Minutes – March 12, 2019 Meeting

15 03 2019

BPS Meeting Minutes
March 12, 2019

President Gary Smith opened the meeting at 6:45 with approximately 33 people in attendance, including 3 visitors. Several announcements were made:

VP Charlene Morton announced that the field trip scheduled for Saturday March 16th may be changed to the following day due to the projected weather forecast of rain. A show of hands revealed that most participants will be able to switch dates.

Tammy Mercer talked about upcoming events at the South Shore Public Libraries. March 28 @ 6pm is a showing of Nunavut Territory turns 20. April 1st @ 2pm Peter Barss will be discussing his images of Iceland. A full schedule is available on their website: southshorepubliclibraries.ca

Yearbook Editor Sue Hutchins asked everyone to send in their information for their personal yearbook page. Please send a brief bio (written in 3rd person), a photo of yourself, and up to 4 images. Each interested member has the opportunity for their own page in the yearbook and all members are encouraged to participate.

Members were reminded of upcoming due dates: March 16th is the due date for the Sight & Sound and New Member competitions. Photo Share “Let it Snow” images are due by the end of the month.

Sara Harley introduced our speaker for the evening, Carl Snyder. Carl’s presentation was Panoramic Photography. He talked about his own background and mentioned that he always takes a photograph with the making of a print in mind. He encouraged us to think about this and get our images off our computers. Carl discussed the history of panoramic art and photography and then described his own journey with panoramic photography, including the challenges of both creating the images as well as printing and exhibiting them. Carl’s bio is available on the Visual Arts Nova Scotia website: visualarts.ns.ca/carl-snyder-artist-profile

After our break, VP Charlene Morton introduced the possibility of a new location for our club. Several venues were considered, and the possibilities have been narrowed down to 3 locations: MARC (our current location), Bridgewater Curling Club, and the Mahone Bay Centre. Members will be asked to indicate their preference on our annual survey. Here is a breakdown of the pros/cons of each location:

M.A.R.C. (current venue) – Pros: Just outside Bridgewater, known to members, good parking, washrooms in room, reasonably priced ($17 per hour), room is set up for us. Cons: small when we have a larger audience or workshops, poles obstruct view, can be noisy depending on occupants of upstairs location, storage no longer available.

Bridgewater Curling Club – Pros: In Bridgewater, much bigger room than MARC, slightly more comfortable chairs, washroom and kitchen facilities handy. Cons: no screen, run power from kitchen, window blinds not the best, some reports room can be cold, more expensive than MARC ($25 per hour). Unknowns: parking when rink is busy, unknown if there is storage available, may have to set up room ourselves.

Mahone Bay Centre – Pros: Much bigger room than MARC, more comfortable chairs, large screen, good blackout blinds. Cons: not in Bridgewater, need direction signs in building, washrooms and kitchen not close by, no storage. Unknowns: parking is ok unless another major event is being held, cost has not yet been determined (full cost $40 per hour), may have to set up room ourselves.

Trevor Awalt recommended that we research whether or not WiFi is available at the alternate venues, as this would increase our programming abilities.

President Gary Smith made a presentation on “Playing with your Textures”. He started playing with textures when our competition committee introduced the new rule that all images in competitions had to be our own creation (including textures). Gary frequently photographs things like sand, rocks, tree bark, etc to create his own textures. He showed several examples of images that he wanted to improve by using background textures to isolate his subject and/or replace cluttered backgrounds.

The meeting was adjourned at approximately 9:10 pm.
Minutes by Secretary Sara Harley




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