Minutes – May 13, 2014

12 06 2014

Minutes- Annual Meeting, May 13, 2014

Meeting Start Time: 7:18pm
Number of members in attendance: 31

1.     Welcome by the President.

Slide show of the recent club field trip to Ross Farm.

3.     Confirm and approve minutes of the AGM held on May 14, 2013. Minutes can be read at: https://bridgewaterphotographicsociety.wordpress.com/2013/05/25/minutes-from-agm-may-14-2013/

Motion to accept the minutes – Kas Stone
Seconded by – Debbie Black
Motion Passed

4.     President’s Report – Submitted by Sara Harley
It has been a wonderful year at the Bridgewater Photographic Society. It’s a good indication that we have a vibrant membership when one of my biggest challenges is to get everyone to stop socializing and sit down for a meeting!

Our membership grew to over 50 active members this year, which I believe is a club record. A successful club year is achieved due to the work of many people. I want to thank our Executive as well as all our Committee Members and volunteers. Without them, we wouldn’t have the success we do. I would like to give special recognition to Elizabeth Klaas and Elizabeth Nash who have written excellent newspaper articles over the past two years, which helped raise community awareness of our club. I also want to give special recognition to John Burnett, who has conducted many presentations throughout the year as well as created countless sight and sound shows of field trips and challenges.

I’m proud of the meetings we held this year. We held an additional meeting early in the year for our newer members. John Burnett gave a presentation packed with advice for new members and beginner photographers. Two thirds of our meetings this year were given by our own members…the first time we’ve achieved that since I joined the club over five years ago. Many thanks to Trevor Awalt, John Burnett, Richard Novossiltzeff and Teresa Alexander-Arab who gave in depth instructional presentations to the club, and to Nancy Johnston, Gilbert Van Ryckevorsel, Peter Stuempel and John Croft for sharing their photographs with us.

Our club was active in the community as well. Three of our members headed to a tree farm in New Ross to take photographs for The Nova Scotia Christmas Tree Growers Co-Op website. Eleven members contributed their photos for the creation of a photo book for Saint Patrick’s Church in Halifax. Twelve members answered the call of organizer Charlene Morton to display photographs at the “Our Water” Exhibit in Lunenburg.

As I write this, we are preparing for our Year End Awards Night. It has been another year of very close competitions! The winners will receive their trophies at the end of May, but in my mind we are all winners…we have made new friendships, viewed spectacular photography, and learned a few things along the way!

Motion to accept the report – Peter Stuempel
Seconded by – Dave Collins
Motion Passed

5.     Program Director’s Report – Submitted by Nancy Johnston

The program for 2013-2014 consisted of 16 photo club meetings plus our Christmas dinner and the closing dinner on May27 when the awards for the season will be dispersed.

I would like to thank Sara and John Burnett for their contributions to the program and for the input from club members-both suggestions and presentations, field trips, and workshops during the year.

We are always receptive to your ideas, offerings, and suggestions. The field trips have increased in popularity and number, thanks to you.

I also wish to acknowledge the ongoing presentations by the members of the Photographic Guild of Nova Scotia-over many years, they have willingly come to Bridgewater to our club meetings and presented their photographic talents in the form of shows, workshops, teaching and judging our club competitions.

Thank you.

Respectfully submitted, Nancy Johnston

Motion to accept the report – Derek Johnston
Seconded by – Deborah Croft
Motion Passed

6.     Treasurer’s Report – Submitted by Marg Campbell

Bridgewater Photographic Society Financial Report May 1 2014

Starting balance 3554.20 Bank balance 3443.00

Petty cash 47.97 Petty cash 47.97

INCOME Total 3490.97

Yearbooks 35.07

Dues 1620.00

Interest 1.12

Donations 53.00

50/50 359.00

Uncashed cheques 185.09



Room Rental 276.00

Misc. 91.77

Insurance 450.00

Gifts 112.88

Awards 107.53

Joint Stock Companies 30.25

Computer and software 1122.17

Promo 173.88


Net Loss 111.20

Motion to accept the report – Derek Johnston
Seconded by – Bill Jones
Motion Passed

Scorekeeper’s Report – Submitted by James Campbell
The 2013-14 photo club competitions started on Nov 12 with nature, both digital and print, and ended April 22 with the new member competition, having 5 entries. The most popular contest was the photo travel with 22 entries,next to the floral with 17.

Other contests were:

silent essay with 5 entries,
sight and sound with 6
creative with 10
humor with 9
portrait with 12, and
photojournalism with 8 entries

Scores in the all print category showed a tie in second place, while the floral contest had a 3 way tie in third place. In 3 different categories, only 1 point separated second place from first place. The new member category, with 5 entries were stunning. If this is any indication of the quality picture taking, next year should be a nail-biter.

On May 27, the club will be having their closing dinner and awards banquet,when trophies for the 9, first place winners will be handed out.

Motion to accept the report – Gary Smith
Seconded by – Karen Parnell Herrick
Motion Passed

Discussion of the Following Specific Issues and Motions –

Proposal to change meeting time to 7:00 from 7:15

Motion to accept the proposal – Dave Collins
Seconded by – Cindy Williams
Motion Defeated (meeting start time will remain at 7:15)
Proposal to accept the amended By-laws submitted by the By-Law Review Committee

Motion to accept the proposal – Dave Collins
Seconded by – Peter Stuempel
Motion Passed
Proposal to amend Regulation 8 (page 14 Amended Bylaws & Regulations)
“Re-entry of Image Into Competition”
“Any one image or a very similar one can only be entered once into competition in each category for which it is appropriate.” The By-Law Review Committee recommended removal of the phrase “or a very similar one.”
Proposal put forward to retain the clause “or a very similar one” rather than remove it.

Motion to retain the clause as put forward by the By-Law Review Committee – Kas Stone
Seconded by – Trevor Awalt
Motion Passed (Regulation 8 will read “Any one image can only be entered once into competition in each category for which it is appropriate.”)
Proposal to amend Responsibilities of Publicity Chairperson (page 21 Amended Bylaws & Regulations)

The By-Law Review Committee proposed to change the Responsibility to read
“…make sure it arrives at relevant publications before noon on the Thursday
immediately following the meeting.”

Proposal forwarded to change this clause to: “…make sure it arrives at relevant publications in a timely manner to meet their publishing deadlines.”

Motion to accept the proposal – Dave Collins
Seconded by – Derek Johnston
Motion Passed
Proposal to amend Appendix F (page 33 Amended Bylaws & Regulations)

The By-Law Review Committee proposed to change the Regulation to Submitting Digital Images
“2.  Rename your images in the following format: ”

Proposal put forward to change this clause to: “You must rename your images in the following format:”

Motion to retain the wording as submitted by the By-Law Review Committee – Dave Collins
Seconded by – Peter Stuempel
Motion Passed
Proposal to amend Appendix G, H, I (pages 34, 35, 36 Amended Bylaws & Regulations)

The By-Law Review Committee proposed to delete Appendices G, H, I

Proposal forwarded to keep the pages rather than delete them:
Appendix G (Past Presidents), H (Honorary Members), and I (In Memoriam)

Motion to accept the proposal – Gary Smith
Seconded by – Reg Archibald
Motion Passed
Call for nominations to Executive – no further names put forward
Proposal to accept the Executive for 2014-2015 by acclamation:

President – Sara Harley
Vice-President – John Burnett
Past President – Derek Johnston
Treasurer – Marg Campbell
Secretary – Cindy Williams
Program Director – Nancy Johnston

Motion to accept the proposal –  Dave Collins
Seconded by – Elizabeth Nash
Motion Passed

9.  Additions to the agenda as requested:

Motion to permit the Executive Committee to use their best judgement to source and purchase a replacement projector if required. – Cindy Williams
Seconded by – Derek Johston
Motion Passed
Announcement of Committee/Activity Volunteers 2014-2015
Program Committee – Nancy Johnston (chair), Charlene Morton, Karen Parnell Herrick
Field Trip Committee – James Campbell (chair), Dave Collins, Charlene Morton, Reg Archibald
Hosts- Charlene Morton, Teresa Alexander-Arab
Scorekeeping – Karen Parnell Herrick, Julia Naas
Projectionist – John Burnett
Refreshments – Joan McCullough
Webmaster – Trevor Awalt
Publicity – Cindy Williams
Yearbook – Sara Harley
Competitions 2014-2015 – were announced during our meeting of April 22nd. Competition categories will be circulated by email and posted to the club’s website.
Summer Challenge – will be sent out by email after our Year End Awards Dinner
Charlene Morton suggested that the club should look into what other clubs do to historically track past presidents, honorary members, in memormium, etc. She will look into this next year.
Derek Johnston raised the concern that people who wanted changes weren’t present to explain the rationale behind the proposed changes. The suggestion was made that things should not be added to the agenda unless the person who raised the issue is present to discuss it. It was decided that this would not become a by-law or regulation, but the President should try to enforce this for future annual meetings.
Dave Collins expressed thanks to the Executive on behalf of the club members.
The official meeting was adjourned at 8:42pm.
Minutes taken by Cindy Williams.

Refreshments for the break were provided by Karen Parnell Herrick, complements of the club.

A slide show was held showing the results of our “Four Season Challenge”. Entries were submitted by Deborah Croft, Debbie Black, and Elizabeth Klaas.

A slide show was held showing all the photos that received Honour Awards during 2013-2014.  Thank you to John Burnett for putting the slide show together.





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