Minutes – October 28, 2015

7 01 2016

Southwest China Comes to the Bridgewater Photo Club

Tuesday, October 28, 2015 – The Bridgewater Photographic Society hosted photographer Yau Sun Tong for a visual excursion into some areas of China that few westerners get to see. Mr. Tong has traveled and photographed extensively throughout the world, but he is always drawn back to his birthplace and, in particular, the nature and culture found in the more remote areas. The aim of his photography is not simply to document, but to really capture the spirit of the places and cultures he visits, and to bring these experiences to Western audiences. His photos showed the unique attributes and beauty of the diverse landscapes in the southwest, and featured the many different peoples of the region, showing them in everyday life and also during celebrations and festivals. He explained some of the customs, symbols and dress of his subjects during the presentation, and spoke about how he photographs without intruding into people’s lives.

Mr. Tong arranges non-commercial, cultural/photographic excursions into these areas of China. For more information, visit his website: http://photoart.chebucto.org/photonews.html

The photo club also held its annual Floral image competition. Floral prints were judged live during the meeting, and the results of the digital images judging (which was done earlier) were revealed. The calibre of the entries was very high, and there were numerous honour awards. For the overall competition (3 digital images and 1 print), congratulations go to Gary Smith (3rd place), Karen Parnell Herrick (2nd place), and the winner of the competition, Julie Naas. One of Julie’s images earned special distinction when it achieved a perfect score (15/15).




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