Minutes – October 28, 2014

29 10 2014

Minutes – October 28, 2014

On October 28, 2014, the photo club was treated to an excellent presentation entitled An Artistic Approach to Visual Design by Stephen Scott Patterson.

In his opening remarks Stephen mentioned that he started photography in 1993 and was heavily influenced by Sherman Hines, Ernst Haas, and Freeman Patterson.

His presentation began with a sight and sound essay entitled Nature’s Harmony, which included digital images from a wide and diverse variety of places, both international and local. His images covered numerous approaches, from the sharply focused to the abstract. His topics covered landscapes to close-up floral studies.

Stephen likes to photograph what he calls negative space as well as organic shapes with a minimalist approach.  He frequently uses longer shutter speeds, neutral density and polarizing filters to achieve the desired effects.

He had a number of suggestions to enhance our photographic endeavors. These included such things as avoiding showing too much sky, as this detracts from the subject itself. He also suggested trying things like abstract shots using various techniques such as the aforementioned filters, etc. Stephen prefers spring colours to other seasons as he finds them more pleasing to the eye. He further suggested the use of higher f-stops and a lower ISO: 100-200. He looks for contrasts in his images such as combining a straight wall with utter chaos. Further tips included the use of the one-half second panning shots and the search for the unusual locales, namely dumps, old buildings, etc.  The use of the tripod was strongly recommended. Stephen uses modern painters for inspiration for ideas and tips for composition. He had other suggestions too numerous to mention here.  In conclusion, Stephen’s lecture was both informative and most entertaining.

Following the break, our first competition for this year was held. The theme was floral and included images of cultivated and wild flowers. The quality and variety of images were amazing. Honour awards were presented to Joan Mc Cullough, Gary Smith, and Gilbert VanRyckeversel-all with 13. Charlene Lewis, Darlene Awalt, and Charlene Morton posted scores of 12. The competition for our next meeting will include print images for Floral and Nature categories.

The turnout for our meeting continues to be in the 40 plus range. We do invite new members, both amateur and professional. We meet on the second and fourth Tuesdays of the month at the MARC building in Dayspring. The meetings start at 7:15 and end at 9:45. It should be noted that Wednesday, November 12 will be our next meeting. We respect Remembrance Day. For more information, consult our website: http://bridgewaterphotoclub.ca




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