Minutes – September 22, 2015

24 10 2015

Bridgewater Photo Club Minutes
September 22, 2015
(submitted by Derek Johnston)

At our second meeting of the year the photo club was treated to an excellent presentation by Kas Stone. Kas is a professional photographer and instructor. Both qualifications were in abundant evidence during her well prepared and well delivered discourse on the judging of photographs for competitive purposes. Club competitions and more specifically, the judging of the images can be daunting and contentious. Kas tackled these issues head on by offering practical strategies for entering and quite possibly winning the various competitions, e.g. nature, floral, portrait, etc.

Kas offered six strategies for the proper preparation for presentation or displays for those photographers who want to have their efforts evaluated in the competitions which will be held at various intervals during the year. She used digital images which received honour awards last year to illustrate her strategies. This approach added visual and dramatic examples of just what the judges expect. Making better photographs is a high priority goal of all club members whether they enter the competitions or not.

In addition to the presentation on photographic strategies, Kas showed the members how to calibrate computer monitors for colour. This presentation explained the use of relatively inexpensive computer equipment designed to be user friendly. The use of such equipment helps eliminate unwelcome surprises when a digital image is displayed.

Both presentations by Kas were well received and most appreciated. There were several announcements at the start of the meeting regarding upcoming events, deadlines, etc. These as well as notes from Kas’s presentation will be sent to the members in the near future.

Lastly, it would be of special interest to our club members that John Burnett and Kas Stone will be featured at the Lunenburg Art Gallery from September 29 to October 25. The title of the exhibition is Un Sensored.




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