Minutes – February 24, 2015

2 03 2015


Minutes – February 24, 2015 – 7:15pm
(36 in attendance, 1 guest)


  • The last two meeting were canceled due to weather issues therefore some of the competition judging was done online. Links to the entries, scores and judges’ comments were provided to club members via email. Feedback was positive and included that it was nice to be able to receive and review comments as well as being able to spend more time looking at the various images. Thank you to John Burnett for all the work that he put into this project.
  • Members also provided feedback that they appreciate the information sharing that Trevor Awalt has been providing.
  • Silent Essay Competition has been postponed to March 24th. The definition was displayed and will also be sent out be email to all members. Scoring is out of 100. If you would like to have your essay tested to ensure that it projects properly, please bring it to our next meeting.
  • There is no competition scheduled for the next meeting.
  • Samples of the personal yearbook pages were displayed. Participants who still need to get their bios and photos into Sara should do so as soon as possible. You can submit three to four images. Bio only needs to be a couple of sentences about you as a photographer.


  • Honour awards from past competitions were handed out.
  • Portrait print competition was held, with two resulting honour awards
  • Monochrome print competition was held, with one honour award

Slide Show:

BMI junk yard field trip of January 24th. Again, thank you to John for assembling the show. Participants discussed sharing the images with BMI. Sara will email the participants to ensure they agree to their images being shared.


Kas Stone – Sight & Sound – How to Create an Effective Digital AV Show: Kas covered all aspects of the artistic component to creating a sight and sound essay or AV show, outlining what makes an effective AV show as well as common mistakes to avoid. Through both visual and audio, Kas took us through the steps of developing upon an idea or story, choosing images, text and other visual aids, choosing the music and any other sound effects right through to assembling the final product with attention to grouping, timing, transitions to keep our audience engaged throughout. Kas shared a number of examples of both wonderful AV shows as well one intentionally designed to show the types of mistakes people can often make when first creating an AV show. Kas kindly provided a handout that highlighted her presentation.

Meeting adjourned at 9:15 pm.




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