Minutes – February 9, 2016

28 02 2016

Winter Photography

Tuesday, February 9, 2016 – The Bridgewater Photographic Society focused on Winter Photography for its last meeting, welcoming Ron Smith from New Germany to speak to the group. Ron, a former BPS President, enjoys a variety of photographic pursuits, but winter photography is one of his favourites.

Ron spoke about his background with film photography and how many of the technical aspects of the craft have not changed in the world of digital cameras. Getting an optimal exposure is still very important, and Ron talked about learning when and why you might not want to trust your internal light meter. Ron has enough experience to judge exposure by eye in many situations, but he also uses the camera meter or a separate incident light meter at times.

As with winter sports, winter photography requires the correct clothing, equipment, and preparation. Ron showed us his winter gloves, which still allow him to operate the camera controls. And he offered tips about batteries (keep spares in a warm pocket), changing lenses in snowy conditions, the best times to go (morning while the snow is still in the trees), and more.

Ron also showed pictures and told us about some of his favourite locations on the South Shore for winter photography. At the conclusion of his presentation, he showed photos he had taken during the winter storm the night before our meeting.

The photo club was certainly in the swing of things for winter photography. Members had submitted their favourite winter pics, and projectionist Dave Collins put together an automated slide show for the club. 130 winter photos were shown. Here are a few samples of the images shown:

Trevor Awalt

© Trevor Awalt

Don Barnes

© Don Barnes

James Campbell

© James Campbell

Sara Harley

© Sara Harley

Joan McCullough

© Joan McCullough


Tuesday also saw the conclusion of the club’s Nature Photography competition with live judging of nature prints. Congratulations to Darlene Awalt for winning the competition; she will be awarded the nature category trophy at the club’s year-end dinner. Congratulations also to the following club members whose images earned an honour award: Derek Johnston, Gilbert van Ryckevorsel, Julie Naas, Karen Parnell-Herrick, and Charlene Morton.

Two images from the nature competition were used to have a brief discussion about competition judging, and how judges can be, at times, quite divided in their opinion.




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