Minutes – September 8, 2015

24 10 2015

Bridgewater Photo Club Minutes
September 8, 2015
(submitted by Derek Johnston)

The Bridgewater Photo Club officially started the new year on September 8, 2015.

This year’s President, John Burnett, welcomed everyone back for what promises to be a very enjoyable year. Existing members as well as guests were given a brochure which outlines the coming photographic season. It promises to be an enjoyable year filled with many interesting activities.

John introduced the new executive which is comprised of a number of positions. Although there are some on the executive who are experienced in their respective roles, there are some who are new to the job.

New this year was a sight and sound essay which displayed the photographs of ten members who participated in what was called The Summer Challenge. Each photographer submitted photos which were designed to show various people, places, and things associated with summer.

The president then gave a short summary of what the club does during the year. John explained that competitions, which are voluntary, will be held at different intervals. Examples include nature, flowers, portrait, macro, etc.

There will be presentations by guest photographers as well as in-house photographers.

Field trips to various places are planned for the 2015-2016 season to various places which are suggested by the membership. The trips provide an opportunity for comraderie, the sharing of ideas, photos, and laughter. All trips seem to culminate in a restaurant where more conviviality ensues.

The social aspect of the club is also continued with our Christmas dinner and year-end dinner where various awards are presented to those who won competitions.

John outlined specific things which centre around the competitions. How the judging is to be done. He further made reference to the new categories, such as landscape/seascape. Becoming a better photographer is the main objective of the competitions.

Dave Collins, the club projectionist, also presented further sight and sound essays which centered around field trips. It is safe to say that all were impressed with his efforts.

The evening concluded with a friendly competition. The group was subdivided into smaller groups and trivia questions revolving around photographic history and technique were asked. The winners were given the keys to the bragging compartment.




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