Minutes – Feb 11, 2014

17 02 2014


DATE:  February 11, 2014                MTG START TIME: 7:15 pm

35 members, 1 guest were in attendance.

Agenda –
1)    Competition committee meeting 2 pm February 18th.
2)    Dinner 6-9 pm May 27th. Italy Cross Fire Hall; Please pay Debbie Black by April 22nd.
3)    The Area of Lunenburg County Photo Gallery has asked for 2 photo’s of water for the exhibit. Photos to be submitted  by March 11th. Size limited to between 8×10 and 18×24.
4)    Silent Essay: 5 shows: 1) Flowers; 2) Birds; 3) Miscellaneous of Chair, lace, pews,spoons,etc.; 4) after the sunset and 5) windows
5)    Next competition: Portrait 1 print and 1 digital
Combined photojournalism/human interest 1 print and 1 digital


Gilbert van Ryckevorsel – Underwater Photography
Topics: Mushamush River – snorkeling
Visual evidence of Natural Waters
Aquatic flora and fauna
Special Effects Fantasy – Abstraction
Gilbert moved to Canada in 1967 worked as a master brewer in Montreal and Quebec and end up working in Halifax, with photography only a hobby. In Halifax he worked with a company that worked with mirrors, glass work then became interested in the St. Margarets Bay area and especially the bluefin tuna. He started working with a diver who also took underwater photos. Then started working around the salmon rivers in the local areas.  He now makes his home in Mahone Bay where he still takes underwater photo around the area.  Fallen trees in the rivers make underwater art work in the river bottoms. He does not use a flash and only goes out on nice sunny days. He takes underwater photos of old roots/weeds/grass/fish/etc. The colors look so different from what we would normally see.

Refreshments by Mary Ann Massey
Meeting ended at 9:45.      Next meeting on February 25, 2014.




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