Minutes – February 23, 2016

1 03 2016

The Beauty of Nova Scotia

Tuesday, February 23, 2016 – The Bridgewater Photographic Society welcomed local photographer Paul Xavier Newton to the club, to display his work and talk about his pictures. A resident of the South Shore, Paul is passionate about capturing and sharing images that showcase the abundant beauty of this province. Paul’s presentation included photos taken right in his own back yard, local south shore scenes, and images captured during treks into the wilderness throughout the province. His collection includes wonderful landscape images of sea shores, forests, waterfalls, lakes and streams, and also images of the flowers and plants, insects, and wildlife that he finds along the way.

Paul is constantly searching for little-known or undiscovered locations of beauty, but he is also adept at finding remarkable images in plain view of the busy public eye. He almost always has his camera with him, and numerous pictures were taken, as he put it, “On my way home from…” or “On my way to…”

Paul is naturally attuned to finding beautiful light, and capturing the colours, textures and details that he sees. He prefers to shoot in the early morning light and the evening, through sunset and the twilight beyond. Originally a film photographer, he has learned how to master the capabilities of his digital camera, along with selective digital processing, to recreate the tonal range of the actual scene. Paul’s show concluded with images from a more recent exploration – a series of photos of waves, using a panning technique to capture both the power and movement of the water.

© Paul X Newton Photography

© Paul X Newton Photography

Paul’s fine-art photographic prints have been exhibited at the Shoreline Gallery at the South Shore Regional Hospital and they can often be seen in the summer at the Petite Rivière Winery. Most of his images can be seen on the website novascotiaart.gallery along with several other Nova Scotia artists. Paul and his partner Sherry Hudson have co-authored a book “Waterfalls of Nova Scotia – A Photographic Exploration of Light, Movement and Energy” which can be found at blurb.ca . If you see anything you like at any of these sites or venues please contact Paul directly at his email pnewton@eastlink.ca, and he can arrange a viewing of his gallery and/or a sale of his work. Paul also does commissioned work and welcomes inquires.

Watch the Margaret Hennigar Library calendar later this spring for a talk and exhibit By Paul Newton and Sherry Hudson on their recent photographic trip to Iceland.

The Bridgewater Photo Club held live judging of prints for its Macro/Closeup and Pictorial competition categories, and revealed the judging of the digital images in these categories. Congratulations to those photographers whose images earned Honour Awards: Darlene Awalt, Nancy Grant, Elizabeth Klaas, Rogelio Morales, Julie Naas, and Karen Parnell-Herrick.




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