Minutes – Nov 27, 2018 Meeting

12 12 2018


BPS Meeting Minutes
Nov 27, 2018

President Gary Smith opened the meeting and welcomed our guests.

We watched a slide show called “Resilience”, created with images that were submitted by our members.

Competition Committee Chair Trevor Awalt presented Honour Awards:

Nature Print awards were given to Darlene Awalt, Linda Hall, Julia Naas (absent), Patty Winfield (absent). Monochrome Print awards were given to Anna Mallin (2), Linda Hall, Julia Naas (2) (absent)

The Nature Competition results were announced:
The winner of the Nature Category which included three (3) Digital Images from 11 entrants, plus one (1) Print from 6 entrants, totaling 39 images. This competition was very close and was decided by only 1/2 point between 1st & 2nd place as well as a 1/2 point between 3rd & 4th place.

1st place – Darlene Awalt – 53 points (4 honour Awards)
2nd place – Julia Naas – 53 points (3 Honour Awards)
3rd place – Linda Hall – 43.5 points (2 Honour Awards)

A few announcements followed:
Kathryn Price, Exhibit Committee Chair, announced that we will be having an exhibit at the Margaret Hennigar Public Library in Bridgewater for the month of April 2019.  She provided sign up sheets for committee volunteers, exhibit themes/suggestions, and people interested in exhibiting.

Gary Smith announced that our Christmas Social will be on December 12th at the Wileville Fire Hall (change in venue from last year). If you have not yet responded to the email asking whether or not you will be joining us for the dinner, please respond asap as we have to give the attendance numbers to the hall.

Upcoming deadlines: Scavenger Hunt photos are due Dec 1st. Photo Share images “Looking Back at 2018” are due by Dec 5th. Even if you don’t plan on attending the Christmas social, feel free to share up to five of your images from 2018 for our slide show.

Sherry Hudson, Speaker Chair, announced she will be stepping down at the end of the year. If you are interested in the position for next year, please let Sherry or the Executive know and Sherry will help in the transition.  Sherry introduced Bill Curry, our speaker for the evening.

Bill Curry www.billcurry.ca introduced us to the concept of Conservation Photography. He defined the genre and took us through many examples.

We had a 20 minute social break. Winner of our 50/50 draw was Dave Collins.

Bill Curry resumed his presentation and explained his Dark Skies Conservation Photography project in detail.

The meeting adjourned at approx 8:55. Minutes by Sara Harley.


Minutes – Nov 13, 2018 Meeting

15 11 2018

BPS Meeting Minutes
Nov 13, 2018

President Gary Smith opened the meeting with a few announcements:
1. The club booth at the Senior’s Expo at the LCLC on November 1st went well with lots of people stopping by.
2. Kathryn Price has volunteered to chair the Exhibit Committee. Committee members are Ralph Cook, Anna Mallin, Don Barnes and Linda Hall. More members are welcome. Most committee work will be done by email. They will be working on an exhibit at the Bridgewater Library, likely to be held in April 2019.
3. Our Christmas Social will be held at a different location than planned, as a caterer is not available for the Italy Cross Fire Hall. Our new location will likely be the Wileville Fire Hall. Details will be confirmed shortly.
4. Field trip on Sunday November 18th will be a Scavenger Hunt. Check your emails or our Facebook page for details.
5. Our next photo share is “Resilience” – a topic that is open to your interpretation. Images are due Sat Nov 17th.
6. Welcome to new members Jeff Cotter and Greg Warbanski.

Competition Committee Chair Trevor Awalt made several announcements and presentations:
1. Treasure Hunt: 5 members participated, with 39 images entered.

1st place – Linda Hall – 94.5 points, with 5 Honour Awards
2nd place – Tiffany Ottaway – 81.5 points, with 2 Honour Awards
3rd place – Dave Collins – 81.0 points, with 2 Honour Awards

Honour awards for the Treasure Hunt were presented to: Charlene Morton (1), Dave Collins (2), Tiffany Ottaway (2) and Linda Hall (5).
2. Nature Digital: 11 members participated with 33 images submitted.
11 Honour Awards were given out:

Beverley Richardson (1), Brenda Bancroft (2), Charlene Morton (1), Darlene Awalt (3), Gilbert van Ryckevorsel (1), Julia Naas (2), and Linda Hall (1)
3. Judging was held for two live competitions: Nature (Print) and Monochrome (Print)
Honour awards will be handed out at our next meeting. Thank you to judges James Campbell, Gilbert van Ryckevorsel, and Ralph Cook.

4. Slide show for the Treasure Hunt was shown.

Sara Harley made a 15 minute presentation on “Finding Inspiration”. Copies of Uppercase Magazine (for the Creative and Curious), Issue 36 were given out to everyone with many thanks to Editor Janine Vangool. Any members who wish to subscribe to this Canadian magazine can use the discount code saraharley15 for $15 CAD off UPPERCASE subscriptions, gift subscriptions and renewals.
shop.uppercasemagazine/discount Please note that Sara is not benefiting from this offer in any way.

50/50 Draw winner was Sherry Hudson.

A draw was held for photo books donated by Ken Kanten. Books went to Reg Archibald, Tiffany Ottaway, and Trevor Awalt.

A slide show of our field trip to the Valley Wineries was shown.

John Burnett made a 45 minute presentation on Lightroom. A quick review of the asset management tool was done, and a more detailed demonstration of the Develop Module was given.

Meeting adjourned at 9:20. Minutes by Sara Harley.

Sara Harley

Minutes – Tuesday Oct 23, 2018 Meeting

25 10 2018

BPS Meeting Minutes
October 23, 2018

President Gary Smith opened the meeting with a few announcements. We had a packed house and a warm welcome was extended to all the visitors.

Our club has 43 paid members to date.

More volunteers are needed for the club’s booth at the Senior’s Expo on November 1st. Email Gary (bpsexecutive@gmail.com) if you can help out at a two hour shift.

Volunteers are still needed to create an exhibit committee. Two locations would like to have the club exhibit again early in 2019.

Club members are reminded of upcoming deadlines for competitions and photo sharing:
Nov 3 – Nature and Treasure Hunt digital submission deadline
Nov 10 – Nature and Monochrome print submission deadline
Nov 17 – photo sharing for “Resilience” deadline

Our next field trip is scheduled for Nov 18th and will be a Scavenger Hunt. Location to be announced…likely to be the Bridgewater area.

Honour Awards were handed out. Linda Hall presented Anna Mallin with an honour award for the Landscape/Seascape print competition. Two awards were obtained in the Floral digital category by Ravin Murugan (not present at the meeting).

Competition Committee Chair Trevor Awalt announced the results for the Floral Trophy. The winner was Linda Hall (42 points). Runners up were Katherine Price (41.5 points) and Julia Naas (40.5 points).

Kas Stone introduced our guest speaker, Thaddeus Holownia. Thaddeus spoke to the club about “Living a Creative Life” for most of the meeting. He discussed many of his projects, and the importance of printing our work in either print or book format. He advised us to keep our eyes and mind in tune to extract images from the world. Light and time is fleeting, so we should take advantage of situations as they arise. Bodies of work take time to create. His projects takes 2, 3, and sometimes 10 years to turn into a book or exhibit. Members can find more out about Thaddeus by visiting his web sites: holownia.com and anchoragepress.ca or his Facebook page facebook.com/thaddeus.holownia

Our meeting wrapped up with a slide show from the Brier Island field trip.
Minutes prepared by Sara Harley

Minutes – Tuesday October 9, 2018 Meeting

11 10 2018

A warm welcome was given to new members Doug Langley and Margot Janes.

President Gary Smith opened the meeting with a few announcements. The club will be participating in the Seniors Expo on November 1st. A table will be set up with running digital presentations. It is a one day show, running from 10am to 6pm. Volunteers are requested to work shifts throughout the day. Gary, Charlene, and John will be present from the Exec. Linda Hall, Anna Mallin and Kathryn Price have volunteered to help. Further details will be sent by email and more volunteers would be appreciated.

We still need volunteers for an Exhibit Committee Chair and committee members. Potential exhibit locations are the Bridgewater Library and The Port Grocer (Port Medway)…both locations waiting for confirmation from our club.

VP Charlene Morton introduced guest Ken Kanten. Ken presented Pres Gary Smith with a $500 cheque to set up an award in memory of his wife Joan McCullough. The Smile Award will be set up as a photo share with members sharing images of things that make them smile. All contributor names will be put into a draw and $20 will be given to the winner to “give themselves a treat”. Ken also gave $20 cash for Karen Parnell-Herrick who created the image “Oh Those Egg Heads” which made Joan McCullough smile and is the image that inspired the Smile Award.

Sue Hutchins hosted the main event for the evening. Six stations were set up presenting photographic challenges to practice on with coaches to give guidance – Macro (Gary Smith), Depth of Field (Sherry Hudson), Composition, Head Shots (Julie Naas), Motion (Dave Collins), and Metering (John Burnett). Club members were free to visit whatever stations they wished, or use their cameras to record the event. Participation was enthusiastic during the 50 minute workshop. Big thanks to Sue Hutchins for putting it all together.

A short break was held. 50/50 draw winner was Dave Collins.

Additional draws were made for 3 copies of the current issue of PhotoEd Magazine. Magazines went to Anna Mallin, Kathryn Price, and Linda Hall. Discount subscription offers were given out to all club members. Thanks to PhotoEd Magazine Editor Rita Godlevskis, who sent the promotions to Secretary Sara Harley to share with the club. http://www.photoed.ca discount code special6 for members who were not at the meeting.

Live judging was done for Floral and Landscape/Seascape. Judges were Charlene Morton, John Burnett, and Sara Harley. One honour award was given to Anna Mallin for her entry in the Landscape/Seascape category.

A slide show of the results for the digital Floral competition was held. Judges for the online competition were Chris Stackhouse (Blandford), John Burnett (Bridgewater), and Sandra Parlow (Manitoba). Two honour awards went to Ravin Murugan. Results with judge’s comments will be posted online at a private link for all members to view on Flickr. Details to follow by email.

Competition Committee Chair Trevor Awalt discussed some issues regarding submissions for competitions. Please ensure all submissions are sent on or before the deadline date. Some leeway has been given since this is the beginning of the year but deadlines will be adhered to in future. Ensure you are using the correct email address to send your competition submissions. A confirmation email will be sent to you when your entries are received. If you don’t receive a confirmation email, it means your submission was not sent correctly.

A photo share slide show “The Way We Live” was shown, followed by a slide show of the McNabs Island field trip from June 2018.

Beverley Richardson took a poll from club members about what kind of cell phone they have in preparation for her presentation in February.

Membership cards were distributed to paid members. If you have paid but have not yet received your card please see Sara Harley at a future meeting.

Minutes prepared by Sara Harley

Minutes – Tuesday September 25, 2018 Meeting

27 09 2018

BPS Meeting Minutes
Sept 25, 2018

Attendance: 35 members, 6 guests

President Gary Smith opened the meeting with brief comments:

1. A reminder was made for everyone to sign the attendance sheets when they arrive. This applies to members as well as guests.
2. Three club members will have their images published in the Giants of Nova Scotia fundraising calendars. The calendars are a fundraiser for the Mersey Tobeatic Research Centre and will help support research for invasive species. Congratulations to Linda Hall, Paul Newton, and Sara Harley.

Guest speaker Nance Ackerman spoke to the club for 90 minutes about Mindful Documentary Photography & Filmmaking. She spoke about her adventures in photojournalism that have taken her all over the world since 1984 when she began her career with the Globe & Mail. Some of the concepts she discussed were:

  • be aware of your surroundings: light, shapes, patterns
  • be patient: wait and appreciate the experience you are photographing
  • offer to help your subject to build rapport before you start shooting
  • listen to the sounds around you
  • turn around and look behind you
  • people watch without your camera: note habits and rituals of people
  • put your camera away for a time and just experience, then bring your camera out and limit your shots
  • Websites for more information: convictiondocumentary.com, cousinsphototours.com, nanceackerman.com

The meeting closed with a few announcements:

1. Next meeting will be hosted by club member Sue Hutchins. Bring your camera gear for this active/interactive session. Stations will be set up, each with a different challenge to photograph. More details to follow.
2. Trevor Awalt made a couple of quick announcements about competitions. Notifications will be sent out 3 weeks prior to each competition deadline, with a reminder sent out 1 week before the deadline. New this year: Silent Essays and Sight & Sound Essays will be judged online. This means that feedback will be given for all essays, which hasn’t happened in the past.
3. Ilze Andzans talked about the upcoming field trip on October 20 at Lightfoot & Wolfville Vineyards. RSVP will be required. Cost is $15 for the tour, or $34 for the tour and a light luncheon. More details to follow.

Meeting closed at 9:13pm.
Minutes by Sara Harley

Minutes – Tuesday September 11, 2018 Meeting

13 09 2018

BPS Meeting Minutes
Sept 11, 2018

Called to order by Gary at 6:48 hrs. Gary welcomed all new members and Charlene introduced each new member to the group. New members: Ravin; Brenda; Scott; Peter; Alex & his mother, Kimberly & Simone.

Gary thanked the volunteers & reported that > 30% of the membership volunteered in some way with BPS last year making for a productive efficient club.

Board members are:

  • Gary Smith 2nd yr as President
  • Charlene Morton- Vice President
  • John Burnett- Past president
  • Marg Campbell – Treasurer
  • Sara Harley – Secretary (absent for this meeting)


Competition Committee
Trevor Awalt chair person
Members: Darlene Awalt, Linda Hall, Sue Hutchins, Tammy Mercer, Gilbert van Ryckevorsel
Speaker Committee
Sherry Hudson chair person
Members: Beverley Richardson, Mary Ann Massey
Monthly Field Trips
Charlene Morton Chair person
Members: Patty Winfield, Tiffany Ottaway, Anna Mallin, Linda Hall, Ilze Andzans, Kathryn Price, Nancy Johnston
Mary Ann Massey (new this year)
Host- co hosts
Charlene Morton, Patty Winfield
Gary reported that we need a volunteer for this position. Kathryn took care of this tonight as she did last year but Gary asked that if someone would be able that they might speak to him at break.
Yearbook Editor
Sue Hutchins
Web Master
Trevor Awalt
50/50 Draws
Members: James Campbell, Derek Johnston
Exhibit Committee
Needs volunteers. Expected to have two exhibits this year. One at The Port Grocer and one at Bridgewater Library.

Gary reported that one of our members passed away suddenly last year – “Joan McCullough”. A Memorial will be held for Joan Sept 22nd 2-4 in Blockhouse Fire Hall. All members are welcome and if desired may say a few words of Joan. Her husband is donating an old camera to be used as an award for a club member which shall be called a “Smile Award”. A number of Joan’s works will be displayed.

New Business
Attendance Log Book will be used for members to check off their names when they arrive at the BPS meetings. This will help keep count of attendances and show the activity of the club which will be helpful when applying for grants etc. Registration information sheet to be filled out by each member when dues are paid. This will help keep an up to date data base. Info is kept confidential will not be shared. Gary reminded the group that Tom Rogers, who spoke to the group last year is raising monies for research to protect our Hemlock forests from invasive pests. They are looking for photos for a calendar-, Giants of Nova Scotia. This contest closes 14th of Sept. Gary encouraged members to submit a photo – prizes are $50.00 if your photo is one chosen and $100.00 if your photo is chosen for the cover.

Gary congratulated Julie Naas who was chosen as the Photographer Of The Year 2017-18. Julie spoke and then showed a slide presentation of her favorite portrait work titled Capturing Moments in Time. This was very well received by the group in attendance.

Gary reported that some club members had brought in photography magazines to share with others.

Slide Shows
Two Field Trip presentations were shown – Tangled Garden and Ross Farm, Gary asked for feedback on the shows as it would be helpful to other making up shows in future.

2018-2019 Program
Gary also discussed the Schedule and Program Overview and also noted that there were paper copies available if anyone wanted one. The Theme this year will be Story Telling with our photos

Sherry Hudson spoke re. a day workshop by Thaddeus Holownia. Thaddeus will speak on Story telling at our Oct 23rd meeting and will present a day long workshop the next day at LaHave Bakery (9:30-3:30). Spaces are limited to 12 people.

Gary said that there have been a few changes to the rules on Photo Competitions and members should be mindful of these changes.


Trevor Awalt gave a very informative talk on “Resizing & Naming Photos for Competition”. A summary of this in PDF Form will be put on the FB pg in the next few days.

Meeting was adjourned at 9:20 pm.
Minutes respectively submitted by Patty Winfield

Minutes from the May 9, 2017 AGM

30 04 2018

Bridgewater Photo Society
Minutes-Annual General Meeting, May 9, 2017

Meeting Start Time: 7:15
Number of members in attendance: 23
Minutes taken by: Dave Collins, Secretary

1. Welcome by the President

2. Approval of Minutes

a. Minutes of the previous AGM held on May 10, 2016 were reviewed and approved. Minutes can be read at bridgewaterphotographicsociety.wordpress.com/2016/05/11/minutes-agm-may-10-2016.
Motion to accept the Minutes: Sara Harley
Seconded by: Kas Stone
Motion passed

3. President’s Report – submitted by John Burnett

A Message from the President

2016-17 was a challenging year for the club schedule. We began the year with two meetings at the Lunenburg County Lifestyle Centre as the MARC was still under construction for a new staircase and accessibility ramp. Our second meeting at the LCLC was almost cancelled due to a bomb threat hoax! As the year progressed, the weather took its toll causing the cancellation of four meetings, and cancelled or postponed field trips.

But all was not lost. We had presentations on travel photography (Shari Tucker), sports/action photography (Wally Hayes) and a landscape photography workshop from Paul Newton and Sherry Hudson. Sherry also conducted a visual literacy workshop and Kas Stone followed up with a photo critique workshop. We learned about printing and framing and camera care. Our members’ potpourri included Kathryn Price (Ireland), Charlene Morton (contemplative photography), and Reg Archibald’s pictorial tour of the Lunenburg barque Picton Castle. Trevor Awalt finished off the regular season with his photos of Newfoundland’s landscape, lighthouses, icebergs, puffins and gannets. Thank you to VP Gary Smith and the program committee group for organizing the year.

We had several new members join the club and some of those participated in our competitions, and volunteered their time to the club. Once again, many of our competitions were judged online, rather than live at a meeting, which enabled our judges to comment on the images as well as score them. Thank you to our scorekeepers Karen Parnell-Herrick and Julie Naas, and our projectionist Dave Collins for all their work.

Charlene Morton and the field trip committee kept us on track, plus fed and watered, as we ventured to Truro and Victoria Park, Kejimkujik National Park, Apron and Sinkspout Falls, Windhorse Farm, and Port Medway. The Bridgewater and environs field trip proved that you don’t have to travel far to find interesting things to photograph.

Next week, the club exhibits South Shore Stories at the Margaret Hennigar Library at the LCLC. Thank you to Sherry Hudson for getting that ball rolling, and to the Exhibit Committee of Sara Harley, Gary Smith, Charlene Morton, Brenda Zareski, Karen Parnell-Herrick and Kas Stone for seeing it through. Gary and the committee are working with the DesBrisay for a special exhibit at the end of the summer.

We now have a club Facebook presence. Thanks to Trevor Awalt for getting that started, and also for putting together the 2016-17 yearbook. The yearbooks are a wonderful memento, and a testament to the skill and creativity of our members.

This is the second and last year of my presidency, and I now transition to the Past President role. I want to thank all those who stepped up in so many ways to keep the club running during my term as club president. Next season is a special one – the 35th anniversary of the photo club. I want to remind everyone of the need to continue contributing in whatever ways you can, in order to keep the club vibrant and interesting. I know it can be a challenge to find the time, but it is certainly a rewarding experience.

Best regards,
John Burnett

Motion to accept the Report: Karen Herrick
Seconded by: Derek Johnson
Motion Passed

4. Treasurers Report – submitted by Marg Campbell

Bridgewater Photographic Society Financial Report May 1, 2017

Starting Balance $3671.32
Dues $1315.00
Interest $1.71
50/50 $$215.90
Total Income $1532.61
Insurance $450.00
Misc. $67.01 Copies, survey printing, library postcards
Awards $49.45
AGM Snack $30.72
Joint Stocks $31.51
Room Rent LCLC $138.00
Room Rent MARC $448.50
Gifts $61.25
Total Expenses $1276.44
Net $256.17
Ending Balance $3927.49

Motion to accept the Report: Hope Campbell
Seconded by: Ralph Cook
Motion Passed

5. Scorekeepers Report – submitted by Karen Herrick

Scorekeepers Report May 9, 2017

Submitted by Karen Parnell -Herrick and Julia Naas

The 2016/17 competition year commenced on Oct. 25, 2017, with the Treasure Hunt competition and ended on April 25, 2017, with the Sight and Sound essay. There were two categories retired from our previous year; Portrait, and Macro. In their place, Humanity and Creative were added.

The number of participants in each category are as follows:
Treasure Hunt-7
Floral- 9
Still Life- 8
Nature- 7
Landscape/Seascape- 9
Humanity- 3
Creative- 3
Silent Essay- 7
New Members- 3
Sight and Sound- 1

Thank you to all our judges for their time and expertise.
Our closing dinner will be at the Italy Cross Firehall, May 24, where the first place trophies will be awarded.

Motion to accept the Report: Charlene Morton
Seconded by: Sara Harley
Motion Passed

6. Field Trip Report – submitted by Charlene Morton

Field Trip Report 2016-2017
Charlene Morton (Coordinator), Ralph Cook, & Joan McCullough
“Member-at-large”: Nancy Grant

To date, as part of the 2016-2017 season, we enjoyed six field trips with our last one organized for May 20th. Two of these trips were postponed and two other organized adventures (a sleigh ride in December and an April trip to Chebucto Head) were cancelled. As in the past, all field trips were scheduled for Saturday mornings with most participants meeting to carpool at Tim Hortons, East Plaza, Bridgewater, as early as 8 AM and as late as 9:30 PM.

September 17, 2016
Rath Eastlink Community Centre and Victoria Park, Truro
October 15
Kejimkujik National Park (entrance fee) and McGowan Lake Fish Hatchery, Calendonia
November 19 (postponed due to weather)
December 3 Apron Falls and Sink Spout Falls, North River, Lunenburg Co.
Dec 3rd original plan for a Sleigh Ride, Ross Farm cancelled because of Nov 19th postponement and no snow
January 21, 2017
Windhorse Farm, New Canada, Lunenburg County (donation)
February 25 (postponed from Feb 18 because of winter storm)
Port Medway, Queens County
March 18
Miller Point Peace Park and Bridgewater area
April 22 (cancelled because of weather, low turnout)
Chebucto Head and York Redoubt, HMR
May 20 Oaklawn Farm Zoo, Aylesford (entrance fee)

Two supplementary trips are planned for the summer:
June 3 Doors Open Festival, Halifax 10 AM – 4 PM (free)
July 15 AM: Annapolis Royal Historic Gardens (entrance fee)
PM Annapolis River Festival, Bridgetown (free)
People are encouraged to attend the Canada 150 events in Lunenburg August when the Tall Ships will be in the Town of Lunenburg (August 11-12) along with Folk Harbour Festival activities (August 10-13).

This year’s trips offered a mix of themes and locations: inland, shoreline, nature, urban, recreational, heritage, and fish and wildlife. The FT Committee encourages members to come forward at any time with both ideas for and preliminary details about their favourite or must-see destinations. We need indoor as well as outdoor destinations.

Lunch together is an important social time for any outing. This year, we enjoyed both “pub-grub” and “bean-sprout” eateries: Bistro 22 (Truro), the Hollow Log (Caledonia), twice at the River Pub (Bridgewater), the Turkey Burger (Cookville), and Port Grocer (Port Medway). Something to consider for next year is the fact that, in the BPS 2017 Survey, members expressed a willingness to pack a lunch.

Going out into the community and sharing our photos is an important outreach component of BPS that helps promote our club, maintain or increase our membership numbers, and provide opportunities to give something back to local communities. We have met many community members who are keen to provide us with information for future outings. Janice Rand, for example, Director of Parks and Recreation Director for MODL, gave me enough hike destinations in Lunenburg County to keep us going for years. Also, within our club membership, we have strong community connections that offer many outreach possibilities. For example, Gary Smith, through his volunteer work with DesBrisay Museum, suggested we could help the Museum update their heritage-home photo collection. For our March FT, he prepared maps of the listed heritage homes and collected all the updated images from us to give to the Museum Director.

The Committee would like to thank Dave Collins, the BPS projectionist, for compiling hundreds of photos for our BPS post-field trip slide shows. He also forwarded our photos to Windhorse Farm, which was interested in seeing how we “saw” the Farm. We thank Trevor Awalt as well for reviving the BPS Facebook page which is proving to be very helpful to get the word out about field trips.

The FT Committee has a couple of recommendations:

  1. Transportation for some members is an ongoing problem and can be a problem for any of us on bad-car days. The FT Committee believes we should try to make a better effort reaching out to members needing transportation assistance.
  2. On more than one occasion, members coming from east or west of Bridgewater showed up at a FT destination when the trip had been cancelled or postponed. This problem could be avoided with some quick phone calls. One suggestion is that the BPS e-mail—sent to everyone before each trip—include at least one cell phone number and perhaps a landline phone number. This would allow better communication for those who do not have the benefit of meeting and leaving with members from the usual Tim Horton’s carpool location. Similarly, we should be sharing cell numbers while on location, not simply to keep us on schedule but for safety reasons as well.
  3. Our field trip notices can go out sooner rather than later now that we have a BPS Facebook page. The Events feature can be used to signal details about our trips and can act as a good record of our outings.

The 2017 BPS Survey reveals a few recommendations of its own: First, it seems we should stick with Saturday morning outings as much as weather allows, as this remains the preferred time and length for a field trip. Second, most members are willing to hike up to 5 km on easy terrain but not 10 km or on difficult terrain. Third, after reintroducing some mentoring opportunities during our March outing, many members expressed an interest in more opportunities to do this. Similarly, there seems to be a healthy interest in a themed outing with a photographic mentor/leader.

Thanks to everyone who helped organize and participated in our outings, making our field trips fun as well as educational for fellow “trippers” as well as all members who then enjoy the results during the FT slide shows. The lessons are many when taking and sharing images from the same locations.

Submitted by Charlene Morton
Motion to accept the Report: Kathryn Price
Seconded by: Trevor Awalt
Motion Passed

7. Call for Nominations to the Executive (Officers)

A slate of officers was presented as follows:
President: Gary Smith

Vice President: Charlene Morton

Past President: Sara Harley

Treasurer: Marg Campbell

Secretary: Dave Collins

Program: vacant

Peter Zwicker offered to serve as Program Director

Motion to close Nominations: Derek Johnson
Seconded by: Sara Harley
Motion Passed

8. Proposal to accept the Executive (Officers) for 2017/2018 by acclamation:

President: Gary Smith

Vice President: Charlene Morton

Past President: Sara Harley

Treasurer: Marg Campbell

Secretary: Dave Collins

Program: Peter Zwicker

Motion to accept the Proposal: Kas Stone
Seconded by: Karen Herrick
Motion Passed

9. Other Positions, Committees, and Volunteers:

John Burnett reviewed the other positions, as follows:
• Field Trip Committee Chair: Vacant
• Projectionist: Dave Collins
• Scorekeeping: Karen Parnell-Herrick & Julia Naas
• Webmaster: Trevor Awalt
• Yearbook: Vacant
• Refreshments Coordinators: Kathryn Price, Joan McCullough
• Hosts: Vacant
• 50/50 Draw: Derek Johnston
• Publicity: Vacant

Kathryn Price volunteered for Field Trip Committee Chair
Host: Gary Smith suggested a “Buddy System” where several members would accept to accompany “visitors” to a meeting
Publicity Committee: Sherry Hudson and John Burnett agreed to handle this.
Trevor Awalt commented on the need for input/information for the webpage if we are to keep it current.
The members will break into groups following the AGM to discuss Program and Field Trip ideas for the coming year

10. Other Business:

• Projector: John indicated there had been a previous motion from 2 years ago to purchase a new projector. This was not acted on as Kas donated a projector she had.
After some discussion, it was proposed that a new projector be purchased. The Executive will determine the amount, giving consideration to keeping adequate financial reserves and any grants which may be available

Motion to accept the Proposal: Gary Smith
Seconded by: Kas Stone
Motion Passed

• Bylaws Committee: The need for a review of the bylaws was discussed. A committee consisting of Dave Collins, Gary Smith, and Trevor Awalt was formed to review this and make recommendations.

11. Motion to Adjourn

Motion to accept the Proposal: Karen Herrick
Motion Passed