Minutes – Jan 22, 2019 Meeting

23 01 2019

BPS Meeting Minutes
January 22, 2019

Vice President Charlene Morton opened the meeting with 24 members and made a few announcements:
– The recent field trip to the Sailloft (stevenssailloft.ca) was well attended. February 2nd is the submission date to send in photos from the field trip. Submission details will be sent to club members shortly.
– Next field trip is February 16 at NSCC.
– Next photo share theme is “Contemplative” and photos are due by February 9th. Details will be sent out shortly.
– Upcoming digital competitions are Macro/Close Up and Creative, as well as the Silent Essay (max 12 slides)

50/50 winner was Sara Harley.

Exhibit Chair Kathryn Price announced the theme for the upcoming exhibit at the library will be “Story Telling”. If you are interested in participating in the exhibit, please let Kathryn know asap. Also, if you have any ideas for the “public participation” part of the exhibit, let her know and the committee will finalize exhibit details.

Slide shows of the recently judged digital competitions were shown. The Humanity category had 9 participants, and 18 images. Honour award winners were Charlene Morton, Linda Hall, Sue Hutchins, and Brenda Bancroft. The Way We Live had 10 participants and 20 images. Honour award winners were Linda Hall, Sue Hutchins, Jock Martin, and Brenda Bancroft. The honour awards were presented by Competition Committee Chair Trevor Awalt.

A slide show of the Scavenger Hunt results was shown. There were three teams involved in the challenge held in Lunenburg in November. The Car Chargers (Mary Ann Massey, Reg Archibald, Kathryn Price), That’s Complicated (Patty Winfield, Joanne Roy, Jock Martin), and Luney Snaps (Charlene Morton, Tiffany Ottaway, Linda Hall). Thank you to Tiffany and Patty for organizing the hunt, and judges Tom Rogers, Gary Smith, and Sara Harley. Winner of the Scavenger Hunt Trophy is the Luney Snaps team.

Our club member “pot pourri” consisted of two travelogue presentations. Mary Ann Massey toured us through the U.K., and Linda Hall showed us the sights of Spain.

After the break we saw a photo share of “Graffiti” images.

Sherry Hudson made a presentation on Story Telling with images. She showed us several examples of photographs that told stories. We should think about our intention when taking a picture. Sometimes other people see something different when looking at our images because they are using their own life filters. Look for details in the images to give clues about the story. We then broke out into four groups to view photographs and talk about what story the images told.

Past President John Burnett announced that the presenter for the next meeting will be Valerie Leduc with “Glamour and Portraits”.

Minutes by Sara Harley.




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