Minutes – November 24, 2015

7 01 2016

Members’ Potpourri at the Bridgewater Photo Club

Tuesday, November 24, 2015 – Members from The Bridgewater Photographic Society presented a variety of photographic topics ranging from aerial to underwater photography at their meeting last Tuesday.

The evening began with live judging of the club’s Portrait and Monochrome print competitions, and a review of the previously-judged digital images from those categories. Congratulations to the following members, whose images earned honour awards: Don Barnes, Julie Naas and Karen Parnell-Herrick for Portrait Digital; Darlene Awalt, Dave Collins and Karen Parnell-Herrick for Portrait Print; Darlene Awalt, Julie Naas, Richard Novossiltzeff and Gary Smith for Monochrome Digital; Derek Johnston and Karen Parnell-Herrick for Monochrome Print.

The competitions were followed by a presentation and show from club Vice-President, Gary Smith, featuring images he took during a photography camp at Sherbrooke Village, on Nova Scotia’s Eastern Shore. The four-day workshop, run by renowned Nova Scotia photographer Wally Hayes, offered plenty of instruction and critique, and Sherbrooke Village provided a wealth of interesting subjects, which were wonderfully showcased in Gary’s “sight and sound” photo essay.

Projectionist Dave Collins brought his decades of expertise in photographing auto races to the club via his presentation. Dave showed us the equipment he uses, and how he uses it, including important tips on correct shutter speed (not too fast!) and panning technique to get the most dynamic photos.

Richard Novossiltzeff then took the club to new heights with his presentation on aerial photography. A former pilot, Richard now combines his knowledge of flying with his photographic interest. He showed us images that he’s taken as a passenger in small and ultra-light airplanes, and gave us tips on when (and when not) to go, what camera equipment to bring, and how to use it in an aerial setting.

Gilbert van Ryckevorsel brought us from the wild blue yonder to the fascinating world of underwater photography. Gilbert has been photographing underwater for many years, and his images of the unique ecosystems of our local waterways are shared and admired world-wide. Gilbert also showed us the equipment he uses, and talked about the importance of preparation for diving, even in shallower water.




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