Minutes – March 24, 2015

16 04 2015

Minutes – March 24, 2015 – 7:15pm
(33 members present, and 2 guests)


– The photos that our club members submitted to the South Shore Council of Canadians Water Week exhibit will be moved to the Art Happening location in Bridgewater for several weeks.
– our field trip to the Maplewood Maple Syrup Farm will be Sat March 28th.
– this year’s club survey will be sent out by email. Surveys are used to create next year’s program, so please send your ideas
– we are looking for a Program Director for next year. Nancy J will continue to be on the program committee, but would like someone to take over as Director (this is an exec position).
– photographs for the New Members Competition are due on Saturday March 28th


Our first presentation was by long time club member John Croft, who showed the club a presentation on “Lobster Dump Day”. His facts and photographs gave us an appreciation for the hard work and cold conditions in the lives of lobster fishermen. What makes a better lobster trap? Wood or metal? Both types of traps make excellent photographs!

From sea to sky….our next presentation was “Winging It – Capturing Birds on the Fly” by club member Elizabeth Klaas. Elizabeth gave us tips on how to prepare for capturing bird photos while we are out and about and “on the fly”. Tips at home include setting up a branch near bird feeders. The birds will land on the branch while waiting for the feeder,
allowing the photographer a great chance for a photo without including the feeder in the frame. Other ideas were to plant hostas or beebalm (hummingbird favourites) in a pot, and move the pot around to remove clutter from the background of your photos. If you spot a bird photo opportunity when traveling, make sure you pull over and park safely (sometimes a challenge on our narrow country roads). Use the car, or maybe a nearby sign post, to steady your arms and reduce camera shake when taking your photos if you don’t have time to pull out a tripod. Elizabeth has captured hundreds of stunning photographs of many different birds on her local travels.


Club members Kas Stone and Richard Novossiltzeff, and guest photographer John Webb from the Photographic Guild of Nova Scotia were the judges for our two photo competitions. The first competition of the night was the “Silent Essay”, a compilation of 12 photographs that tell a story. The club enjoyed three essays; “If Life Gives You Lemons” by Karen Parnell Herrick, “Beachcombing” by John Burnett, and “Rain, Rain Go Away” by Joan McCullough.

Our final competition of the evening was the annual “Treasure Hunt”. Club members were challenged to capture photographs that represented various movie titles. Eight members and one two person team entered the competition and rose to the challenge to capture images of “Gone With The Wind”, “Shine”, and “My Left Foot”…a few of the 10 categories. Thanks to Joan McCullough for putting this fun challenge together. For this competition, the judges tested out using an additional “half point” system to increase the range of possible marks to 7. (2, 2.5, 3, 3.5, 4, 4.5, 5) If the judge wanted to add a half point to their score, they held up a finger. Judges thought the additional option of a half point was a good tool, but it was difficult for the scorekeepers to see their raised fingers. Cards will be made up for future competitions if the half point system is used.

Our next meeting will be Tuesday April 14th, 7:15pm at the M.A.R.C. We invite all photography lovers to come out and visit before we break for the summer. Amateur or professional…everyone is welcome!




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