Minutes – Mar 26, 2019 Meeting

6 04 2019

BPS Meeting Minutes
March 26, 2019

President Gary Smith opened the meeting at 6:45 with approximately 26 members present. A few announcements were made:

VP Charlene Morton discussed the upcoming field trip on April 13, which was originally planned for visiting local waterfalls. New plans are being tentatively made for visiting the abandoned satellite station in Charleston with lunch at the Riverbank Cafe. Another alternative was also suggested, however members thought it might be more appropriate for a fall outing due to spring road conditions. Details will be firmed up and communicated to club members.
Deadlines for upcoming photo submissions:
March 30 – Photo Share “Let it Snow”
April 13 – Joan McCullough Memorial Smile Award
Check your emails for details.

Kathryn Price gave us a reminder that our framed photos for the exhibit at the Bridgewater Library are to be dropped off on Monday April 1st at 10:00am. Help would be appreciated to hang the exhibit.

Trevor Awalt asked past trophy winners to bring their trophies to the next club meeting so they can be prepared for this year’s winners. He announced the results from recent competitions:
New Member Competition:
1st – Jock Martin (63.5)
2nd – Douglas Langley (58)
3rd – Don Gorby (52)

Sight & Sound Essay Competition:
1st – Creative Possibilities by Sue Hutchins (253/300)
2nd – Winter in Cottage Country by Linda Hall (238/300)
3rd – Antarctica by Anna Mallin (237/300)

A slide show of the entries for the New Member competition was shown. The Sight & Sounds essays will be shown at a future meeting as part of Kas Stone’s presentation on Effective AV Shows.

Gary Smith gave a short presentation on Photo Books. Samples of photo books from PhotoBook Canada and Blurb Books were set out for club members to view at break. Jock Martin mentioned that Pikto Books is a Canadian company that publishes books.

Jock Martin gave a presentation on printing and demonstrated how he prepares an image for printing. He gave some tips about how to work on image files, and had some printed images on display.

Photo slide shows from two recent field trips were shown – NSCC Kitchen and Cosby Gardens.

Surveys were handed out to club members. All members are encouraged to complete a survey (hard copy or email) in order to help planning for next year’s program.

50/50 winner was Jock Martin, who donated the winnings back to the club.

After the break, Gary Smith discussed the club’s structure and explained the set up of our executive, committees, and volunteer positions. A few people have indicated they are willing to fill roles for the 2019/20 club year:
Competition Committee Co-Chairs: Linda Hall and Tammy Mercer
Exhibit Committee Chair: Jock Martin
Yearbook: Sue Hutchins
Webmaster: Trevor Awalt
Projectionist: Mary Ann Massey
President: Charlene Morton
Past President: Gary Smith
Treasurer: Marg Campbell
Secretary: Sara Harley

Key roles to be filled: Vice President and Program Director, both executive positions. If you are willing to put your name forward for any positions or committees, please email the BPS Executive asap.

Dave Collins presented a slide show “Across Canada 2018”, showing images he captured on a cross country tour over 3 months and 22,000 kilometres.

Meeting was adjourned at 9:05pm.
Minutes by Secretary Sara Harley




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