Minutes from the May 9, 2017 AGM

30 04 2018

Bridgewater Photo Society
Minutes-Annual General Meeting, May 9, 2017

Meeting Start Time: 7:15
Number of members in attendance: 23
Minutes taken by: Dave Collins, Secretary

1. Welcome by the President

2. Approval of Minutes

a. Minutes of the previous AGM held on May 10, 2016 were reviewed and approved. Minutes can be read at bridgewaterphotographicsociety.wordpress.com/2016/05/11/minutes-agm-may-10-2016.
Motion to accept the Minutes: Sara Harley
Seconded by: Kas Stone
Motion passed

3. President’s Report – submitted by John Burnett

A Message from the President

2016-17 was a challenging year for the club schedule. We began the year with two meetings at the Lunenburg County Lifestyle Centre as the MARC was still under construction for a new staircase and accessibility ramp. Our second meeting at the LCLC was almost cancelled due to a bomb threat hoax! As the year progressed, the weather took its toll causing the cancellation of four meetings, and cancelled or postponed field trips.

But all was not lost. We had presentations on travel photography (Shari Tucker), sports/action photography (Wally Hayes) and a landscape photography workshop from Paul Newton and Sherry Hudson. Sherry also conducted a visual literacy workshop and Kas Stone followed up with a photo critique workshop. We learned about printing and framing and camera care. Our members’ potpourri included Kathryn Price (Ireland), Charlene Morton (contemplative photography), and Reg Archibald’s pictorial tour of the Lunenburg barque Picton Castle. Trevor Awalt finished off the regular season with his photos of Newfoundland’s landscape, lighthouses, icebergs, puffins and gannets. Thank you to VP Gary Smith and the program committee group for organizing the year.

We had several new members join the club and some of those participated in our competitions, and volunteered their time to the club. Once again, many of our competitions were judged online, rather than live at a meeting, which enabled our judges to comment on the images as well as score them. Thank you to our scorekeepers Karen Parnell-Herrick and Julie Naas, and our projectionist Dave Collins for all their work.

Charlene Morton and the field trip committee kept us on track, plus fed and watered, as we ventured to Truro and Victoria Park, Kejimkujik National Park, Apron and Sinkspout Falls, Windhorse Farm, and Port Medway. The Bridgewater and environs field trip proved that you don’t have to travel far to find interesting things to photograph.

Next week, the club exhibits South Shore Stories at the Margaret Hennigar Library at the LCLC. Thank you to Sherry Hudson for getting that ball rolling, and to the Exhibit Committee of Sara Harley, Gary Smith, Charlene Morton, Brenda Zareski, Karen Parnell-Herrick and Kas Stone for seeing it through. Gary and the committee are working with the DesBrisay for a special exhibit at the end of the summer.

We now have a club Facebook presence. Thanks to Trevor Awalt for getting that started, and also for putting together the 2016-17 yearbook. The yearbooks are a wonderful memento, and a testament to the skill and creativity of our members.

This is the second and last year of my presidency, and I now transition to the Past President role. I want to thank all those who stepped up in so many ways to keep the club running during my term as club president. Next season is a special one – the 35th anniversary of the photo club. I want to remind everyone of the need to continue contributing in whatever ways you can, in order to keep the club vibrant and interesting. I know it can be a challenge to find the time, but it is certainly a rewarding experience.

Best regards,
John Burnett

Motion to accept the Report: Karen Herrick
Seconded by: Derek Johnson
Motion Passed

4. Treasurers Report – submitted by Marg Campbell

Bridgewater Photographic Society Financial Report May 1, 2017

Starting Balance $3671.32
Dues $1315.00
Interest $1.71
50/50 $$215.90
Total Income $1532.61
Insurance $450.00
Misc. $67.01 Copies, survey printing, library postcards
Awards $49.45
AGM Snack $30.72
Joint Stocks $31.51
Room Rent LCLC $138.00
Room Rent MARC $448.50
Gifts $61.25
Total Expenses $1276.44
Net $256.17
Ending Balance $3927.49

Motion to accept the Report: Hope Campbell
Seconded by: Ralph Cook
Motion Passed

5. Scorekeepers Report – submitted by Karen Herrick

Scorekeepers Report May 9, 2017

Submitted by Karen Parnell -Herrick and Julia Naas

The 2016/17 competition year commenced on Oct. 25, 2017, with the Treasure Hunt competition and ended on April 25, 2017, with the Sight and Sound essay. There were two categories retired from our previous year; Portrait, and Macro. In their place, Humanity and Creative were added.

The number of participants in each category are as follows:
Treasure Hunt-7
Floral- 9
Still Life- 8
Nature- 7
Landscape/Seascape- 9
Humanity- 3
Creative- 3
Silent Essay- 7
New Members- 3
Sight and Sound- 1

Thank you to all our judges for their time and expertise.
Our closing dinner will be at the Italy Cross Firehall, May 24, where the first place trophies will be awarded.

Motion to accept the Report: Charlene Morton
Seconded by: Sara Harley
Motion Passed

6. Field Trip Report – submitted by Charlene Morton

Field Trip Report 2016-2017
Charlene Morton (Coordinator), Ralph Cook, & Joan McCullough
“Member-at-large”: Nancy Grant

To date, as part of the 2016-2017 season, we enjoyed six field trips with our last one organized for May 20th. Two of these trips were postponed and two other organized adventures (a sleigh ride in December and an April trip to Chebucto Head) were cancelled. As in the past, all field trips were scheduled for Saturday mornings with most participants meeting to carpool at Tim Hortons, East Plaza, Bridgewater, as early as 8 AM and as late as 9:30 PM.

September 17, 2016
Rath Eastlink Community Centre and Victoria Park, Truro
October 15
Kejimkujik National Park (entrance fee) and McGowan Lake Fish Hatchery, Calendonia
November 19 (postponed due to weather)
December 3 Apron Falls and Sink Spout Falls, North River, Lunenburg Co.
Dec 3rd original plan for a Sleigh Ride, Ross Farm cancelled because of Nov 19th postponement and no snow
January 21, 2017
Windhorse Farm, New Canada, Lunenburg County (donation)
February 25 (postponed from Feb 18 because of winter storm)
Port Medway, Queens County
March 18
Miller Point Peace Park and Bridgewater area
April 22 (cancelled because of weather, low turnout)
Chebucto Head and York Redoubt, HMR
May 20 Oaklawn Farm Zoo, Aylesford (entrance fee)

Two supplementary trips are planned for the summer:
June 3 Doors Open Festival, Halifax 10 AM – 4 PM (free)
July 15 AM: Annapolis Royal Historic Gardens (entrance fee)
PM Annapolis River Festival, Bridgetown (free)
People are encouraged to attend the Canada 150 events in Lunenburg August when the Tall Ships will be in the Town of Lunenburg (August 11-12) along with Folk Harbour Festival activities (August 10-13).

This year’s trips offered a mix of themes and locations: inland, shoreline, nature, urban, recreational, heritage, and fish and wildlife. The FT Committee encourages members to come forward at any time with both ideas for and preliminary details about their favourite or must-see destinations. We need indoor as well as outdoor destinations.

Lunch together is an important social time for any outing. This year, we enjoyed both “pub-grub” and “bean-sprout” eateries: Bistro 22 (Truro), the Hollow Log (Caledonia), twice at the River Pub (Bridgewater), the Turkey Burger (Cookville), and Port Grocer (Port Medway). Something to consider for next year is the fact that, in the BPS 2017 Survey, members expressed a willingness to pack a lunch.

Going out into the community and sharing our photos is an important outreach component of BPS that helps promote our club, maintain or increase our membership numbers, and provide opportunities to give something back to local communities. We have met many community members who are keen to provide us with information for future outings. Janice Rand, for example, Director of Parks and Recreation Director for MODL, gave me enough hike destinations in Lunenburg County to keep us going for years. Also, within our club membership, we have strong community connections that offer many outreach possibilities. For example, Gary Smith, through his volunteer work with DesBrisay Museum, suggested we could help the Museum update their heritage-home photo collection. For our March FT, he prepared maps of the listed heritage homes and collected all the updated images from us to give to the Museum Director.

The Committee would like to thank Dave Collins, the BPS projectionist, for compiling hundreds of photos for our BPS post-field trip slide shows. He also forwarded our photos to Windhorse Farm, which was interested in seeing how we “saw” the Farm. We thank Trevor Awalt as well for reviving the BPS Facebook page which is proving to be very helpful to get the word out about field trips.

The FT Committee has a couple of recommendations:

  1. Transportation for some members is an ongoing problem and can be a problem for any of us on bad-car days. The FT Committee believes we should try to make a better effort reaching out to members needing transportation assistance.
  2. On more than one occasion, members coming from east or west of Bridgewater showed up at a FT destination when the trip had been cancelled or postponed. This problem could be avoided with some quick phone calls. One suggestion is that the BPS e-mail—sent to everyone before each trip—include at least one cell phone number and perhaps a landline phone number. This would allow better communication for those who do not have the benefit of meeting and leaving with members from the usual Tim Horton’s carpool location. Similarly, we should be sharing cell numbers while on location, not simply to keep us on schedule but for safety reasons as well.
  3. Our field trip notices can go out sooner rather than later now that we have a BPS Facebook page. The Events feature can be used to signal details about our trips and can act as a good record of our outings.

The 2017 BPS Survey reveals a few recommendations of its own: First, it seems we should stick with Saturday morning outings as much as weather allows, as this remains the preferred time and length for a field trip. Second, most members are willing to hike up to 5 km on easy terrain but not 10 km or on difficult terrain. Third, after reintroducing some mentoring opportunities during our March outing, many members expressed an interest in more opportunities to do this. Similarly, there seems to be a healthy interest in a themed outing with a photographic mentor/leader.

Thanks to everyone who helped organize and participated in our outings, making our field trips fun as well as educational for fellow “trippers” as well as all members who then enjoy the results during the FT slide shows. The lessons are many when taking and sharing images from the same locations.

Submitted by Charlene Morton
Motion to accept the Report: Kathryn Price
Seconded by: Trevor Awalt
Motion Passed

7. Call for Nominations to the Executive (Officers)

A slate of officers was presented as follows:
President: Gary Smith

Vice President: Charlene Morton

Past President: Sara Harley

Treasurer: Marg Campbell

Secretary: Dave Collins

Program: vacant

Peter Zwicker offered to serve as Program Director

Motion to close Nominations: Derek Johnson
Seconded by: Sara Harley
Motion Passed

8. Proposal to accept the Executive (Officers) for 2017/2018 by acclamation:

President: Gary Smith

Vice President: Charlene Morton

Past President: Sara Harley

Treasurer: Marg Campbell

Secretary: Dave Collins

Program: Peter Zwicker

Motion to accept the Proposal: Kas Stone
Seconded by: Karen Herrick
Motion Passed

9. Other Positions, Committees, and Volunteers:

John Burnett reviewed the other positions, as follows:
• Field Trip Committee Chair: Vacant
• Projectionist: Dave Collins
• Scorekeeping: Karen Parnell-Herrick & Julia Naas
• Webmaster: Trevor Awalt
• Yearbook: Vacant
• Refreshments Coordinators: Kathryn Price, Joan McCullough
• Hosts: Vacant
• 50/50 Draw: Derek Johnston
• Publicity: Vacant

Kathryn Price volunteered for Field Trip Committee Chair
Host: Gary Smith suggested a “Buddy System” where several members would accept to accompany “visitors” to a meeting
Publicity Committee: Sherry Hudson and John Burnett agreed to handle this.
Trevor Awalt commented on the need for input/information for the webpage if we are to keep it current.
The members will break into groups following the AGM to discuss Program and Field Trip ideas for the coming year

10. Other Business:

• Projector: John indicated there had been a previous motion from 2 years ago to purchase a new projector. This was not acted on as Kas donated a projector she had.
After some discussion, it was proposed that a new projector be purchased. The Executive will determine the amount, giving consideration to keeping adequate financial reserves and any grants which may be available

Motion to accept the Proposal: Gary Smith
Seconded by: Kas Stone
Motion Passed

• Bylaws Committee: The need for a review of the bylaws was discussed. A committee consisting of Dave Collins, Gary Smith, and Trevor Awalt was formed to review this and make recommendations.

11. Motion to Adjourn

Motion to accept the Proposal: Karen Herrick
Motion Passed




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