Minutes – Nov 12, 2013

19 11 2013


DATE:  November 12, 2013                MTG START TIME: 7:00 pm

39 members, 1 guest were in attendance.
Agenda – Recent Field Trips.
Nature competition – “Prints”

Photo show: Nature Competition – Digital entries.

PRESENTER / WORKSHOP EVENING TOPIC: Teresa Alexander Arab – photo evaluations.

Sara welcomed all and our guest.

We had a good response to the field trip with a good day for taking pictures.  Prints of Nature were voted on first: Sara explained how the judges use their marking scheme 2-3-4-5 (lowest to highest).  The prints obviously had a lot of work put into them.

Digital Prints: Voted on outside of the club: The score was put on all the pictures: All the pictures were just wonderful.  Judges had a few things for us to think about when taking your pictures. John B. gave us a few tips for preparing ours pictures.

Next is photo travel – 1 print 2 digital
urban – 1 print 1 digital

Critiquing Photos: “Criticism can help us to grow”.  Teresa explained about the tweaking of pictures and cropping to improve results. Lots of comments from the group. There was a lot of participation in the work shop.

Refreshments by Cindy Williams.

Meeting ended at 9:45.      Next meeting on November 26, 2013.




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