Minutes – May 12, 2015

17 07 2015

Minutes- Annual Meeting, May 12, 2015
Meeting Start Time: 7:15 pm
Number of members in attendance: 22

1. Welcome by the President.

2. Confirm and approve minutes of the AGM held on May 13, 2014. Minutes can be read at: https://bridgewaterphotographicsociety.wordpress.com/2014/06/12/minutes-may-13-2014/

Motion to accept the minutes – Kas Stone
Seconded by – Derek Johnston
Motion Passed

3. President’s Report – Submitted by Sara Harley

My two year term as President has come to an end, and it has been a privilege to lead such a vibrant group. I joined the club six years ago, and it has been great to see the friendships grow over the years.

A successful club depends on our volunteers, and it is all of you who have made my job easier. Thank you to everyone who volunteered to judge our competitions, to everyone who made instructional presentations to the club, to the people who shared their photographs with us, who brought food in for our social breaks, and who organized field trips.

Over the years, the club changes and evolves. I am proud of a a few things we have achieved over the past couple of years. Almost 3/4 of our presentations were given by our own members this year, with a good balance of instructional presentations and presentations purely for enjoyment. We have a group with a wide variety of talents, and it’s wonderful that we have club members willing to share their interests and their knowledge with us.

This year, our yearbook contains 26 pages that feature photographs from our members….not just from competitions and field trips, but photographs that showed their interests on their own personal pages. I think these pages showcase our club in a better way, and our yearbook now represents all our members who choose to participate.

In the past two years, we have also made big strides in providing feedback for our competitions. This year (in part thanks to the winter weather), seven of our eight digital competitions were judged online and provided feedback as well as scores. It is my belief that feedback helps make us better photographers, whether we like the comments or not. We reviewed the judging process, and we will continue to work to fine tune our competitions.

In closing, I would like to give special thanks to our Past President Derek Johnston, as well as our Vice President John Burnett, for providing advice and support to me over the past year.

As our club continues to evolve, I encourage everyone to get involved. New members…or experienced…we all have something to contribute. Thank you.

Motion to accept the report – Dave Collins
Seconded by – Charlene Morton
Motion Passed

4. Program Director’s Report – Submitted by Nancy Johnston
The program for 2014-2015 consisted of 16 photo club meetings plus our Christmas and closing dinners. The closing awards dinner will be held on May26.
I would like to thank club members for your suggestions, contributions, and presentations this year. Also, your field trip organization and delicious lunches and other volunteer activities have added a great deal to our enjoyment of the club meetings.
We are always receptive to your suggestions and presentations and look forward to sharing many more innovative ideas and learning experiences in the next program.
Thank you. Respectfully submitted, Nancy Johnston

Motion to accept the report – Gary Smith
Seconded by – Richard Novossiltzeff
Motion Passed

5. Treasurer’s Report – Submitted by Marg Campbell



Dues 1475.00
Yearbook 47.76
Petty cash 72.85
50/50 297.50
Interest .76

Misc. 39.77
Insurance 450.00
Gifts 238.27
Awards 36.80
Joint Stock 30.25
Equipment 267.04
Promotions 254.27
Rental 552.00
NET LOSS 22.50


Motion to accept the report – Reg Archibald
Seconded by – Bill Jones
Motion Passed

6. Scorekeeper’s Report – Submitted by Karen Parnell Herrick and Julia Naas
The 2014/15 photography competition year started on Oct 28, 2014 with the Floral competition and ended on April 28, 2015 with the Sight and Sound essays.
Our club added a new category, Monochrome, in which there were 12 participants.
Pictorial was taken out of retirement and 17 participants entered the competition.

The number of competitors for each category were as follows:

Floral — 12
Nature — 16
Pictorial — 17
Travel — 15
Humour — 13
Monochrome — 12
Sight and Sound — 3
Portrait — 7
Creative — 9
Treasure Hunt — 10
Silent Essay — 3
New Members — 3

Our competition entries were very impressive but overall down slightly from last year. Julia and I would like to encourage members to be more proactive in the 2015/16 photo club year and see the number of competitors increase.
We would also like to take this opportunity to thank the judges who volunteered their time and expertise to the competitions and hope you, as well as others, will consider judging next year.
Our closing dinner at Ko’s Restaurant on May 26th will see eight 1st place trophies awarded. Hope to see you there.

Motion to accept the report – Ralph Cook
Seconded by – Charlene Morton
Motion Passed

7. Discussion of the Following Specific Issues and Motions –
7.1 Proposal to add Regulation 13 (c) to the Bridgewater Photographic Society By-laws and Regulations: Competition Points: The Silent Essay and Audio Visual Essay have a combined weight of no more than 25% of the total competition points to determine the Photographer of the Year Trophy.
Discussion included whether or not we are obliged to have essay competitions. We are not, it’s up to the committee however there are trophies for both essay competitions. This year was the lowest participation, usually there are about five competitors.

Motion to accept the proposal – Dave Collins
Seconded by – Karen Parnell-Hernick
Motion Passed

7.2 Proposal to add Regulation 16 to the Bridgewater Photographic Society By-laws and Regulations: Privacy:
Society membership information including, but not limited to, the email list, is to be used for Society business and educational purposes only. Unless specifically authorized by the Executive in writing, it shall not be used for personal, commercial, or non Society purposes, including solicitation of business, solicitation of donations, sending joke or spam email, or other similar activities. Such membership information, including the email list shall not be released to third parties, or non-members without the express written consent of the Executive and affected Society members.

Motion to accept the proposal – Derek Johnston
Seconded by – Reg Archibald
Motion Passed

7.3 Proposal to add Regulation 15 to the Bridgewater Photographic Society By-laws and Regulations: Participation in the Community: The Society and its activities have no political, social, cultural, religious or other affiliation, agenda or purpose outside of photography. The Society may, at the discretion of the Executive, participate in special events organized by the Society, or in conjunction with other photographic groups. The Society shall not partner in, or sponsor, events organized by third parties whose primary purpose or objectives are not photography related. The name of the Society is not to appear in or on any printed material/advertising of any event without the express written permission of the Executive. This in no way limits the ability of the individual members to display or participate in any event they may so choose.

Motion to accept the proposal – Dave Collins
Seconded by – Kas Stone
Motion Passed

8. Call for nominations to the Executive

Motion that nominations cease – Dave Collins
Seconded by – John Burnett

9. Proposal to accept the Executive for 2015-2016 by acclamation:
President – John Burnett
Vice-President – Gary Smith
Past President – Sara Harley
Treasurer – Marg Campbell
Secretary – Cindy Williams
Program Director – Nancy Johnston

Motion to accept the proposal – Kas Stone
Seconded by – Karen parnell-Hernick
Motion Passed

10. Announcement of Committee/Activity Volunteers 2015-2016

Program Committee – Nancy Johnston (chair), Karen Parnell Herrick, John Burnett
Field Trip Committee – Reg Archibald, Charlene Morton
Host – Charlene Morton
Scorekeeping – Karen Parnell Herrick, Julia Naas
Projectionist – Dave Collins
Refreshments – Hope Campbell
Webmaster – Trevor Awalt
Publicity –
Yearbook – Joan McCullough
Photographer for club events/presenters – shared: Reg Archibald, Gary Smith, Richard Novossiltzeff

11. Additions to the agenda as requested
The official meeting was adjourned at 8:15 pm.
Minutes taken by Cindy Williams.
Refreshments for the break were provided by Trevor and Darlene.
Competition categories for 2015-2016 were introduced. Full details will be emailed to the club before the year end dinner.
A slide show was held showing photos from the April field trip to Riverport & area.
A slide show was held showing all the photos that received Honour Awards during 2014-2015. Thank you to John Burnett for putting the slide shows together.

Informal Meeting:
• Charlene Morton – thank you to Kas, Yvonne, Gilbert for assisting with the water exhibit; there were ten contributors of 45 images, 17 volunteers. Grant has offered to get a Fliker site up and possibly Facebook to promote awareness; will also be attending schools to get more youth involved
• Field trip – May 23 – Keji – email in the next week with more details
• Field trip – June 20 – Windsor – a variety of places to explore, good meal options; can book a private room at Lisa’s
• Gilbert – Rhododendron park in Milton, mid-June is the best time; will make a date announcement about a week before. There is a picnic area (bring your own food)
• Field trip – July 18 – Tancook Island – details to follow

Competitions 2015-2016:

Silent Essay
New Member
Still Life*
Treasure Hunt
Sight & Sound Essays

*Definition changes reviewed and will be provided via email
Trophies all remain the same
Retired categories: creative, photo travel

Meeting adjourned at 9:25 pm.




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