Minutes – September 10, 2013

23 09 2013




DATE:  September 10, 2013                                   MTG START TIME: 7:00 pm



The group was welcomed back from summer holidays by our new president, Sara Harley. New 2013-2014 programs were distributed. Note: John Burnett will be presenting “Photography Basics” on October 1, 2013. Everyone is welcome.


Tonight shows:

Summer Songs Pictures were presented under the themes of: Summer Time Blues;  Summer Time Breeze; Saturday in the Park; Summer Nights; Summer in the City and Good day Sunshine. Great pictures and were well received.

Next field trip is September 21, 2013 at Hirtles Beach, Gaff Point with lunch in Lunenburg. 33 members and 1 guest were in attendance.



Colin Campbell – pictures of China


Background: Colin is a world traveller and teacher and also leads seminars. In April 2013 he went to China and Tibet.  His pictures were mainly from off the beaten path and artfully showed a bit about the history and culture of China and Tibet.  In Shanghai he showed vendors cooking on the street; old style buildings and tall modern buildings in the background. bicycles go along with the traffic, groups of children with one holding the Canadian flag. There was an interesting picture of Colin taking a picture in a Buddhist shop.   Lovely peach trees with snow covered mountains in the background. Houses are very colorful and have prayer flags and shrines.   Colin showed a large Tibetan city with the Himalayan mountains behind. The Chinese influence makes the city look more Chinese than TIbetan.  China requires Tibetan homes to fly the Chinese flag and have a poster of the Chinese leader. The soldiers and police are wary and you are not allowed to take pictures of them.  Colin pictured the more rural life in Tibet with such things as a monastery on an island in the middle of a lake with large gold prayer wheels;  prayer flags flying on the top of the mountains at a height of 5013 meters;  a herd of yak walking on the road in front of traffic and dirt lane roads washed out by heavy rains.  Much road work is done by women while the men drive the trucks.  All visitors to Tibet are given a silk shawl. Other sites included the forbidden city in Beijing, with 10 thousand people in it, and a wonderful picture of the Great Wall of China.


Refreshments by Karen Parnell Herrick.

Meeting ended at 9:45.      Next meeting on September 24, 2013.




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