Minutes – April 22, 2014

28 04 2014

Minutes – April 22, 2014

– Debbie Black will be accepting payments for the year end dinner until the meeting on May 13th. $15 per person
– Yearbooks have all been paid for, and will be available at the year end dinner.
– Cindy Williams has offered to cover the Publicity responsibilities next year.
– We say good-bye to Brenda Fitzgerald, Past President of the club. Brenda has been a key contributor to the club over the past number of years, and will be missed!
– We are looking for someone to cover the “Host” responsibilities for next year.

Guest Speaker: Keith Michael Vossey (www.keithvossey.com) talked about his Dropology – Liquid Art Exhibit. He explained the history of water drop photography, showed us his equipment set up, and showed a digital slide show on amazing water drop art.

Competition: New Member Competition – we had 5 new members participate in the competition. Judges were all past winners of the New Member Trophy – Gary Smith, Trevor Awalt, and Debbie Black.

Next Year’s Competitions – The competition committee made a few changes to the digital and print competitions for next year.

1. The “Urban” category will be retired for the year.
2. The combined “Photojournalism” and “Human Interest” competition will be retired for the year.
3. The “Pictorial” category will be brought back from retirement.
4. A new “Monochromatic” category will be introduced. (definition is below)


Eight competition categories for the 2014-2015 club year:
1. Nature – 4 entries (3 digital, 1 print)
2. Floral – 4 entries (3 digital, 1 print)
3. Portrait – 2 entries (1 digital, 1 print)
4. Photo Travel – 2 entries (1 digital, 1 print)
5. Pictorial – 2 entries (1 digital, 1 print)
6. Monochromatic ** definition below** – 2 entries (1 digital, 1 print)
7. Humour – 2 entries (2 digital)
8. Creative – 2 entries (2 digital)

Definition – Monochrome Category:

A monochrome image uses a single colour in varying shades from dark to light. The image may be black and white; it may also make use of, or emulate, traditional monochromatic, photographic processes such as sepia toning (brown), or cyanotype (cyan/blue). Any single colour may be used. The Monochrome Category is open with regards to image subject. In addition to general photographic technique and artistry, images in this category will be judged on how successfully the maker has utilized the monochromatic medium.

John Burnett prepared and displayed a digital sight and sound with examples of monochrome photographs.

Next meeting: May 13th – Annual Meeting.
Please email Sara Harley with any items you want discussed at the annual meeting by Saturday May 3rd.




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