Minutes – Jan 28, 2014

17 02 2014


DATE:  January 28, 2014                MTG START TIME: 7:00 pm

39 members, 1 guest were in attendance.

Agenda –
1)    Future photo shoot with Gilbert van Ryckevorsel in Shubenacadie Park. Email with more information to follow.
2)    Bridgewater and Lunenburg Photo Clubs have been asked to help with the photos for the World Water Day. (Mounting, placment,what kind of walls to mount them on, etc.)
3)    Photo show: Floral Competition – Digital Photos and Scores and 13 prints. Comments on the prints to be sent out shortly.
4)    Guest speaker: John Burnett – Photo Editing – The Next Steps

PRESENTER / WORKSHOP EVENING TOPIC: John Burnett – “Photo Editing”.
“Photoshop ELements” is very good. This is the program that John used for this evening’s topic. Photos in JPEG are limited for what you can do to modify them while the Raw format allows more options to make edits. The Raw files have the most information of the pictures that you have taken.

1)    Blue Rocks Shanty. First, set highlights/ shadow/ white/ black/ saturation/ etc.  Then you can work with layers and graphics to adjust colour of sky/wood/glass/etc. You can then paint on the layer and it does not affect the original photo.
2)    Torso of a woman. John showed how adjusting highlights/shadows/etc. affects the skin tone and colour of hair.  Although you have to be careful when adjusting you can work around the eyes, mouth, etc., even take folds out of the blouse.

There are many tools that you have to work on your photo.

Refreshments by Charlene N./ Daniel V./ Brenda F.
Meeting ended at 9:45.      Next meeting on February 11, 2014.




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