Minutes – April 23, 2019 Meeting

4 05 2019

BPS Meeting Minutes
April 23, 2019

A group photo was taken of the club members before the start of the meeting. Thank you to Trevor Awalt, who always does a great job making all of us look our best. The photo will be included in the club yearbook.


President Gary Smith opened the meeting to approximately 37 people and VP Charlene Morton introduced the evening’s guests.

Ralph Cook was the 50/50 draw winner, proving again that he is one of the luckiest club members.

Charlene mentioned the next field trip, which will be held on May 18th. First stop is Kathryn Price’s farm, followed by a visit to the Wool Room. Details will be sent by email, and posted on Facebook.

Sue Hutchins announced that the yearbook is almost complete and will be ordered on April 28th. Twenty one members have ordered. Payment must be received before April 28th.

Gary reminded everyone to let him know whether you will be attending the year end dinner or not. The date is Wednesday May 22nd at the Italy Cross Fire hall. $16 per person payable to Karen Parnell-Herrick by our next meeting.

Tonight is the final regular meeting of the year. Our next meeting is our Annual General Meeting and we will be voting on our new executive. We are still looking for a volunteer for the position of Vice-President.

We viewed a slide show from the recent field trip to the Abandoned Satellite Station in Charleston.

Tiffany Ottaway_Smile Award_MG_0791-Edit

We viewed a slide show for the first annual Smile Award in memory of Joan McCullough. Sixteen members contributed 39 images. Charlene introduced Ken Kanten (Joan’s husband), who drew the winning name for the award. Tiffany Ottaway will be presented with her gift certificate at our wrap up dinner.


Kas Portrait (KBG18111) B&W WEBGary introduced Kas Stone, our feature speaker for the rest of the evening. “How to Create an Effective AV Show” – more than a collection of pretty pictures strung together with random music and special effects. Her presentation did not address the technical aspects of working with software, but focused on the artistry of developing an AV show using storytelling. After her presentation, we viewed the 3 Sight and Sound Essays from this year’s competition and we used our new found knowledge to privately “score” the three presentations. As announced previously, the winner of this year’s competition is Sue Hutchins for her essay “Creative Possibilities“.

Meeting adjourned at 9:25pm.
Minutes by Secretary Sara Harley


Minutes – Apr 9, 2019 Meeting

11 04 2019

BPS Meeting Minutes
April 9, 2019

President Gary Smith opened the meeting with 31 people in attendance, including five (5) guests.

VP Charlene Morton talked about the field trip scheduled for Saturday April 13th (rain date Sun Apr 14 – watch your emails for any changes). 10:00am at the old satellite station in Charleston, with 1:00pm lunch at the River Bank Cafe. Wear sturdy shoes, as their is lots of broken glass and debris.

Yearbook Editor Sue Hutchins provided a sign up sheet for those interested in purchasing this year’s book. Price will be $40, or perhaps a bit less depending on the numbers ordered.

Gary had a few announcements:

1. Our year end banquet is set for Wednesday May 22nd at the Italy Cross Firehall. Everyone who won trophies last year is to bring them to our next meeting so they can be prepared for this year’s presentation at our wrap up dinner. The banquet is open to members and their guest. There will be a photo slide show after the dinner and details will be sent out by email.

2. Our exhibit has been installed at the Bridgewater Library and will be there until April 30th. We have received good feedback so far.

3. 50% of our members have completed surveys. Please complete a survey and give your ideas for next year’s program.

4. Marg Campbell and Sara Harley were selected to receive Volunteer Recognition from the Town of Bridgewater. He read their achievements:

Marg Campbell
Steadfast, committed and dependable are just a few words to describe Marg. Her participation on various committees also includes having served as Vice President and President. Currently she brings checks and balances as the Society’s Treasurer which she has been doing for the past 14 years.

As a 21 year member of the Photographic Society she has been active in the Executive for the past 20 of those years. Marg is a valued, long term volunteer with an outstanding record of commitment to ensuring the success of our Society.

Sara Harley
During her 10 years of membership in the Bridgewater Photographic Society Sara has made significant impact on a volunteer level. Her creativity and contributions have helped in the success of the Society as she has chaired various committees, managed Exhibitions and the Image Competitions process.

She created the first annual Society yearbook for the 2011-12 season using on demand printing. This practice has continued and has benefited members and their families by allowing them to obtain a book of memories from each season.

Over and above these activities she has been an active member of the Executive for 6 years serving as Vice President, President and Secretary. Through her published articles and online Blog she remains a continued advocate of the Bridgewater Photographic Society.

Our photo share “Let It Snow” slide show was shown.

Sherry Hudson introduced our guest speaker Kris Tynski (kristynski.ca) . Kris’ lens captures the wildlife, seascapes, and landscapes of the Cape Breton, focusing on the eagles, fox, heron, and deer that inhabit the area. He has been published in Canadian Geographic, Wildlife Photography World Magazine, National Geographic Daily Dozen and is a weekly contributor to the Cape Breton Post. Kris first talked about how he got interested in photography and the equipment he uses. He photographs to print, not for computer images and he likes to incorporate the environment in his nature shots. He told us how he shoots, both in regards to his equipment and in finding his images. After our break, Kris showed us a variety of his favourite images, featuring nature and landscape photographs. Kris will be conducting a photography workshop in Cape Breton in the fall. For information, please contact him: info@kristynski.ca or use the contact form on his website.

50/50 winner was Trevor Awalt.

Minutes prepared by Secretary Sara Harley

News – Announcement for the Apr 9, 2019 Meeting

6 04 2019

On April 9th at 6:45 (doors open at 6:30 pm) the Bridgewater Photo Club is pleased to have Kris Tynski from Tynski Photographic in Cape Breton as their guest speaker for the evening. The Photo Club meets on the second and fourth Tuesdays every month from September to May. Meetings are held at the MARC, 33 Leary Fraser Road. For more information on the guest speakers, field trips and photo contests visit the club’s website at Bridgewaterphotoclub.ca or email us at info@bridgewaterphotoclub.ca. Non- members are welcome to attend for a $5 fee.

Kris Tynski_CAH_7860_1Kris will be presenting a slideshow of his photographs with a brief story and discussion of settings used with each. He will talk about methods and techniques that he has learned that work for his photographic style. The talk will include a brief description of “what’s in the bag”; tripods, blinds and gear for nature/travel photography as it pertains to outdoor photography. He will cover both landscape photography as well as wildlife photography tips and techniques that discuss how to work with natural light. His will also cover his editing workflow, using Adobe Camera Raw and Photoshop, on how to adjust color, white balance, sharpening, noise reduction and other basic adjustments. He would like to make it as interactive as possible, so lots of questions are welcome.

Kris Tynski_capeclear

Kris is passionate about capturing all things in nature, be it on Cape Breton Island or wherever his travels may take him. Through the lens of his camera he aims to exploit the beauty in every season, keeping the human element minimal and hopefully taking the viewer along with him on his photographic journey.

Kris Tynski_DSC00647

Kris Tynski_DSC03328

Kris was born and raised in Cape Breton, where he developed a strong admiration for the outdoors. “I have had a connection with the great outdoors since a very young age, hunting, fishing, and foraging for wild mushrooms in the forests and meadows around my home. Our Island, Cape Breton, offers some of the best photographic opportunities in the world. Surrounded by rugged coastline, rolling hills, mountains, and the inland sea – the Bras d’Or Lake – we are fortunate to have an abundance of wildlife to experience encounters in the four very distinct seasons.”

His lens captures the wildlife, seascapes, and landscapes of the Island, focusing on the eagles, fox, heron, and deer that inhabit Cape Breton. He has been published in Canadian Geographic, Wildlife Photography World Magazine, National Geographic Daily Dozen and is a weekly contributor to the Cape Breton Post. To learn more about Kris and to see his images visit his website at www.kristynski.ca.

Minutes – Nov 13, 2018 Meeting

15 11 2018

BPS Meeting Minutes
Nov 13, 2018

President Gary Smith opened the meeting with a few announcements:
1. The club booth at the Senior’s Expo at the LCLC on November 1st went well with lots of people stopping by.
2. Kathryn Price has volunteered to chair the Exhibit Committee. Committee members are Ralph Cook, Anna Mallin, Don Barnes and Linda Hall. More members are welcome. Most committee work will be done by email. They will be working on an exhibit at the Bridgewater Library, likely to be held in April 2019.
3. Our Christmas Social will be held at a different location than planned, as a caterer is not available for the Italy Cross Fire Hall. Our new location will likely be the Wileville Fire Hall. Details will be confirmed shortly.
4. Field trip on Sunday November 18th will be a Scavenger Hunt. Check your emails or our Facebook page for details.
5. Our next photo share is “Resilience” – a topic that is open to your interpretation. Images are due Sat Nov 17th.
6. Welcome to new members Jeff Cotter and Greg Warbanski.

Competition Committee Chair Trevor Awalt made several announcements and presentations:
1. Treasure Hunt: 5 members participated, with 39 images entered.

1st place – Linda Hall – 94.5 points, with 5 Honour Awards
2nd place – Tiffany Ottaway – 81.5 points, with 2 Honour Awards
3rd place – Dave Collins – 81.0 points, with 2 Honour Awards

Honour awards for the Treasure Hunt were presented to: Charlene Morton (1), Dave Collins (2), Tiffany Ottaway (2) and Linda Hall (5).
2. Nature Digital: 11 members participated with 33 images submitted.
11 Honour Awards were given out:

Beverley Richardson (1), Brenda Bancroft (2), Charlene Morton (1), Darlene Awalt (3), Gilbert van Ryckevorsel (1), Julia Naas (2), and Linda Hall (1)
3. Judging was held for two live competitions: Nature (Print) and Monochrome (Print)
Honour awards will be handed out at our next meeting. Thank you to judges James Campbell, Gilbert van Ryckevorsel, and Ralph Cook.

4. Slide show for the Treasure Hunt was shown.

Sara Harley made a 15 minute presentation on “Finding Inspiration”. Copies of Uppercase Magazine (for the Creative and Curious), Issue 36 were given out to everyone with many thanks to Editor Janine Vangool. Any members who wish to subscribe to this Canadian magazine can use the discount code saraharley15 for $15 CAD off UPPERCASE subscriptions, gift subscriptions and renewals.
shop.uppercasemagazine/discount Please note that Sara is not benefiting from this offer in any way.

50/50 Draw winner was Sherry Hudson.

A draw was held for photo books donated by Ken Kanten. Books went to Reg Archibald, Tiffany Ottaway, and Trevor Awalt.

A slide show of our field trip to the Valley Wineries was shown.

John Burnett made a 45 minute presentation on Lightroom. A quick review of the asset management tool was done, and a more detailed demonstration of the Develop Module was given.

Meeting adjourned at 9:20. Minutes by Sara Harley.

Sara Harley

News – Announcement for the September 25th, 2018 Meeting

13 09 2018

On September 25th at 7 pm the Bridgewater Photo Club is pleased to have Nance Akerman as their guest speaker for the evening. The Photo Club meets on the second and fourth Tuesdays every month from September to May. Meetings are held at the MARC 33 Leary Fraser Road. For more information on the guest speakers, field trips and photo contests visit the club’s website at Bridgewaterphotoclub.ca or email us at info@bridgewaterphotoclub.ca. Non-members are welcome to attend; donations towards club activities are gratefully accepted. Weather-related cancellations will be posted on the clubs website.

Nance Ackerman is a documentary photographer and filmmaker. Her visual storytelling is powerful, visceral and authentic. She tells the social issue stories that need to be told, but in collaboration with her subjects. Nance started freelancing at Canada’s National Newspaper, the Globe and Mail and then moved on to the Toronto Star, NYTimes, Canadian Geographic, the Montreal Gazette and in 2005, moved on to documentary filmmaking, often working with The National Film Board of Canada. Her books and photographs have been shown around the world and her documentaries receive global critical acclaim. Her film, Cottonland, three Gemini nominations and her short Fid screened at Cannes. Her international photo workshop Cousins Tours takes students to some of the planet’s most remote communities. In her spontaneous engaging way, she tries to connect people to create a more caring world. She works out of Heartstring Productions, her studio in Sambro NS, with her partner Jamie Alcorn. You can see more of Nance’s work at her website www.nanceackerman.com.

Nance’s talk is titled “Mindful Documentary Photography and Filmmaking”. Her outlook on photography and filmmaking might be a bit different than expected. She often leaves her camera behind and concentrates on the art of seeing, the experience of the moment and the beauty in the day to day. Ackerman will explain Mindful Photography techniques and experiences through her work on assignment all over the world – in war torn Beirut, the Witch Camps in West Africa, Northern Afghanistan and even rural Nova Scotia. She chronicles her documentary work and her latest project, Conviction a collaboration with two other filmmakers and women inside prison. Her casual storytelling approach makes for an educational, entertaining and enlightening look at our obsession with documentation, the loss of ‘experiential’ moments and need for mindfulness. “In photography, mindfulness is looking at something, and truly seeing, feeling and experiencing it. Even thought it may be something you have looked at a thousand times before.”

Training – Resizing and Naming Photos For Competition (version 3)

13 09 2018

Here is a PDF of the topic “Resizing and Naming Photos For Competition” as presented by Trevor Awalt on September 11th, 2018. Click on the following link to download the pdf Resizing and Naming Photos For Competition v3 by Trevor Awalt

News – Announcement for the April 24th Meeting

12 04 2018

Raoul Manuel Schnell to Speak at Bridgewater Photo Club on April 24th at 7pm, MARC on Leary Fraser Road

On Tuesday, April 24th from 7-10pm the Bridgewater Photo Club is pleased to have Raoul Manuel Schnell as their guest speaker for the evening. The Photo Club meets on the second and fourth Tuesdays every month from September to May. Meetings are held at the MARC on Leary Fraser Road. For more information on the guest speakers, field trips and photo contests visit the club’s website at Bridgewaterphotoclub.ca or email us at info@bridgewaterphotoclub.ca. Non-members are welcome to the presentation for a small donation. Information about weather related cancellations can be found on the club web site after 4pm on the date of the talk.

The world of the arts dominated Raoul Manuel Schnell’s life early, so it was no surprise that he attended the College of Art and Design in Lugano, Switzerland. There, he found his calling when he set foot into a darkroom for the first time.

Raoul Manuel Schnell specialized in still life and ran a studio with extensive custom made lighting installations in order to perfectly effectuate the play of light and shadow in a picture. He photographed the most challenging objects but then, after more than 20 years spent in a black studio it was time for a fresh start.

In 2004 his career changed radically as he moved to Canada. Instead of fully resuming his work in advertisement he began to focus on the artistic side in photography. After being used to work in colour for so long, he now found beauty in black and white photography. He rediscovered his love for food as subject matter and found a new one: people. But some things never change. Raoul Manuel Schnell’s focus on light was and still is a central part of his images but now he abandoned the studio with its elaborate technologies and uses natural light whenever possible. More of Raoul’s work can be seen on his web site at raoulmanuelschnell.com

Raoul’s talk will focus on the creation of unique and memorable portraits. He will discuss the use of black and white photography techniques and explain how to create a safe environment for subjects. He will explore the use of position, facial expression, light and shadow to tell a story in a portrait.