Minutes – October 1, 2013

4 10 2013

Bridgewater Photographic Society Minutes – October 1, 2013

Regular club meetings are held on the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of each month, September through May. This was a special meeting for new members and beginner/novice photographers.

Meeting started @ 7:15 pm

Presenter: John Burnett

The club activities for the year were reviewed – meetings, field trips, competitions. All information is available on the club’s website: http://www.bridgewaterphotoclub.ca

Photography basics:

Equipment, technique

Automatic or Manual – do you want to decide how your photos will look or do you want your camera to decide?

“Gas” Syndrome – if you are interested in acquiring new camera gear, talk to our club experts: Trevor Awalt, Grant Dixon, John Burnett.


–                 have your camera with you

–                 stop, look, turn around

–                 with digital photography, your only cost is time

–                 bracketing & depth of field

–                 learn about light, weather, sunrise, sunset, seasons


–                 see the picture in your mind

–                 practice & experience, minimal equipment

–                 think about your photo – practice with still life subjects


We were presented with a lot of technical information and ran out of time. The basic messages were to learn about your camera, read your camera’s manual to find out what your camera can do, ask other club members for advice, and practice, practice, practice!

Meeting end time: 9:40 pm

Refreshments by: James & Hope Campbell

Minutes by: Deborah Croft

Next meeting: October 8th at 7:15 – Floral Photography and Workshop. Bring your cameras, tripods, macro lenses, flowers, backdrops, lights, light boxes, etc.




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