Minutes – April 14, 2015

16 04 2015

Minutes – April 14, 2015 – 7:15pm
31 club members were present


– 15 club surveys have been sent in with ideas for our Program Committee to use in creating next year’s program.
– Our field trip on Saturday April 20th has been changed. Kegi Park was the original destination, but the facilities will not be open until next month. We will take a tour of Riverport and nearby wharves, ending with lunch at the Knot Pub in Lunenburg. Meet at 9am, Tim Horton’s in Bridgewater.
– Yearbooks will be $35 this year and payment to Sara is required no later than April 28th. (cash or etransfer) If you want a yearbook and have not signed the list, email Sara. The yearbook order will be submitted no later than April 30 to take advantage of a 20% discount offer.
– Club members Nancy Johnston and John Burnett will be recognized at the Bridgewater Volunteer Ceremony and Reception for their contributions to the Photo Club. Gary Smith will also be recognized for his volunteer work at the DesBrisay Museum. Congrats to all!
– Karen and Yvonne presented the club with options for the year end dinner. Some locations were not available on the night we need, so the majority of the club voted to have the dinner at Ko’s Restaurant.
– Gary asked for volunteers to photograph the 5k run in Riverport on May 7th. Trevor, Darlene, Dave and Gary have volunteered.


Club member Trevor Awalt gave a presentation on Time Lapse Photography.  Time Lapse photography involves some special equipment, and there are lots of things to think about when putting a show together. Short set ups spanning hours can be created by taking photos of moving clouds, longer set ups spanning days can be used to show a growing flower, and even longer set ups spanning months can condense a building project into a show that lasts only tens of seconds! Our minds were boggled with lots of samples of formulas and calculations, but thankfully Trevor created notes for us so we didn’t have to depend on our memories (a pdf file will be available on our website shortly). Trevor’s presentation ended with a seriously cute time lapse video of a squirrel collecting seeds set to the tune “Taking Care of Business”.


After a quick break for socializing, we watched our New Member Competition. Nancy Grant, Janice Kenefick and Don Barnes each submitted six images with a wide variety of subjects for the club to enjoy. Judging was done online before the meeting by previous winners of the New Member Trophy – Dave Collins, James Campbell, and Gary Smith. The winner of this year’s trophy was Don Barnes.

Certificates were also given out to Karen Parnell Herrick, the winner of our Silent Essay Competition, and John Burnett, who won the Treasure Hunt Competition. Trophies for all our competitions will be awarded at our year end dinner in May.

Field Trip:

To wrap up the evening, the club enjoyed a show of digital slides from our recent field trip to the Maplewood Maple Syrup Farm.

At our next meeting, Kas Stone will be presenting “Digital Manipulation – the Great Reality Debate” which will likely stir up some lively conversations! We’ll also have our last competition for the year – Sight and Sound.




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