16 09 2015

Sept 16, 2015

I’m pleased to announce our feature presentation for our next meeting on Sep 22, 2015:

What The Judges Look For:
Six Strategies for Success in Photo Competitions
Presentation by Kas Stone, 2015


Have you ever wondered why your perfect picture got a less-than-perfect score? Or why a seeming grab-shot walked away with the competition trophy? Whether you enter photo competitions to win, to learn, or just for fun, the results can spark a tangle of emotions, and even change the way you shoot and feel about your photographs. “What makes a winning image?” – or more strategically, “What are the judges looking for?” – are questions that every photographer grapples with sometime in their lives.

This presentation takes a hard look at competitions from the competitor’s and the judge’s point of view, challenging you to think more constructively about your images. And you will learn six helpful strategies to improve your chances of competition success – and make better photographs while you’re at it.

Presenter Bio:

Kas Stone is a professional photographic artist and instructor with more than a decade of competition experience. She has judged extensively at local camera clubs, regionally with the Toronto Council of Camera Clubs, and nationally for the Canadian Association for Photographic Art. Her images have won numerous awards, including several recent top CAPA prizes. Kas has seen thousands of winning and losing images, and felt the sorrows and triumphs first hand. In “What The Judges Look For” she shares lessons learned from these experiences.


Colour Calibration — A Demo

“Colour Management” may seem like a complex, technical undertaking, but the most important step — calibrating your monitor — is actually pretty simple. In fact, the software guides you through it step by step. Kas Stone will demonstrate the process, and colour calibrate our projector to the International Color Consortium standard (ICC) in the bargain.

AND, and new show of last year’s Honour Award winning photographs from our competitions.


Please pick up your name tag at the door (or ask to have one made if you don’t have one). The 50-50 draw will be running — three tickets for $2, and you could take home half the pot.

Membership Dues (if you haven’t already paid). Please let Marg know if there’s been any change in your information.




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