News – October 25, 2015

25 10 2015

A note from our guest speaker about the feature presentation this coming Tuesday October 27th:

A Photographic slide-show of the Great Southwestern China – by: Yau-Sun Tong

A unique place amount the 9.6 million square kilometer of lands in China, geographically Southwest China includes the areas of 4 provinces and one autonomous region, which are: GuangXi, YunNan, GuiZhou and SiChuan provinces, along with Tibet Autonomous Region. This territory stands out as grand and marvelous, mysterious, serene and primitive, from the ancient time to the modern days, Southwest China has enchanted travelers who indulge in it, it has aroused countless poets and literary giants, stirring their imagination, their enthusiasm and their calligraphy, leaving profound master pieces forever.

Beautiful scenery can be found everywhere; nature seems to show favoritism to the Southwest. Confucius says: “The benevolent enjoys mountains, and the wise enjoys the water”. But what is most interesting and striking to many is the rich cultural heritages, the cultural diversity in Southwest China, among the 55 ethnic minority nationalities in China, more than 40 can be found in the Southwest. The unique customs, the beautiful and colorful costumes, the folk music and dancing from the region, the genuine hospitality from the locals, the legends of history, all these make the great Southwest a wonderland for real travelers and photographers. There is a saying goes: “if you haven’t reach on top of The Great Wall, you are not a true man.” It almost holds truth to say that: “if you do not travel to the Southwest when you are in China, you’ll miss a lot”.

Best regards
Yau-Sun Tong 湯友新




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