Minutes – Jan 14, 2014

17 02 2014


DATE:  January 14, 2014                MTG START TIME: 7:15 pm

39 members, 1 guest were in attendance.

Agenda –
1)    Club group photo for the year book taken by Trevor Awalt;
2)    Announcements;
1)    Next competitions are a Treasure Hunt and a Silent Essay.
3)    Photo show: Scavenger Hunt Liverpool and Area Field Trip.
4)    Guest speaker;
5)    mini-presentation (John Webb & Nancy Johnston).

Nancy welcomed our guest John Webb.

John showed a variety of pictures across Iceland ranging from the country side (with water falls, glaciers,  both green and snow covered mountains, rock arches, wild life, mountain goats, horses, flowers); to the coast lines (with icebergs, fishing boats) and human influences with old abandoned houses, farm land, sea ports, and cities including high rises, shops and stores, wonderful ark work, and local crafts.  He makes it appear to be a great place to visit.

Nancy made a presentation on Hawaii – She photographed mountains to coast lines with water falls, sugar cane factory, sea lions and sunsets.  She included foliage and flowers, bananas, local shops and churches.

John presented another view of Hawaii – the Volcano National Park. Pictures included the results from a volcano eruption with lava tunnels/ hardened lava flow/ large ferns/ flowers/ birds/ even a lava flow across a road closing it. A state park was created from a area where lava covered the trees.  He also showed a short movie of lava flowing into the ocean which continued from December to July.  The hot red lava caused steam to raise as it went into the sea.  He noted that the big island had the largest lava flow which flowed into the sea in the world.

Refreshments by Reg Archibald.
Meeting ended at 9:45.      Next meeting on January 28, 2014.




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