Minutes – March 25, 2014

16 04 2014

Minutes March 25, 2014

We opened the meeting with a presentation on panoramic photography given by one of our club members, Richard Novossiltzeff. Richard has combined his interest in panoramic photography with his love of old churches to produce some beautiful and breathtaking photographs. It takes him one and a half hours to get the shots he wants and then it’s back to the computer to stitch them together. The final effect is a virtual tour, where the viewer feels as if they are standing in the centre of the church and turning in a complete circle. He then produces a panoramic view of the walls and ceiling showing all the decorative arches.

Richard has also produced landscapes which are up to three feet long with remarkable detail. He gave us a practical demonstration with his camera and tripod as to how he took the pictures and will download the technical information to our website for viewing.

Our next presentation was by Sara Harley, also a club member and club president, who was photographer of the year in 2013.

Sara began by saying that she does not have an extensive knowledge of the technical side of her craft, nor does she do a lot of post production work on her photos. She has taken courses in creative photography which shows on her work. Sara showed us some of her favorite shots and told us the stories behind them. She said she takes photographs to record memories of her journey through life and of the things she likes, such as shadows and reflections. She ended her presentation with last year’s sight and sound competition entry which was on hummingbirds. The photos were exquisite. Sara used her camera, tripod, hummingbird feeder and lots of patience.

The field trip to Petite Riviere and LaHave was well attended and enjoyable.

We had two entries for the treasure hunt competition. The winner will be announced at our closing supper.

Our next meeting will be held on April 8, when Barry Burgess will be presenting “Water Falls of Nova Scotia”.





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