Minutes – Nov 26, 2013

5 12 2013


DATE:  November 26, 2013                MTG START TIME: 7:00 pm

40 members, 3 guests were in attendance.
Competition – “Photo travel” and “Urban” – 1 print and 1 digital of each

Reminder of field trip on December 14th, 2013 to Mahone Bay during afternoon and early evening.

Trevor Awalt – Landscape Low light
He defined 3 periods of light – daylight/twilight/night with night as the period between dusk and sunrise.
One problem for night photography is of man made light or “light pollution”
Things to remember during night photography:
Exposure triangle – Noise / depth of field / shutter speed
Exposure – What is a “Stop of light”? This is used to determine final exposure
White balance – Sunset/sunrise – artificial light
Exposure bracketing – Blending dark and light
Focus stacking – decide to focus on the foreground – the background or both
Trevor provided a lot of knowledge of how important light is in taking night images.

Mini-presentation by Charlene Morton – Miksang Photography
Miksang is a Tibetan word that translates as ‘Good Eye’. It is a form of contemplative photography and is concerned with the photographer seeing without filter or formula. (“A good shot is 80% luck, 10% knowing the shot and 10% technique. – Wally Hayes).

Competition: Photographs were rated and the club had good representation of photographs.
James passed out award cards from November 12th meeting.

Next competition for the end of January 2014 is a “Floral Competition?.

Refreshments by Doris Eagles and Charles Brown.
Meeting ended at 9:45.

Next meeting: Christmas Dinner on December 10th at the pub house in Bridgewater.




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