Minutes – Feb 26, 2019 Meeting

11 03 2019

BPS Meeting Minutes
February 26, 2019

President Gary Smith opened the meeting with a few announcements:
1. Deadlines: field trip photos from NSCC are due on Sat March 2nd, entries for the New Members and Sight & Sound essay competitions (our final competitions for the year) are due by March 16.

2. A thank you gift was presented to the MARC caretaker, Carl. Carl goes above and beyond his required duties working in the background to help ensure our meetings are a success.

3. The DesBrisay Museum will be holding an Engage & Explore Series, one hour presentations every Saturday to encourage community involvement. President Gary Smith and VP Charlene Morton will be making a presentation about our photo club at one of the sessions.

An Extraordinary Meeting of the Bridgewater Photographic Society was officially called to order at 6:55pm to review an amendment of our club by-laws. The club previously had one document that contained the By-Laws and Regulations. The document has been revised and split out into three documents: By-Laws, Regulation, and Volunteer Guidelines. Gary reviewed the changing to our By-Laws, which are now contained in document BPS-01 Rev 00 – 1 Mar 2019. A motion to accept the By-Laws BPS-01 as presented was made by Linda Hall and seconded by Anna Mallin. Motion passed.

Kathryn Price reviewed last year’s financial statements and provided recommendations for a few changes. She will be auditing this year’s financial statements as well.

Motion to adjourn the Extraordinary Meeting was made by Beverley Richardson and seconded by John Burnett. Meeting adjourned.

Our regular meeting continued with Competition Committee Chair Trevor Awalt presenting the results from recent competitions. The Creative competition had 14 images (7 participants). Top marks, and two honour awards, were awarded to Sue Hutchins.

The Macro/Close Up competition had 12 images (6 participants). Top marks went to Linda Hall with two honour awards. Sue Hutchins also received two honour awards, and one honour award went to Anna Mallin.

There were four entries in our Silent Essay competition. This is the first year that the Silent Essays were judged online, which allowed the judges time to provide comments on all the sections used for scoring the essays. The winner of the Silent Essay Trophy is Sue Hutchins for her essay “The Ghats Varanasi India”.

Slide shows were shown with all the entries from the Creative and Macro competitions, and the four Silent Essays were also shown.

Anna Mallin introduced the field trip slide show from the club outing to the Sailloft on Second Peninsula. VP Charlene Morton suggested that the Sailloft would love to have some of the images and encouraged field trip participants to email them to the Sailloft.

A Photo Share slide show of Contemplative images was viewed.

Sue Hutchins requested that members send their yearbook information to her (brief bio written in 3rd person, and up to 4 images).

Linda Hall discussed the next field trip, which will be held on March 16th and will start at Cosby’s in Liverpool. Full details will be sent out by email.

After our break, Beverley Richardson made a presentation on editing for phone photography. She first reviewed the features on an iphone camera, and then reviewed two editing programs that are available for all phones, Snapseed (free) and Re-Touch (very low cost).

The meeting was adjourned at 9:10pm.

Minutes by Sara Harley




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