News – September 16, 2016

19 10 2016
This very short essay appeared in the quarterly journal, “Photograph”. This is exactly how I feel about my photography. I could not have said it better. We make photographs and present the final image though our artistic talents!
John Burnett, President


I am a photographer. I make photographs. I do not take them, shoot them, capture them or snap them.

I do what I do to see the world differently and to show others what I see and feel. And yes, it really did look like that when seen through my eyes, mind and heart.
The tools of my craft are a camera and lens but the tools of my art are my passion and vision, film or digital. It’s not how we make our photographs that matters, but that we make them.
The gear I have is good enough. My camera doesn’t need to be made recently for me to photograph the present moment. The brand of my camera is irrelevant to the pursuit of beauty and authenticity in my work.
Megapixels are no way to measure a photograph. I want deeper photographs, honest photographs that are alive, not merely really big or really sharp.
I hope the legacy I create with my work will be judged not by how many photographs I made in this lifetime, but what those few magic frames do in the hearts and minds of others.
Comparing myself to others, or them to me, is a waste of my creative efforts and makes it harder to see the light, chase the wonder, and do my work. There is too much to see and create to waste these too-few moments. Art is not a competition, but a gift.
I believe photographs can change the world because they have done so for me. I believe photography opens my eyes to a deeper life, one that recognizes moments and lives them deeper for being present in them.
To be an amateur means to be a lover; professional or not, I want to do this for the rest of my life as an amateur.

News – August 15, 2016

23 08 2016

Meeting Location for September 13th & 27th has changed to the Lunenburg County Lifestyle Centre (LCLC) Multipurpose Room (next to the Library entrance), 135 North Park Street Bridgewater.

This change is temporary while the MARC stairs and ramp are undergoing construction. Meetings will return back to the MARC in October.


News – 2016-2017 Season Preview – July 2, 2016

3 08 2016

An Introduction to the Bridgewater Photo Club’s 2016/17 Season
John Burnett, July 2, 2016

We’ve had beautiful weather the past couple of weeks. I hope you’re all enjoying the start to summer. The Program and Field Trip committees have been working on our next season of events and, while some details are still to be firmed up, I’d like to share a few highlights with you.

As always, we begin the season in September (the 13th) with a quick overview of the coming season, and shows of our summer field trip photos and the summer challenge, as posed by Gary Smith this year. We’ll also feature a presentation by last year’s club Photographer of the Year, Karen Parnell-Herrick. And we’ll release details for the coming year’s Treasure Hunt. This year’s hunt will be time-limited and is designed to get you out early in the season, and practicing your ‘eye’ for images.










The second meeting in September will feature Shari Tucker from Halifax. Shari is an accomplished photographer, teacher of photography, and travel agent. Shari both coordinates and leads excursions and photo tours all over the world, and has a wealth of experience with travel photography. Shari understands not only what photographers are looking for, but what middle-agers and seniors want and need in a small group tour. Along with general advice, Shari will be sharing some photos from recent excursions, including Portugal.

Viewing your images on screen is great, but sometimes only a photo print will do. What options do you have for printing your images? How should you prepare your files? In October, we’ll explore the ins and outs of printing and framing with Allen Sutherland of Atlantic Photo Supply.

image03_2016-2017_Studio_HannahMintzloffAlso in October, Hannah Mintzloff returns to the club to speak about her latest project, Ancestry of Photography. Hannah: “As the 6th generation of photographers in our family, I am working on a long-term project in which I look at my family history through the lens of photography, from the 1830’s to now. Through images, correspondence, and documentation housed in public and private archives in Canada and Europe I will talk about the process of uncovering the legacy of multiple generations of photographers in my family, discovering the physical evidence of the lives of these photographers as well as the emotional components that bring their works to life.”

image04_2016-2017_IcelandWaterfall_PaulNewtonandSherryHudsonNovember begins with Paul Newton and Sherry Hudson, and a presentation/workshop on landscape photography. Club members will remember Paul’s beautiful work from his presentation last season, and Paul and Sherry’s images from their trip to Iceland. In this session they talk about some of the important lessons they learned during that extensive trip.


image05_2016-2017_WallyHayesWally Hayes is our second presenter in November. Wally has been a reporter, photojournalist and a long-time photographer for Nova Scotia Tourism, Culture and Heritage. He runs the Sherbrooke Village Photography Camp, has run Landscape and Wildlife workshops for the Hike the Highlands Festival, and a variety of other photo workshops and camps. A professional photographer for many decades, Wally has not only extensive experience to share, but also an infectious enthusiasm for the art of photography. This time Wally will be speaking about sports and action photography.

In January, Sherry Hudson returns to do a workshop on visual literacy. Sherry is a photographer and writer who explores the processes, motivations and emotional connections that one makes when creating visual imagery, or when viewing and relating to it. Her images, journal and thoughts about photography can be found at

image06_2016-2017_Creative_Arthur MarshallThe 2016/17 season sees the return of the creative category in the competitions, and our second presenter in January will speak to that photographic genre with a presentation titled “It’s OK to Play”. Local photographer Arthur Marshall uses in-camera techniques such as multiple exposures, along with finishing touches at the computer, to produce beautiful abstractions of landscapes and other subjects.

One of the reasons people join a photography club is to learn how to take better pictures. And there’s no more valuable tool than a thoughtful, constructive critique of an image. At the February 14 meeting, photographic artist, instructor, and club member Kas Stone will lead a photo critique workshop. Our second meeting in February will be another Members’ Potpourri. If you have images from your travels, or a particular interest, or any other photography-related subject, here’s a way to share them with the club. Mini presentations are typically about 15 minutes – a great way to share, without the work and stress of a full hour presentation.

Club members Trevor and Darlene drove thousands of miles and took thousands of pictures in Newfoundland, taking full advantage of the scenery and wildlife of North America’s seabird capital. It’s taken them quite a while to sort through and process so many images. At our first meeting in March, we get to see the fruits of their extensive labour.

image07_2016-2017_StephenErnstAlso in March, Stephen Ernst presents Historic Photography. Stephen runs a studio in Lunenburg where he continues to use photographic equipment and development processes dating from the 1850’s through to the turn of the century. He has given lectures at NSCC, the Desbrisay Museum and the Mahone Bay Settler’s museum among others. His expertise has seen him consult on Victorian photography and even play a period photographer in the 2013 television film Lizzie Borden.

At our first meeting in April, we focus on camera care, including how to clean your camera’s sensor safely and effectively. We’re also in the process of securing a presentation of work by another Nova Scotia photo club. At our final meeting before the AGM, club member Trevor Awalt will present lighting techniques – taking the first steps beyond using natural light.


A full competition schedule will be revealed at our first meeting. Digital categories for the coming season include Floral, Still Life, Nature, Land/Seascape, Humanity, and Creative. Print categories include Floral, Nature, Pictorial and Monochrome. Silent and Sight & Sound essays round out the competitions that contribute to the Photographer of the Year trophy. There will also be a Treasure Hunt early in the season, and a New Member image competition.

Field Trips

A full slate of field trips are planned, including:

September – Victoria Park in Truro, along with the Rath Eastlink Community Centre and a side stop at Mollies Dairy Bar and migratory bird stopover







October – Kejimkujik National Park







November – River Ridge Common (New Germany), Apron and Sink Spout Falls (North River)
December – A sleigh ride (Ross Farm or Veinot Family Farm)
January – Shubenacadie Provincial Wildlife Park
February – Port Medway and Long Cove Road








March – Miller Point Peace Park and Bridgewater environs
April – Chebucto Head, York Redoubt and area






May – Oaklawn Farm Zoo (Aylesford)
June – Viewpoint Gallery, Doors Open Halifax
July – Annapolis Royal (Historic Gardens) with side stops in Bear River & Port Royal
Other field trips possible…

As you can see, the 2016/17 season program is full of interesting presentations, workshops, competitions and outings – all suggested and organized by you, our members. I look forward to seeing you all in September (if I don’t see you over the summer). Bring a friend!

Download the 2016/2017 Season Intro as a PDF, Intro to Bridgewater Photo Club 2016-17 Season

Best regards,

News – Year End Awards Dinner May 25, 2016

8 06 2016

Thank-you to everyone who attended last night’s Awards Dinner. For those who couldn’t make it, here is a summary of our trophy winners. Congratulations!

Floral Trophy (Sylvia Dorey Memorial): Julia Naas
Nature Trophy (Marilyn Morrison Memorial): Darlene Awalt
Digital Projected Image Trophy: Julia Naas
Print Trophy (Fred Hay Memorial): Karen Parnell-Herrick
Silent Essay Trophy: Sara Harley
Sight & Sound Essay Trophy (Gordon McGowan AV): Sara Harley
Treasure Hunt Trophy: Charlene Morton
Photographer of the Year Trophy: Karen Parnell-Herrick

Thank-you to Hope for organizing the dinner, and Hope, Darlene and Nancy for providing desserts. Thanks to Joan, who had our 2015-16 Yearbooks ready.

Best regards,
John Burnett

News – AGM Announcement Apr 27, 2016

1 05 2016

The Bridgewater Photographic Society’s Annual General Meeting will take place as follows:

Tuesday, May 10, 2016, beginning at 7:15pm
The M.A.R.C.
  1. Welcome and Confirmation of Quorum
  2. Confirmation and approval of the minutes of the AGM held on May 12, 2015. Minutes can be read here: Minutes from last AGM
  3. President’s Report
  4. Program Director’s Report
  5. Treasurer’s Report
  6. Scorekeeper’s Report
  7. Call for nominations to Executive**
  8. Announcement of Committee/Activity Volunteers 2016-2017**
  9. Additions to the agenda as requested
  10. Adjournment of annual meeting


John Burnett, President

News – April 26, 2016

1 05 2016


View for Free until Math 20th!

A 58min Video called “Nothing On Earth”, an Australian photographer Murray Fredericks’ attempts to capture the stark landscape of the Greenland ice cap. The show is available on British Columbia’s Public Broadcasting Network (Knowledge Network) online view-able until May 20th:

News – March 25, 2016

13 04 2016

A Google Announcement

Today we’re making the NIK Collection available to everyone, for free. Get the NIK Collection

Photo enthusiasts all over the world use the NNIK Collection to get the best out of their images every day. As we continue to focus our long-term investments in building incredible photo editing tools for mobile, including Google Photos and Snapseed, we’ve decided to make the NIK Collection desktop suite available for free, so that now anyone can use it.

The NIK Collection is comprised of seven desktop plug-ins that provide a powerful range of photo editing capabilities — from filter applications that improve color correction, to retouching and creative effects, to image sharpening that brings out all the hidden details, to the ability to make adjustments to the color and tonality of images.

Starting March 24, 2016, the latest NIK Collection will be freely available to download: Analog Efex Pro, Color Efex Pro, Silver Efex Pro, Viveza, HDR Efex Pro, Sharpener Pro and Dfine. If you purchased the NIK Collection in 2016, you will receive a full refund, which we’ll automatically issue back to you in the coming days.

We’re excited to bring the powerful photo editing tools once only used by professionals to even more people now.

Some Alternate Viewpoints to the Google Announcement…

“My understanding is that Google isn’t supporting the Nik Collection anymore, so it is essentially abandonware. It may work today, but it may not work with the next OS update…”
“Windows 10 isn’t even officially supported if you look closely…”

A comprehensive video explaining Nik features