Minutes – November 10, 2015

7 01 2016

Up Close with the Bridgewater Photo Club

November 10, 2015. The Bridgewater Photo Club welcomed photographer Angela Creaser to give us a glimpse into the “world of the small” through Macro and Micro Photography. Angela is a fine art photographer and exhibiting member of the Viewpoint photographic gallery and cooperative in Halifax. She first became serious about photography during trip to Ireland in 2008. While she continues to enjoy landscape and architectural photography, her real passion is Macro and Micro photography – exploring subjects and details that are difficult or impossible to see without the aid of a magnified view.

Angela’s initial macro interests were flowers and insects. As her skills and technique developed, she explored a variety of subjects, often using a single point of focus and shallow depth of field. During the past few years, she has focused her attention on macro/micro photographs of marbles, and combining focus points to create interesting images. Angela’s presentation introduced us to her images, and also to the tools and techniques that she’s found useful when pursuing macro and micro photography. She showed how she employs the techniques of focus stacking and image stitching to achieve the effect she wants, sometimes combining more than a hundred individual photos to create a single, final image. She has a beautiful and impressive body of work with the marble photos; in 2013 her first solo photo show showcased these unique images.

Also during the meeting, projectionist Dave Collins ran a show featuring member’s images from the photo club’s last field trip (Crousetown Dam, Bell’s Island). The evening concluded with a presentation by John Burnett on purchasing a tripod – part of the club’s Ask and Answer series.




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