Minutes – Feb 25, 2014

20 03 2014

Minutes – Feb 25, 2014
Meeting Start Time: 7:15pm

– Debbie Black – Our year end dinner will be May 27th (6-9pm) at the Italy Cross Fire Hall. Please sign up if you plan to attend. $16 per person covers your dinner, coffee or tea, and dessert. Please pay Debbie before April 22nd.
– Charlene Morton – showed the posters for the upcoming “Our Water” Exhibit at the Peer Gallery. Anyone interested in displaying 1 or 2 prints can bring them to the meeting on March 11th. (matted, but not framed)  Peer Gallery selected Trevor Awalt’s photograph for the rack card advertisements and Kas Stone’s image for the newspaper article.

Competitions:   Portrait, Human Interest/Photojournalism
Judges: Grant Dixon, Ralph Cook, Kas Stone
Honour Awards – February 25, 2014

Portrait print “Coconut & Her Main Squeeze” – Karen Parnell-Herrick – 12
Portrait print “Wanna Be My Friend” – Trevor Awalt – 14
Portrait digital “Woman In A White Scarf” – John Burnett – 12

Mini Presentation: John Burnett – Women Photographers
Photographers featured:
Julia Margaret Cameron, Imogen Cunningham, Dorthea Lange, Margaret Bourke-White,
Helen Levitt, Diane Arbus, Vivian Maier, Francesca Woodman, Mary Ellen Mark, Brigitte Carnochan, Barbara Bender,
Andrea Stone, Annie Leibovitz, Rita Bernstein, Sally Mann, Christina Heliker, Beth Moon, Trula Blize, Monica Denevan,
Francesca Phillips, Alexandra De Steiguer, Susan Burnstine, Kathleen Laraia McLaughlin, Camille Seaman, Beata Sass

Presentation: Teresa Alexander-Arab – Creative Photography
Creative Photography can be accomplished 2 ways – in camera (motion blur, zoom, moving camera, etc) and using software. Teresa showed examples of each and walked us through how she created some of her own images. Her message: don’t be afraid to play with your images…you never know what you’ll end up with unless you try.

Next meeting: club members Peter Stuempel and John Croft will make presentations. Competitions will be Humour and Creative.

Refreshments were provided by Mary Lang.
Minutes taken by Mary Ann Massey.
Meeting ended 9:15pm. Next meeting on March 11, 2014.




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