Minutes – September 9, 2014

17 09 2014

September 9, 2014, 7:15pm
Approximately 30 people in attendance, one new member and one visitor.

Guest Speaker – Eric Boutilier-Brown presented “Evolving Beauty – Travel”. Eric discussed travel photography versus fine art photography while traveling. He told us how he prepares for a trip and showed us many beautiful examples of fine art photography that he has created over the years while traveling in England, Scotland and Ireland.

Refreshments were supplied by Joan and Yvonne. Volunteers are asked to sign up to bring refreshments to our future meetings.

Results from our Summer Photo Challenge were shown. Photos were submitted by Joanne, Yvonne, and John B. Many thanks to John for putting the sight and sound show together.

Program Introduction – programs were sent out by email last week. Hard copies will be available at our meetings for anyone who wants one.
Many thanks to the people who worked over the summer to pull the program together: Nancy, Karen, Charlene M. Our field trip list was created by James, Reg, Dave, and Charlene M. Grant created the program in a printable format.

James Campbell talked about our first field trip – September 20. We will be going to Bear River, Digby, and Church Point. We will also visit Smuggler’s Cove if time permits. Details will be sent out by email.

Sara Harley made a presentation on the club’s trophies and competitions for the coming year. Instructions on how to prepare your digital and print files for competition will also be emailed to everyone before our competitions.

Yearbook information:
– Charlene Morton made arrangements with the library to have all our yearbooks available for sign out. If you don’t have a copy of our 30 year history, or copies of the yearbooks from the past 4 years, you can sign them out at the library.
– changes to yearbook layout – in past years, the yearbooks have contained images from our field trips and from our competitions. However, the books were not “all inclusive” if club members did not participate in competitions and field trips. For this year, everyone will have their own “page” in the yearbook. Participation is voluntary. Members will be asked to provide a photo of themselves, a very brief bio, and up to 4 photographs of their choosing to be published in the yearbook (photographs to be taken during the time period June 2014 to March 2015) . All the information will be sent to Sara Harley, who is in charge of putting the yearbook together.

John Croft will continue to monitor the club’s library. If anyone has photography magazines or books that they would like to donate to the club’s library, please let John know.
Volunteers are needed:
– We need someone to take photographs for our yearbook during our meetings throughout the year. We just need a photo of our speaker, and maybe our judges for the competitions, and various things. Please talk to Sara if you are willing to take this on.

– Frank Fawson (Councillor, Municipality of the District of Lunenburg) is looking for someone who is willing to photograph the events of a book launch on Sept 20th from 1-4pm at the Michelin Social Club. The book is called “Firefighters of Lunenburg County”…1856 books have been printed…approx 540 will be sold by the 27 fire departments in Lunenburg County as a fundraiser for them. Please let Sara know if you are interested.

– John Burnett has been volunteering at the DesBrisay Museum and is looking for someone to take this over. If you are willing to photograph the museum’s artifacts one day (or two half days) a week, please let John know.
Nametags – if you would like a personalized name tag – send a photo to Sara (photo should have some “room” for your name. Sara will add your name to your photo and print up a tag for you.

Assignment for next meeting – We’d like everyone to get to know each other! “Introduce” yourself to the club – submit five photographs of your choice:
1. photos that reflect your photographic interests 

2. photos that show what you “captured” over the summer months

Meeting adjourned 9:35pm




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