Competition – Survey Results Apr 27, 2016

1 05 2016

Thank you to Sara (past president) for putting the survey together and compiling the results, and to everyone who contributed suggestions. Sara’s text summary follows, and the actual results are attached in PDF format. These suggestions will be taken forward by the Program and Field Trip Committees. Please note that we are still in need of committee members and chair-persons.


There were 24 survey responses from club members, 1 survey completed by a guest (not included in results).
All members thought the meetings are well run, the presentation mix has been good, and that the meetings do not need to be more formal. The majority of members (20) thought that the feature presentations and the breaks were the right length of time. One person thought the meetings should end earlier in the winter. Slightly more than half thought we only need coffee and tea. (13, 1 blank, 10 thought we need snacks) One person commented “Definitely need a lunch for social reasons and interest.”

Interest Level in activities and subject matter for next year’s meetings:

Very interested (20 or more people interested out of 24 responses):
24 – Mini presentations from club members (15 minutes or less)
23 – Field trip slide shows
22 – Image sharing from club members without scoring or evaluations
22 – Images/Photographers from other photo clubs
22 – Exploring a photographic genre
portraits (7), street (7), birds (4), nature (4), floral (2), still life (9), landscape (8), creative (7)
21 – Image evaluation and discussion
20 – Printing and framing

Interested (16-19 people interested out of 24 responses):
19 – post processing (intermediate)
17 – focus stacking
17 – “seeing”, pre-visualizing, composition (non technical aspects of photography)
17 – inspiration and influence
17 – image challenges (ie, treasure hunt)
17 – full presentations from club members (approx 1 hour)

Mild interest (12-15 people interested out of 24 responses):
15 – Travelogue presentations
14 – HDR (high dynamic range)
13 – artificial lighting (studio, portable)
13 – hands on workshops  (suggestions: portraits of each other, portraits, studio lighting, close up/macro(2), still life, anything (I can always learn something), individual cameras and how they work (mentoring)
12 – getting the right exposure
12 – working with focus (understanding lens dynamics)

Lower interest (less than half of club):
11 – post processing basics
11 – panoramas
11 – camera equipment – choosing your next lens
9 – camera equipment – exploring smaller/mirrorless options)

Ideas for meetings next year: (6 people suggested, 18 people left blank)
– a competition “most popular photo” contest with all members voting (2-5) judging each image
– geologist trip re geology formation
– Stephen Patterson
– Ryerson Clarke
– members submit images on a “theme” – non competitive

Field Trip Summary
The majority of members would like to keep Saturday morning field trips (18 yes, 1 no, 5 blank). Slightly more than half (14) would like Sunday field trips. Less than half want weekday field trips (10), longer field trips with more photographic time (11), and full day excursions to further destinations (10).
The most popular field trip activities were:
20 – field trip with up to 5 km of easy walking
18 – hands on workshop with leader
16 – field trip that requires me to pack a lunch, or pub grub
15 – themed outing with a leader, field trip with a modest entry fee
Half (or less) of the respondents were interested in the other suggestions (pairing with a mentor, covering an event, scavenger hunt or challenge, pairing with another club, longer hike, health conscious options for lunch).

Field Trip suggestions: (5 people suggested, 19 people left blank)
– present field trips seem to be excellent – proof is in numbers
– Miners Park – Kentville
– McNabbs Island Tours (Spring & Fall)
– Georges Island (2)
– Middleton Museum
– Greenwood Airforce Museum
– Shubenacadie Wildlife Park (winter)
– Advocate – Cape D’Or
– Blueberry fields in autumn (Cumberland Co)
– Sherbrooke Village
– Cabot Trail
– Rossignal Place – Liverpool
– New Ross Farm
– Kedgie Park
– Miller Point
– York Redoubt

John Burnett



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