
10: Title
100: Total

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