Minutes – October 8, 2013

20 10 2013



DATE:  October 8, 2013                               MTG START TIME: 7:00 pm


Sara reminded members of the four season challenge and the October 19th field trip to Truro.  12 members indicated they plan on going.

33 members, 1 new member and 1 guest were in attendance.

Photo show: The pictures from Hirtles Beach field trip were shown first. Looks like all had a good day and many wonderful pictures were taken.

Mini-presentation – John Burnett – “Resizing / renaming photos for competitions”.

Choose Resize (image-resize)(file edit) then select width and height. Do not sharpen until you are ready to output (send).

The convention for naming photos is (competition category and picture number_name of picture_full name of photo taker)   Example (FL10_Flower_JohnSmith).

The number should be from 10 to 40.

PRESENTER / WORKSHOP EVENING TOPIC: John Burnett – Floral Photography.

John discussed a few famous photographers and showed photos by Ann Geddes. He reminded us that flower photography can be done outside, inside and any season (summer or winter). John spoke on basic tips such as depth of field, what is in your frame and what is your main focus. It is important to watch what is in your background when taking floral pictures. For tips on lighting we were shown the difference between soft focus and sharp focus as well as a sample of hard light and soft light. John brought a hand held light deflector to help with lighting.  He made his point by showing samples of indoor and outdoor flower pictures. Sara thanked John for the photo and interesting subject.

After the presentation, members were able practice the tip by taking pictures of flowers brought in by the volunteers Karen, Deborah C, Paulette and Nancy as well as other members. Members should pick 3 of tonight’s floral pictures and send to Sara for showing and discussion next meeting.

Refreshments by Peter Stuempel.

Meeting ended at 9:45.      Next meeting on October 22, 2013.




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