Minutes – September 24, 2013

30 09 2013

Bridgewater Photographic Society Minutes 24 September 2013

Meeting started @7:15 P.M.

Presenter: Wally Hayes

Wally started off talking about his photograph experiences, especially as a well traveled, and world class photo Journalist, and judge for many photo competitons around the globe.

His First topic was Judging  Photographic images and presentations.

Judging he said, was a subjective experience and is just an opinion.

Two things required when entering a photo competition:  Good Photos, and a ‘Thick Skin’ to take criticism (hopefully constructive), as he said there is a great deal of EGO involvement; people have left many photoclubs, never to return, if their images were harshly criticized, or received a poor score.

Photos are accepted or rejected by what the judge / buyer, biases and needs are. It is helpful to know  them, and submit images to match them.

Many competitions, especially in prestigious competitions, have rigid judging rules.

The difficulty of getting the shot is taken into consideration by judges.

The competing image quality affects the scoring levels.

For a scoring range of 2-5 in competitions, he mainly uses 3 and 4, never 2, and rarely a 5 if the image is exceptional.

Photographic Tips:

Wally introduces himself to people he photographs, and tells them who he is with, and how the photos will be used. He asks if they have a problem with him using their photo, if so, he will erase, or not use, the image; generally not an issue. He normally leaves a business card with the person to contact him if required.

Wally normally doesn’t use a model release, except were required in competitions, publications, displays, and advertising, if people are recognizable. They are normally not valid elsewhere, and everywhere. Children’s photographs require parents signed release form.

Don’t Photoshop into images for competitions outside the club.

Enter best photos in different competitions, or at another time with the same club/contest. Shoot images horizontal, vertical, wide and narrow, you never know a buyer/judge might want.

This allows a wider possibility for sales, and competitions. Make sure horizons are straight.

Luck, preparation, being ready all contribute to getting better images.

Wally’s second topic was Sight and Sound Slide show production, Using FOTOMAGIC, or PROSHOP GOLD programs . ( these are very similar and do the same thing.)

  When learning these programs, be aware of what the programs can do …. So you can do the same if needed, later on.

Match images with the music, or match music to your images.

Write a script … words of a song can become the script for your presentation.

Use Pictures, Music, and Narration on story boards.

Use simple dissolves, use dissolve and cut, and others rarely.

Emphasize your message using images, too many technical effects can be tiring.

Comment : “95% of all Powerpoint presentations are poorly done.”

He showed us how he creates a slide show using FOTOMAGIC.

Program can have images, music and narration all in one program.

Sara thanked Wally and presented him with a token of our appreciation.


Reminder:  On Tuesday October 1st  John Burnett will be doing a presentation on the Basics of Photography, at 7:00 at the Marc. Mainly for beginners, and novices, but all can attend.

At our regular Tuesday meeting on 08 October, he will be doing a presentation and workshop on Flower Photography, bring tripods, flowers, Cool fluorescent lamps, light boxes if possible.

We would like to thank Teresa Alexander-Arab for supplying the refreshments.

Minutes by: Ralph Cook




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