Minutes from AGM – May 14, 2013

25 05 2013



DATE:  May 14, 2013                                   MTG START TIME: 7:00 pm


Tonight shows:

Slideshows –  March and April field trips

32 members were in attendance.

Minutes for last years Annual General Meeting can be found on the club’s website.


Sara Harley / Photographs at the level of Honours and above


There will be 8 categories for competitions in the coming year.  Competition and number of entries are: 1) Nature – 3 Digital and 1 print; 2) Floral – 3 Digital and 1 print; 3) Portrait – 1 Digital and 1 print; 4) Urban – 1 Digital and 1 print; 5) Travel – 1 Digital and 1 print;   6) Human interest/photojournalism – 1 Digital and 1 print; 7) Humour – 2 digital;             8) Creative – 2 digital.

Reports submitted:

President’s Report – after giving a small token to the head of each of the committees (rose for the ladies and card for the gentlemen) Derek thanked the contributors for their hard work and and determination. He also noted the 30% growth in the size of the club and commented that the challenge is to keep a varied and interesting program that keeps the club inviting and warm.  There is a need for the club to advance and in the support of that thought the competition and judging formats will be modified. His parting thought was “The best photo is the next photo.”  I am sure I speak for the entire club in saying that it has been a distinct pleasure to have him as our president.

Peter Stuempel move to accept the report seconded by Debbie Black. (passed)

Treasurer’s Report – presented by Marg Campbell.  Teresa Alexander-Arab moved to accept the report seconded by Reg Archibald. (passed)

Score-keeper’s report – presented by James Campbell.  Trevor Awalt moved to accept the report seconded by Susan McDormand. (passed)

Elections –        Call for Nominations was completed and the successful participants are:

Executive 2013-2014

President   Sara Harley

Vice President Teresa Alexander-Arab

Past President  Derek Johnston

Program Director  Nancy Johnston

Treasurer  Marg Campbell

Secretary  Doris Eagles

Committees& Volunteers

Program Committee – Nancy Johnston

Doris Eagles

John Croft

John Burnett

Field Trip Committee – Julia Naas

Teresa Alexander Arab

John Croft

Scorekeeping – James Campbell

Reg Archibald

Joan McCullough

Mary Ann Massey

Doris Eagles

Projectionist – John Burnett

Trevor Awalt (back up)

Teresa Alexander-Arab (back up)

Webmaster – Trevor Awalt

Publicity – Elizabeth Klaas and Elizabeth Nash

Refreshments – Karen Parnell Herrick

Rose Himmelman (back up)

Paulette Hudson (back up)

Host – Brenda Fitzgerald

Yearbook – Sara Harley


New Business:

Motions –

Proposal to obtain a new club laptop computer moved by Sara Harley and seconded by Teresa Alexander-Arab. (Passed)  Discussion occurred on the potential cost of the laptop.

Proposal to spend up to $800 plus tax moved by Bill Jones and seconded by James Campbell. (passed with one nay).

Proposal to obtain a replacement projector moved by Sara Harley and seconded by James Campbell.  This is motion is required so that if we have a problem with the old projector a new one can be purchased ASAP.  (Passed)

By-laws –

Proposal to eliminate reference to “Preparing slides for Competition “ moved by Sara Harley and seconded by Elizabeth Nash.  This will help modernize the by-laws as slides are no longer used.  (passed).

The need to have a committee fully review the By-laws was discussed.  Moved by Elizabeth Nash and seconded by Susan McDormand.

Other –

The caretaker Carl was presented with a gift for all the extra work he does for the club.

There will be a Member’s Choice field trip to the Aylesford Zoo at 10:00 am. Those wishing to travel together can meet at the Bridgewater Tim Horton’s at 8:30.

Derek presented the incoming President Sara Harley with a homemade wooden gavel.

Refreshments by Karen and Debbie complements of the Club.

Meeting ended at 9:40.      Next meeting on May 28, 2013 will be the Closing Dinner.




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