Minutes – Apr 9, 2019 Meeting

11 04 2019

BPS Meeting Minutes
April 9, 2019

President Gary Smith opened the meeting with 31 people in attendance, including five (5) guests.

VP Charlene Morton talked about the field trip scheduled for Saturday April 13th (rain date Sun Apr 14 – watch your emails for any changes). 10:00am at the old satellite station in Charleston, with 1:00pm lunch at the River Bank Cafe. Wear sturdy shoes, as their is lots of broken glass and debris.

Yearbook Editor Sue Hutchins provided a sign up sheet for those interested in purchasing this year’s book. Price will be $40, or perhaps a bit less depending on the numbers ordered.

Gary had a few announcements:

1. Our year end banquet is set for Wednesday May 22nd at the Italy Cross Firehall. Everyone who won trophies last year is to bring them to our next meeting so they can be prepared for this year’s presentation at our wrap up dinner. The banquet is open to members and their guest. There will be a photo slide show after the dinner and details will be sent out by email.

2. Our exhibit has been installed at the Bridgewater Library and will be there until April 30th. We have received good feedback so far.

3. 50% of our members have completed surveys. Please complete a survey and give your ideas for next year’s program.

4. Marg Campbell and Sara Harley were selected to receive Volunteer Recognition from the Town of Bridgewater. He read their achievements:

Marg Campbell
Steadfast, committed and dependable are just a few words to describe Marg. Her participation on various committees also includes having served as Vice President and President. Currently she brings checks and balances as the Society’s Treasurer which she has been doing for the past 14 years.

As a 21 year member of the Photographic Society she has been active in the Executive for the past 20 of those years. Marg is a valued, long term volunteer with an outstanding record of commitment to ensuring the success of our Society.

Sara Harley
During her 10 years of membership in the Bridgewater Photographic Society Sara has made significant impact on a volunteer level. Her creativity and contributions have helped in the success of the Society as she has chaired various committees, managed Exhibitions and the Image Competitions process.

She created the first annual Society yearbook for the 2011-12 season using on demand printing. This practice has continued and has benefited members and their families by allowing them to obtain a book of memories from each season.

Over and above these activities she has been an active member of the Executive for 6 years serving as Vice President, President and Secretary. Through her published articles and online Blog she remains a continued advocate of the Bridgewater Photographic Society.

Our photo share “Let It Snow” slide show was shown.

Sherry Hudson introduced our guest speaker Kris Tynski (kristynski.ca) . Kris’ lens captures the wildlife, seascapes, and landscapes of the Cape Breton, focusing on the eagles, fox, heron, and deer that inhabit the area. He has been published in Canadian Geographic, Wildlife Photography World Magazine, National Geographic Daily Dozen and is a weekly contributor to the Cape Breton Post. Kris first talked about how he got interested in photography and the equipment he uses. He photographs to print, not for computer images and he likes to incorporate the environment in his nature shots. He told us how he shoots, both in regards to his equipment and in finding his images. After our break, Kris showed us a variety of his favourite images, featuring nature and landscape photographs. Kris will be conducting a photography workshop in Cape Breton in the fall. For information, please contact him: info@kristynski.ca or use the contact form on his website.

50/50 winner was Trevor Awalt.

Minutes prepared by Secretary Sara Harley




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