Minutes – April 23, 2019 Meeting

4 05 2019

BPS Meeting Minutes
April 23, 2019

A group photo was taken of the club members before the start of the meeting. Thank you to Trevor Awalt, who always does a great job making all of us look our best. The photo will be included in the club yearbook.


President Gary Smith opened the meeting to approximately 37 people and VP Charlene Morton introduced the evening’s guests.

Ralph Cook was the 50/50 draw winner, proving again that he is one of the luckiest club members.

Charlene mentioned the next field trip, which will be held on May 18th. First stop is Kathryn Price’s farm, followed by a visit to the Wool Room. Details will be sent by email, and posted on Facebook.

Sue Hutchins announced that the yearbook is almost complete and will be ordered on April 28th. Twenty one members have ordered. Payment must be received before April 28th.

Gary reminded everyone to let him know whether you will be attending the year end dinner or not. The date is Wednesday May 22nd at the Italy Cross Fire hall. $16 per person payable to Karen Parnell-Herrick by our next meeting.

Tonight is the final regular meeting of the year. Our next meeting is our Annual General Meeting and we will be voting on our new executive. We are still looking for a volunteer for the position of Vice-President.

We viewed a slide show from the recent field trip to the Abandoned Satellite Station in Charleston.

Tiffany Ottaway_Smile Award_MG_0791-Edit

We viewed a slide show for the first annual Smile Award in memory of Joan McCullough. Sixteen members contributed 39 images. Charlene introduced Ken Kanten (Joan’s husband), who drew the winning name for the award. Tiffany Ottaway will be presented with her gift certificate at our wrap up dinner.


Kas Portrait (KBG18111) B&W WEBGary introduced Kas Stone, our feature speaker for the rest of the evening. “How to Create an Effective AV Show” – more than a collection of pretty pictures strung together with random music and special effects. Her presentation did not address the technical aspects of working with software, but focused on the artistry of developing an AV show using storytelling. After her presentation, we viewed the 3 Sight and Sound Essays from this year’s competition and we used our new found knowledge to privately “score” the three presentations. As announced previously, the winner of this year’s competition is Sue Hutchins for her essay “Creative Possibilities“.

Meeting adjourned at 9:25pm.
Minutes by Secretary Sara Harley




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