Minutes – April 28, 2015

30 04 2015

April 28, 2015
26 members, 3 guests


  • our year end dinner will be at Ko’s Restaurant in Bridgewater on May 26th…gathering at 6:00. Buffet for $15.95 plus tax, or order from the menu. If you plan to attend but haven’t signed the sheet, please let us know at the next meeting
  • Gary, Trevor, Darlene, Don, and Dave C will be volunteering to take photographs at Run Nova Scotia’s Riverport race on May 9th. Photos of the racers will be available to purchase through a website set up by Trevor. Any profits will be donated to the photo club…thank you!


We started the evening with our Sight and Sound Competition. Our members were challenged to put a digital slide show together, complete with sound. Charlene L created a show called “Thank You Louis”, which coupled her photographs with the song “It’s a Wonderful World” by Louis Armstrong. Karen PH’s essay contained a collection of stunning portraits wearing old fashioned hats set to the song “My Hat’s on the Side of My Head” by Ray Noble. Our winning essay of the night was created by John B. His show was set to the Lennie Gallant song “Make and Break Harbour” and contained a series of photographs of harbours and fishing boats. John will pick up his trophy at the year end celebration. Thank you to judges Teresa, Ralph, and Kas.


After a break for snacking and socializing, Kas gave the club a presentation called “Digital Manipulation – the Great “Reality” Debate”. How much post processing of our digital photographs is “allowed”? When does a photograph change from being a photograph to being art? Is a photographer an artist who uses images as “ingredients”? Or is it “cheating” to create a photograph using elements from two or more photos? The answers to these questions depend on who you ask!

Community Recognition

A few of our club members were recently recognized at Bridgewater’s Volunteer Ceremony and Reception. Long time club member Nancy J was recognized for her years of arranging a well balanced and enjoyable program for our club. Nancy has lots of contacts at other clubs, and makes sure everything is organized to ensure there is something of interest throughout the year for all levels of ability at our club. John B has only been a member for a couple of years, but is one of our most dedicated volunteers. Along with being our VP and projectionist, he creates digital slide shows that highlight the photography of all our club members. He has also led many instructional sessions at the club, and has volunteered his photography to the community at the DesBrisay Museum and the Lunenburg Folk Harbour Festival. Gary S was also recognized for his volunteer work photographing exhibits at the DesBrisay Museum.

Next Meeting

Our Annual Meeting will wrap up our club meetings on May 12th at the MARC. In addition to our formal meeting, we’ll be showing all the honour award winning photographs from the year and a slide show from a recent field trip to Riverport and surrounding area. Time permitting, we’ll also show the member pages from the yearbook. It’s your last chance to join us before we break for the summer!




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